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  1. Thx guys.
  2. first time out with my rebuilt 1509 my first closed wrap.
  3. 38"
  4. From the album Random Images 2014

  5. You can fish ai day or night. Crossing the bridge you enter the state park. Not sure if access is allowed there after dark. If you turn right after crossing the bridge it becomes federal park once you pass through the gates. $15 bucks for one week. You can park at any lot as long as there is vacancy. Good luck trying to scope out a spot at night being there is next to no light sources to help see the water. Just make sure you get your pass before the ranger station closes. Hope this helps.
  6. http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1730758/width/1000/height/1000]
  7. Ive been out to the said drum lands. No drum for me but beautiful pristine land.
  8. Nice
  9. It was a great spot until the government closed back in October haven't been back down since.
  10. I know toothies are a touchy subject but its what I do. Work hand in hand with the apex predator program. Anyway this big girl measured in at 10'2" on casted bait. Tagged and released in under 5 minutes. Foundout she was caught again off the outer banks One month later.
  11. From the album Your best fish of 2013?

  12. Spot burn! Lol.
  13. Dude dont believe what you read about who's catching what on forums. Yes fish were caught but you have no idea when. Reds and striper being caught now haha. No way. In a few weeks expect to see black drum. Striper start end of April but it really all depends on water temps. As for shark baits I use whatever I can get that's fresh. Key word is fresh! Some guys use bluefish, skate etc. There are some secrets I dont give up easily. I dont yak out much. F onto feel its necessary. Ive caught bigger shark casting than most guys do yakking. When I do yak I will yak in almost any condition. Realistically if the swells are big its difficult but not impossible but if its choppy with next to no dwell time between waves forget it you'll get yourself hurt. I managed to sever every tendon in my left knee two years ago when a giant wave slammed my yak into it. No fun not worth it.
  14. For yakking out its fine. Believe it or not casting I use12/0 circle hooks to 6inches of wire to 100# test tied to my 50# shock leader tied to 17# running line. Like I said average size toothy on a.I. will be around 3-5 footers but in the mid summer months they can get much bigger. As a heads up and a favor to us all please dont set up on a crowded beach. I usually set up late evening away from everyone. Like I said im more than willing to meet up with ya on the sand just drop me a message.
  15. As a heads up dont shark fish alone. Have a "team" set up. Each person knowing their role. Try to minimize the amount of time the shark is out of the water. I keep it under 5 minutes. Sand tigers are way more sensitive on the sand than other shark. Their own weight will kill them. I dehook the big guys while still in ankle to shin high water then walk them out to waist deep to release. The biggest factor is safety you have to trust your partners. Its still in about ankle to shin high water.
  16. Purty work lucky
  17. Fm/nj its cool what they do. Ive been following them for some time. N.o.a.a. has told me that they have quite a bit of info from shark caught from boats but have very little from shark caught from the beach. When I tag I also send in pics and video with very detailed description of the condition of the shark. Its the least I can do to help protect this magnificent species. If the shark go down so does everything else.
  18. Its $110 for the overnight pass its for twelve months from the month you purchase it. Log onto n.o.a.a. apex predator program that should get you started. You will also need to purchase a gate pass which runs thirty bucks.I've been tagging for ten years now. My biggest shark have been caught on casted rigs so a yak isn't necessary. I do both but prefer casting.
  19. I tag sharks. You named the majority of tge species we catch. Average size range from two to four feet but 8-10 ft sand tigers are caught. Occasionally a bull is caught but its rare. Black tip and spinners show when water temps are up but sand tigers are usually the first to show and last to leave.
  20. Will do john. Just can't seem to finish the boat rod. Im making it a goal to finish it soon.lol.
  21. so far...