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  1. Out recently with one long time goal, catch a tarpon on the kayak, started off the day at 2 am after a long drive was in the water by 630, had a nice 8 mile paddle to find the silver ones, water was glass no wind whatsoever. Got to the grounds around 8 am, along the way trolling lures with a few puppy drum being caught. Anyway, seen a spot that looked promising and set up, anchored the yak, and tossed a spot head on my slosh 40 and it began, fish started rolling near the grass beds. They were chasing small peanut bunker. They were darting around leaving wake behind them. Finally my rod started dumping line, tightened the drag and off to the races I went in full tow. Sleigh ride on. It rolled twice on the surface then shot under my kayak and twisted up in my anchor line. My buddy came over to help get it free I was going to just cut the anchor. He was holding the anchor line when I grabbed the leader and POP line broke as that huge tarpon splashed 2 feet in front of the kayak. As fast as it started it was over. Angry yet happy at the same time. Technically it counted cause I had the leader but no pics and not being able to hold it beside the yak was frustrating. It was around 5 ft in length. Not massive but my goal was achieved. The fish continued rolling around us for another hour or so until the tide switched so decided to paddle back. We got within 1 mile of the boat launch and the tide completely fell out. Stuck, couldn't walk the yak because the mud was so soft you sank up to your knees, so we did the only thing we could, power nap until the tide moved in enough to paddle back in... made for a very long day and drive back home but the memories will last forever.
  2. Rich, I lost the top half of my 1509 down at kilometer 24 a week ago, casted heard a crack and upper rod half went sailing into the blue... just chalked it up to getting a new rod lol. I'll keep my eyes open for it for ya
  3. Good seeing ya again John hope to see ya this fall
  4. A few fish from last week 38" and a 43"
  5. Wish I could've made it forced to be at work today. Rest well earl. Thanks for the pics possum.
  6. Thanks everyone, seriously thought doggie the way it hit and fought, she didnt come alive until I picked her up, then it was like trying to baptize a cat covered in slime lol. Let her go to be caught again later
  7. My buddy and myself have the dates set
  8. 45" on bunker, released
  9. I agree with what John said, add in if driving on the beach don't sit and shine your headlights over the water and try to minimize your headlights when approaching others on the beach.
  10. Hey Freddie, I do the same as John if I'm out for more than 4 days, less than 4 days I use a brine. Mix salt and ice a day prior to going out to let the melt stabilize in the cooler then add the bait once the cooler is a good consistency of ice and water that looks and feels like the arctic slush lol. I dont know if you remember John Henry's bait shop a few years back he did the same thing that's where I learned that method. You could literally drive nails with his bunker and they were super slimy
  11. Happy birthday :-)
  12. I'm at a total loss of words... my sincere condolences to his family. I loved sitting with him hearing all his stories. Im deeply saddened by this news. Rest easy dear friend.'
  13. 50 pound shock leader is fine. Yes you are correct, mono is better on a conventional. Most use 17# or 20# line. Line brand varies. That'll be up to you. As for reels, I myself use diawa saltist's, seigler reels if you want to spend some dough. Diawa dealing sha, older abu 6500 mag elite, blue yonder, diawa slosh, the list goes on and a lot of possibilities. As for rods I tend to use customs but all are 12 ft 6 or 13 ft. Weight ratings between 6 - 12 or 6 to 16 ounces. But store bought rods, again comes down to what you want to pay. For the money the star rods are good and you can't beat the st. Croix's.
  14. I have the cylindrical tags as well. Have recaptured many tagged shark quite a few I tagged myself I recaptured within a half mile of where they were originally tagged. Thanks for sharing
  15. What a hog cj!!
  16. Great shot allen
  17. Kilometer 31 at dead low. Very narrow.
  18. Beautiful fish possum
  19. Rolled by just as he was landing it, beautiful fish. 49" fat
  20. Just got up from my first sleep in 5 days lol. Thanks guys it was great to see everyone again. Great fish possum. Didn't realize who had won until now lol. Feel bad about it. You deserve it possum.
  21. I have 6 rs 1509 absolutely love them
  22. Great news bev thank you