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  1. Good thinking. Like I said I used to yak baits all the time but honestly all my biggest toothy critters have been on casted baits so I figured why all the effort. Essox is right tho sandtigers should be thick soon. Unfortunately from my experience they are also biggest and most aggressive this time of year because it's their mating season. Casting I'll use 50# shock leader tied to my 17# main line. Then I run 6 ft of 150# mono swivel on both ends with a sinker slide on the 150# rub leader to a 3 inch section of malin wire to a 16/0 hook. 

  2. Dude it's been a record fall. I was out with freddie and he had 4 that day his best ever. I had 2 one at sunrise then another at sunset. 49" and a 50". zach that was his first red he has been trying for 8 years and asked me if I could help him. A few pointers and he got a 51" at the same time freddie hooked into a 47" had to get the double red shot that dont happen often. So one of my slower days but honestly I didn't care I was ecstatic to see them catch. Seen tons of mullet jumping in the wash as well as whales all day about a mile offshore.

  3. I've been spooled several times especially by the toothy critters. Sandbars over 7ft you better pray you have enough line. I've landed a few but it took me running into the water and up and down the beach to keep what line I had. Finally when they do tire out you have a chance. That 55" red I had ran hard but nothing like a big toothy does. It gave one long run in the beginning then just refused to come in once it tired out. I'd gain line then it would take it back. I've had big blacktips dump my spool before. Usually you know you hooked them by them breaching. Huge Rays will run hard but wont usually give any tell tell signs of being a fish such as head shakes etc. So I believe you hooked into a big shark. And it's possible a sandtiger. Most of the year sandtigers dont run hard but late September October is mating season for them and they tend to become really aggressive and fight like real monsters lol