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  1. A yak will get ya on the vbi's but its a work out.
  2. Sandbridge has been slow at best. I was down yesterday.
  3. I had about a dozen spot and skate this morning in the tournament. Yes a 23" pup was reported.
  4. From what the ranger told me there was himself and four other rangers on staff and a cleaner to watch over the aquariums. Said his main job is to ensure the beach remains clear until the government reopens.
  5. Not to mention there are 5 law officals patrolling the beach. I was booted off tue eve when the closure went into full effect.
  6. Allen I seen the same sign, I drove down the beach and a few hours later mr ranger escorted me off. Beach is closed as of now.
  7. Sandtigers are a pita especially in September. Once they get over eight feet then a royal pita.
  8. Hopefully itll be vice versa critter, lol. But yes weather is looking good for this weekend. Tons of life in the water right now. See ya guys soon.
  9. Also a sandbar sharks dorsal will pretty much align with the pectoral fins a duskies dorsal is aft of tge pectoral fins.
  10. Plug ive seen this also. I think that may be due to the exit gate only counts whenit opens. If it is stuck open the gate will not count leaving vehicles. Just my educated guess, regardless it was a waste of money.
  11. I have noticed the counter is highly inaccurate. Many times ive left the beach with a half dozen vehicles noted still on the beach and the sign had read zero and vice versa. That counter was a complete waste of money imho.
  12. Bev, get ahold of andrew k he has joined the past two years but was always a last minute entry. He just messaged me saying hes gonna do the tournament.
  13. I dont have a camper but I can say the sand has been really soft lately.
  14. It was 138 at 6 pm yesterday when I left at 3 am tge counts was 40
  15. Sent mine in a few days ago. Wouldnt miss it for the world. Look fwd to seeing ya critter maybe this year I wont catch a monster a few hours prior to the tournament like last year.
  16. Good fun
  17. looks like a sandbar or dusky.
  18. they were found on north beach just over the dunes by the old ranger station. i was nearby when they detonated the last of them.
  19. WDinarte- yesterday I caught kings, croaker and spot for the entire three hours I was out. They are here for sure.
  20. Today arrived at Ai/md at 6 am fished a hole till noon without a hit, packed it up and moved away from everyone. Around 5 this afternoon landed a 40" striper. Called it a day around 7. Beautiful day on the beach and a bad sunburn. Hey Steve z my suspicions were correct about the spot you seen me set up in. It proved to be productive. Sometimes you just gotta listen to your gut.
  21. shannon has been great to me. she is open to suggestions for sure. i will be living in the area very soon. i will talk to her about the hours. i stopped by sunday morning and she was open right around 6:30 am.
  22. Quote: Originally Posted by rookie surf Hey Tony its a sandbar shark. Max length about 4-5ft. TONS of them around AI. Fun to fight but between them and the blues Brandon and I had a hard time keeping bait in the water. We landed 6 in 2 hours Saturday morning on cob. not to be ignorant just want to correct ya, max length of a sandbar is 7-8 ft,The shark in the pic is postitively a sand tiger. sand tigers get as big as 10-12 feet. in the late summer months i average them in the 7 to 8 ft range.