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  1. Today arrived at Ai/md at 6 am fished a hole till noon without a hit, packed it up and moved away from everyone. Around 5 this afternoon landed a 40" striper. Called it a day around 7. Beautiful day on the beach and a bad sunburn. Hey Steve z my suspicions were correct about the spot you seen me set up in. It proved to be productive. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut.

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    Hey Tony its a sandbar shark. Max length about 4-5ft. TONS of them around AI. Fun to fight but between them and the blues Brandon and I had a hard time keeping bait in the water. We landed 6 in 2 hours Saturday morning on cob.

    not to be ignorant just want to correct ya, max length of a sandbar is 7-8 ft,The shark in the pic is postitively a sand tiger. sand tigers get as big as 10-12 feet. in the late summer months i average them in the 7 to 8 ft range.

  3. was in the tourney this weekend, got out wens night, sandtigers were insane, caught 9 by midnight and had enough. started fresh thurs morn and managed a sandtiger at 7 ft at sunrise. about 9 am my 1509 started screamin, at first i thought big sandbar but then it dawned on me the biguns ar gone for the year. after a few minutes of give and take i landed this beaut, measured in at 49.5 inches. the rest of the tourney got me more sandtigers, blues, pups, sandbars, spot, kings, croaker. but no more reds.


  4. Hey Dave! Thought I was the only guy around with a big beach. Don't fish with it, though. Use it for a field rod. Hmm...mebbe I should put it in the truck just in case...

    Steve, haven't used it in some time but with its bite sensitivity, it makes a great bait fish rod for when they are way out there.




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    So sharkman...you fished 72 hours straight in the tournament, took a day off and came back for another 13 hours with only a pompano and a couple sandbars to show for it? I'd say the probem is your not commited enough smile.gif


    Congrats on the Drum!




    lol, to be honest i went out wensday before the drum tourney to claim my spot, so technically it was 96 hours. hit the bridge tonight, caught a few snapper blues, shad, and one short striper. slow picking tonight.




  6. ok, im a long time lurker here, im locally known as the sharkman due to my catches of shark over 8 feet with just casting gear.anyway i am here to say thanks to everyone for their kind words. i am by no means a drum expert. this was only my second drum off of ai. I have been surf fishing for ten years and owe a lot of my knowledge to guys like sam and coop for showing me the ropes. it was a typical drum tourney weather wise. (this was my 5th drum tourney). last year i took the biggest trash fish which was an 84" sandtiger. This year i had one goal in mind and that was to catch a drum. possum, it was me that played mobile mechanic at last years tournament, i helped out a new good friend and when i finished with him i ended up helping another at the airpumps. That is what friends are for though, right? It was good seeing Sam, Coop, Bev, Terry, Mr. Justice, Steve Z., and Allen. after sitting in the rain for two days and getting burnt the first my hands and feet are sore as heck, but i enjoyed every minute of it. Grass was bad sat night and bearable sunday. Critter, we have met before years ago at my first drum tourney, last year you ran into my buddy jon at kool ice and gave him half a flat. shoulder is doing ok but still not where it should be, I look forward to fishing with you all. i drive a red f150 king ranch if you see me stop and say hi.