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  1. probably mine lol
  2. Ugh this is killing me
  3. Mtd35, I tried yesterday also I was tossing 14 and they were running lol.
  4. 43" friday morning
  5. thanks bev i notified him and he should be in touch with you.
  6. Anyone know the late entry times. got a buddy that wants to enter last minute. still at the amsa building?
  7. im in as usual, sent in app yesterday. thanks for the vote of confidence critter but i join outta habit lol. love redtember. :)
  8. depends on your gear and what your targeting. use braided line and if your targeting flounder you shouldnt need a net, small striper you can bring over the rail and seabass. any striper over say 25 inches youll probably need a net.
  9. monster or amp. my only choices
  10. this one I ended up cutting off and never finished just kinda liked the colors.
  11. rebuild for my buddy.
  12. Ive had a few bat rays. Definitely cool looking.
  13. I use those mustad 16/0 duratin hooks. Comparable to 12/0 big eyes. I keep my drag semi tight and rarely get dropped baits.
  14. Depends on species of shark. For example. Sand tigers prefer cooler water say 65-75 degrees. They are usually the first shark we see and the last to leave. Small sandbars are a little more tolerant to cooler temps. Black tips and spinners are tropical and prefer water temps 70-85. Great whites have a wider range of temps due to being warm blooded. They can be found in water temps ranging from 45-80 degrees. Honestly earl, not a lot is known about sharks. We just have a basic knowledge of most species. I have found from dealing with them first hand most text books are highly inaccurate on avg max size etc.
  15. If drum are around im willing to play :-)
  16. Spinners like warm water. Water is to chilly now for them. Also spinners have one dorsal not two.
  17. At least not in the surf this far north. September October is breeding month for sand tigers. I have found them to be more aggressive during these months. But who knows. I had a sandbar during the drum tournament that just hit the bait and sat there. No run nothing. Really odd. I had a bull a few years back at 8 ft. Would've thought it to be a sandbar but the fight was way different. Strong steady run. Not fast but constant. Had me walk close to a mile to beach it.
  18. 48"
  19. From the album Random Images 2014

  20. 44"
  21. From the album Random Images 2014