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  1. Mtd35, Earl told me to tell you he was livid about that hole lol. WV Allen texted me when he caught it, I'm glad he got one he definitely put the time in. I was south of allen. Managed to stay out till midnight then the surf was becoming too angry to remain trying.
  2. Looks like a break in the weather for this weekend but by midweek next week could be seeing high winds again and possibly hurricane matthew... ugh
  3. I would've picked you up bud it's a bit of a Hike.
  4. I would've picked you up bud it's a bit of a Hike.
  5. I seen ya down there dave. I've been in contact with WV Allen all eve. Jim, honestly it's surprising I'm still married lol, she's come to an understanding that from mid March to mid December my second home is the beach lol. Dave I'll stop down around mid day to bs a bit
  6. Thanks guys. She was definitely a big girl. After 13 days of 12 to 14 hour sessions I was due.
  7. Critter it's been dead at night as well, typical small sandbars and rays, no bait fish to be found
  8. When I was out it looked like no one has been on the beach with a vehicle since it closed
  9. I just left assateague, I walked down to 18, no reason it's still closed. Everything has dried out.
  10. TD8

    Just left, I guess they don't bother to chase everyone off. WV Allen texted me but by that time it was peak high and I was way south. Never seen a ranger. Drive off was eerie, not a soul to be seen. South end wasn't bad, kilo 25 was washed over but passable at low tide, kilo 17 underwater at dead low. standing water past dune markers. I don't see it opening Wednesday.
  11. North end over washed bad. At peak low tide still standing water to the dunes markers
  12. Years past have seen plenty of drum caught that time of year even though it is early. Check out some of the drum tournament results from years ago
  13. Steve you hit the nail on the head.
  14. id put money on a large ray, ive been spooled twice this year by them, once a few weeks ago on my 10ft st.croix with an abu 6500 blue yonder only spooled with 17 pound test no shock leader, was using if as a kingfish rod. it went down and slow and steady straight out to see on a high low rig with fishbites. tightened the drag all the way and line wouldnt break just took all the line, no chance to cut it off. but a few times a year i hook into a ray with my bigger rods and itll run to the outer bar then sit, once it starts moving again the line usually gets cut by digging through the sand past the outer bar, usually get 90 percent of the line back. just massive immovable objects.
  15. im in as usual sent in application 3 weeks ago
  16. earl, depends on what part of the island your on lol, its not as bad as last year thats for sure
  17. i avoid fishing oc in the summer at all costs mainly due to the tourists and the fact it is just a stupid idea to shark fish there. when i go shark fishing i go to the most remote area i can find. i cast baits 97 percent of the time and the only time i consider yakking out bait is if the area im at is clear and access to good structure is unavailable. to much work to land a fish i can catch casting imho. but i knew this was bound to happen as soon as i seen all the stickers around promoting a business in ocean city shark fishing. im not naming names or pointing fingers but they brought it apon themselves. just the other day i was out on the beach and hooked up to a nice toothie and the ranger stopped by and asked a few questions about the species and how common they are around here etc. he watched me tag and release and then told me he was surprised how quickly and smoothly it went. he asked me if i yakked out that bait and was surprised when he learned it was casted. i carry my kayak a lot now but its not to take out baits anymore i really enjoy just paddling around sometimes. the only thing about this ban and the people pushing to get it enforced on ai that bothers me is the fact that i carry my yak all summer and my normal fishing gear next to it. to those that dont know anything about fishing will presume i am yakking out my baits and i end up with the possiblity of being fined for normal surf fishing. as for the posting pics on social media i am guilty of it but i can promise you i have no hero shots or anything of the sort. the only reason i take pics of the shark in the first place is to show n.m.f.s. the conditon of the species as it was tagged, yes they get a copy with the tag info. c.y.a. sorry for the rant but this hit a nerve with me. it comes down to one bad apple ruining it for the bunch as always.
  18. Sam is still around just not as active as he once was I'll tell him to check in
  19. Usually by now the beach is open fully. Won't be much longer hopefully
  20. Yea I usually don't see pompano until August and September so it was a nice change. Especially that size.
  21. plenty of short weak fish around, lots of kings, and managed a 15 inch pompano
  22. for sure bro, love having someone to fish with in the summer for sure. trust me, i do not like fishing alone in the summer because it can be such a pain, that and the fact that i have had multiple take downs while hooked up, that really sucks lol. message me anytime.