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  1. Beautiful fish possum
  2. Rolled by just as he was landing it, beautiful fish. 49" fat
  3. Just got up from my first sleep in 5 days lol. Thanks guys it was great to see everyone again. Great fish possum. Didn't realize who had won until now lol. Feel bad about it. You deserve it possum.
  4. I have 6 rs 1509 absolutely love them
  5. Great news bev thank you
  6. Was out yesterday and as I don't have an update I did see a newer white pickup drive down into the closure and stay down near the nest for several hours well into the night
  7. Ranger told me it was closed due to turtles hatching and should only be closed up to a week.
  8. There are 2 spots that are extremely narrow down south, high tide yesterday it was one lane barely passable. Let's hope Irma doesn't make things worse
  9. Out this eve, it seems the gale force winds from the other day widened things a bit but still very narrow
  10. This was exposed near the line in one of the narrow spots.
  11. My mistake, that is difficult to see on my phone but thanks for pointing that out I missed it completely
  12. The white anal fin indicates blacktip shark. Spinners have blacktips all around including the anal fin
  13. I'm in. I know of 2 more as well
  14. I noticed the same...
  15. I've made them using brass coat hangars and swivels.
  16. Y ?

    I honestly believe because of the warm winter the bass spawned early then when they hit the mouth of the bay they fed for a week or so waiting on the ocean to warm a bit. They were still here on time just most stayed off shore because they already had full bellies instead of the normal Springs searching for whatever they came eat. I only say this because all the bass I caught this spring were fat. Not the typical bass we are used to in the spring. Just my 2 cents
  17. Supervised free range lol. He is in the tank 90 percent of the time
  18. I got my painted turtle in a similar fashion. Found mine at work, little guy crossed an active airport runway and tarmac to end up under my tool box. That was 8 years ago. He's like a dog he follows the wife around everywhere, lies on her feet loves to swim.
  19. I was told washover, it will be looked at tomorrow, I feel it was because someone decided to drive up and through the dunes. As I was leaving I seen fresh tracks behind the dunes markers and in some spots up into the dunes. When I was out yesterday there were no tracks behind the dune markers. So either last night or today someone went joy riding.
  20. Thanks guys, Ranger just told me they are closing the osv tonight due to overwash.
  21. Sam and I been out the last few days, plenty of blackies in the high to mid 20's, more chopper blues than I can recount and a few short striper.
  22. Critter, metal and chunks
  23. Good seeing you coop, gotta get together sometime. Sam and I hit the bluefish blitz we only previously heard stories about. 35" plus chompers for 4 straight hours. Well over 30 caught on light gear. Biggest being 39" caught by sam
  24. Lots of short striper today with a handful of blackies. Spring is starting nicely.