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  1. plenty of short weak fish around, lots of kings, and managed a 15 inch pompano
  2. for sure bro, love having someone to fish with in the summer for sure. trust me, i do not like fishing alone in the summer because it can be such a pain, that and the fact that i have had multiple take downs while hooked up, that really sucks lol. message me anytime.
  3. john i sure miss those 12/0 39948 i loved those things. i have used the eagle claws also but i dont like how thick they get with the bigger sizes. lot of dropped hooks once you start using the 12/0 and up with the toothies.
  4. good seeing everyone again, critter the hole we eyed produced a lot of fish for me. 12 rock in just as many hours all were around 38 to 41 inches.
  5. i was out wed south, ranger came down warned it would be impassable and suggested i move, i moved to show respect and no sooner did i get reestablished he was out closing off the beach, the entire beach was closed off thurs. as for reports, i had a few fish.
  6. Ran into this guy in the middle of the road think he was trying to carjack me
  7. Been out the last few days was good seeing eric, WV Allen and of course earl thanks for the award ;-)
  8. Mtd35, yes :-) yes it is.
  9. Thanks for the kind words earl, look forward to seeing ya on the sand soon
  10. Got these guys recently both short at 26" but pullage is pullage.
  11. Heard of a few 40 pound fish caught half mile off ocean city today. If only they would show up in the surf.
  12. Merry Christmas Steve and to everyone else on sol
  13. hey possum, was good seeing ya again, i couldn pass up the weather conditions thursday had to give it a go. didnt get a bite, not even a sign of crab. chunks sat 30 minutes untouched.
  14. out the last few days one good takedown and line peel but it was over as fast as it hit, managed a 15" king thursday, two big toothies friday night, one was 7ft the other 9ft 8. thinking the one i lost was definately a red. good talking with ya cj, earl, eric and wv allen.
  15. Awesome fish Eric !
  16. by weeks end, heck im hoping by wednesday lol.
  17. Lol its cool, I had a pretty good blow up last Tue or Wednesday can't remember.
  18. probably mine lol
  19. Ugh this is killing me
  20. Mtd35, I tried yesterday also I was tossing 14 and they were running lol.
  21. 43" friday morning
  22. thanks bev i notified him and he should be in touch with you.