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  1. so far...
  2. Thx. Two on the dryer one more to finish lol. Needed something to do to pass the winter months.
  3. ok last one for now. Playing with dragon scale as an underwrap. Haven't packed or burnished yet.
  4. my first cross wrap. Did this one on an old tica I rebuilt for flounder.
  5. Thanks lucky. Just started building a few months ago.
  6. butt section of seeker blue thunder blank. Chord wrapped handle with aluminum reel seat and turks head knot.
  7. current build 10' seeker blank plugging rod
  8. all star boat rod marbled with a simple cross wrap.
  9. Osv open to 24.7
  10. Large toothies are gone for the most part. Id recommend three r's, its a little early yet for big rock in ocean city.
  11. tossing lures. 4 caught all low to mid twenties.
  12. The 50 bridge will be lousy, if fighting the wind and rain is tolerable I can almost assure you the current through there will be impossible.
  13. A yak will get ya on the vbi's but its a work out.
  14. Sandbridge has been slow at best. I was down yesterday.
  15. I had about a dozen spot and skate this morning in the tournament. Yes a 23" pup was reported.
  16. From what the ranger told me there was himself and four other rangers on staff and a cleaner to watch over the aquariums. Said his main job is to ensure the beach remains clear until the government reopens.