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  1. Haven't seen as many of the normal sharks either, sandbars here and there, an occasional sandtiger but the blacktips and spinners are thick.
  2. One can only hope
  3. odd summer for sure, I know of at least half dozen reds being caught over the last week or 2, no crazy numbers but still reds off the beach in july....
  4. Seems like the drum are hanging just off the beach this summer waiting for our return...
  5. Your too kind Eric, hope all is well, look fwd to seeing ya soon.
  6. For the Spanish daybreak and sunset seem best although anytime your out its worth a shot. I typically toss sting silvers for them, able to toss them out a mile, fast retrieve. Try various colors, i found pink works as well as the blue. Chrome works but blues tend to hit them more frequently. As for other species, you could try for flounder in the surf as well as kings, croaker, spot, Spanish mackerel. Cobia are around albeit rare. But its the ocean you never know what you'll hook into.
  7. Look forward to fishing with you rich its been way to long...believe it or not I seen pics of another red caught on assateague yesterday. Very very odd
  8. Thanks everyone, I love seeing kids so passionate about fishing instead of video games and social media. I enjoy being able to help them get started on a lifelong passion and rewarding sport.
  9. He had a small piece of bunker on
  10. Anyone that knows me knows that I love teaching our younger generation how to surf fish especially when they have a passion for it. I met up with a young guy ive been teaching for the last year or so tonight. We were toasing kingfish rigs and we each had a big rod out for any possible toothy critters etc. Well around 10 pm his bait rod doubles over and starts dumping line. We figured he had a kingfish on that a shark got ahold of. Anyway he fights it back and forth for 10 minutes and when it got close i went out to land it for him, to my complete and utter surprise it was a 50" red drum on a 1/0 hook lol. As soon as i picked the fish up the hook broke. Never seen a red caught in July off assateague. You could tell it was an older red, almost lost all the bronze color and was completely grey. I think the only saving grace he had was the water was very warm so the red didn't have the energy levels they typically would have in the fall. Im totally proud of the kid he has come a long way since I met him. BTW he is only 14. The look on his face was priceless. I had a few Spanish mackerel tossing plugs and we both had a bunch of small to medium toothy guys as well. As a heads up, new regs are being heavily enforced with catching shark. The park rangers have been sitting and watching making sure the shark are not brought onto land to release. So of you go out after them be prepared to dehook them in the surf break.
  11. Years past it was always open by the 3rd week of july, last 2 or 3 years it keeps getting later. Last 2 years it opened the weekend of the amsa camporee.
  12. Seriously think the winds killed the crowds. I seen Saturday was limited out by 6 am, yet Sunday when the winds picked up it never did max out. Had good deep structure in close, hopefully this sustained northeast doesn't flatten the beach like last year.
  13. Thanks pilotman, its a galaxy s10 +, phone cameras have come quite a ways over the years.
  14. This was from a few days ago down south. 45" and super skinny. Released as always.
  15. 2nd street and bridge are ok but that's all you'll have access too
  16. Its local to in town oc, I'm west oc and cant fish the inlet or even walk the beaches.
  17. From the sounds of it, it's going to be left up to each states governor as to which national parks will reopen and when.
  18. Coop, 1 per day 28 to 35 inches from what I heard. ( ocean fish).
  19. No, some reports have popped up they are being caught at the mouth of the Chesapeake. Looks like another year of them staying off our coasts.
  20. Out this morning and caught 3 slot sized puppy drum and one 16" tog. I'd post complete fish pics but it would spot burn.
  21. When I left around noon, no one was out on the osv.
  22. Spot are still around and tons of mullet in the surf
  23. Last night was rough, northeast at 20mph had the tide push way in. I left at 3 am and seen it had washed over in quite a few spots. Managed to catch a few 47" 44" and a 42" over the last few nights. I also had the privilege of finding a nice buried chunk of metal with my foot, sliced my big toe wide open and deep.
  24. Definitely a pompano, odd for sure I'd think for this time of year.