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  1. I remember that fish lucky, that same day you had that monster I caught a 53" black no where near the height of yours.
  2. Allen id be out but my butt is stuck in Pittsburgh for a few days then I have to fix the wife's car.
  3. Got it
  4. I quit phone given me a fit lol
  5. Closest to assateague I've gotten with my drone taken early February this year.
  6. Doggies, spiny and smooth extremely thick at night on assateague
  7. Glad I could help out Sam :-)
  8. Earl yes the bar is back but I have hope with the amount of activity I seen and where I fished I had dolphins swimming 30 yards out under my lines. So there are really deep spots and a few breaks in the bar here and there.
  9. Grey trout non stop in the 20 inch range with a few kings yesterday. Seen whales breaching and tons of bait breaking water half mile off shore for 3 hours in the morning.
  10. Non stop little biters last night. They were worse than the little blues during the day... WV Allen glad I could help.
  11. Yea the surf was big Thursday evening if it got bigger it's no surprise they closed it
  12. Earl we've had a few storms and structure has changed again. Not terrible but the bar running the length of the island is back
  13. I've blown a power steering line a few weeks back, my starter went out at the pumps, and blew a brake line just last month, only times I've ever had issues, thank God I'm a mechanic and was able to do temp fixes to get off the beach. Like Allen my truck is 14 years old with 230k on the odometer with at least 70k of that on the beach. I doubt this truck will see sand after this year. She's been good to me.
  14. Awesome fish Steve I'm glad I got to see ya it's been a while.
  15. Hope to see you out there again soon eric, enjoy bs ing with you and earl. Those shrines are something lol
  16. No slots new wave dave smallest I got was a 40 biggest 51 with 45 being the average
  17. Nice fish bro, you left a day too soon. 51" 44" 45" 48" 40". 5/7 landed. 36 hour marathon.
  18. Sandtigers would be about it
  19. That was a gorgeous fish phil. You were in the spot critter was in and I was in before him lol. I had one good takedown there but decided to try a new spot after a few days there.
  20. Critter, those were Those Dang bugs you can see them laying on the sand. Bugs were so bad that night we couldn't use lights. It's possible it had spots but regardless how many of you guys actually caught a red without spots?
  21. Ai guy, you've definitely put in the time you'll get one.
  22. Just out of curiosity, how many of yall caught reds without a spot. I was looking at some photos of the drum I landed the other night and noticed it had no spots at all.
  23. Thx sand that's my route to work. Definitely taking the detour
  24. Oh he told me all about it and the shrine made lol.