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  1. It won't be long now. Seen nps made a temp bullpen at kilo 17.
  2. Yea the 45" I had a few weeks back was on flea only
  3. Waved to ya a few times but didnt get a chance to stop. You were either leaving as I was coming on or vice versa.
  4. Surf it was that light in color. I had an 18" much darker
  5. flounder are in the surf.:-)
  6. 35" last week
  7. Ive heard the same but cant confirm either.
  8. thx guys. Flea was the ticket.
  9. 40" striper 23 pounds
  10. 42" 25 pounds.
  11. I had a night like that two years ago. Non stop striper for two straight hours. Rare but it makes the desire to fish high for hopes of a repeat.
  12. The two blackie ive had so far, one had no fight the other had my reel screaming.
  13. May or may not have been today..... but thx lucky
  14. 45"
  15. From the album Random Images 2014

  16. Thx guys.
  17. first time out with my rebuilt 1509 my first closed wrap.
  18. 38"