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  1. you will find with 25# running line you will lose distance and if conditions are rough out it will be harder for you to hold bottom. just my 2 cents.
  2. Check sent in today :-)
  3. Bev said she needs more entries or itll be cancelled. Didn't get specific numbers
  4. Pay outs depends on amount of entrants. The year I won I took home roughly $1900. But again I had the only red caught. Biggest red overall is $1000. Theres also second biggest. Biggest each day, most overall. Also money for biggest king over 14", biggest blue over 18" biggest flounder over 18". Biggest striper over 28". Each of those can win ya $300. Also biggest trash fish, ray, shark etc. Gets ya $100.
  5. As always critter im planning on it. Im due ;-) just not 3 hours prior to the tournament lol.
  6. Mind you its not the following spring a sand tigers gestational period is between 16-18 months. So mating in September leads to birth the spring a little over a year later.
  7. I agree with critter, but sand tiger in September are very aggressive. September is mating month for Sand tigers so they can give birth in the spring. Any other month thet are generally laid back but I still get nervous of sand tigers in September.
  8. Im an avid shark conservationists, what these kids are doing really upsets me. Ive spent years studying these magnificent creatures and understand the dangers to both the sharks and humans alike. Im a licensed guide by the state and offer my services to educate those on shark. What these kids are doing are killing the oceans top predator. Without them the whole ecosystem collapses. I've seen the video the same day it was released and notified by noaa the next day of the washed up sand tiger. I know for certain that shark is being examined and the ruling may affect us all. Unfortunately one bad apple ruins it for everyone. Anytime I see kids pull up a toothie on the beach I time how long they keep it out and whether they handle it properly. If its more than five minutes or hero pics are taken I pack up and proceed to give them a piece of my mind. Usually ends with an im sorry I didnt know or a smart remark unto which I dont want to get into. But regardless I go out of my way to try and inform the young and naive the possibilities they could enflict on both the sport and the species.
  9. 90 percent of the time you'll only get into the smaller to mid sized sandbars and dusky but even a mid sized sand tiger can be a challenge if your by yourself. If im alone u keep a bag on me with pliers, measuring tape, camera, boltcutters and a small first aid kit for those long walks a sand tiger will take you on. Sand tigers in my opinion are the most sensitive of our common species. Just their weight on the sand can kill them. I try to keep my landing, tagging, pics and release to under a few minutes and I leave the shark in the wash while we are tagging as to keep water flowing through its gills. Its definitely better to take someone with you.
  10. Hey ai guy message me ive been tagging them for years now. Im a shark conservationist
  11. Last night off the beach, few flounder mostly shorts, kings, croaker, southern rays, butterfly rays, toothies and 20" blues
  12. Its called I dont leave the house. Lol.
  13. It is open to 17.2, the ranger I spoke with said it should be open to 24 by early in the week. Lets hope.
  14. Park ranger did tell me when the beach reopens it will be open to kilometer 24. We shall see.
  15. Osv now closed until further notice yet walk over remains open. Ironic, close it just prior to the fourth and reopen after. Using the storm as an excuse.
  16. http://www.stripersonline.com/content/type/61/id/1773693/width/1000/height/1000[/img work sunrise photo ]
  17. From the album Random Images 2014

  18. Thx guys can you believe the first sunrise pic is unedited from my phone.
  19. From the album Random Images 2014

  20. assateague sunrise
  21. From the album Random Images 2014

  22. Ive overheard within the next 2-3 weeks
  23. Ocean city high tide charts plus two hours. The bridge tides are two hours behind the ocean
  24. Friday night not one ranger came down the beach. Couple kids were driving there jeeps in the wash and speeding almost taking out my end rod. I exchanged a few words and called nps but they never showed. Then as I was leaving there were tents set up all down the beach with no one actively fishing yet I get stopped and told to take down my tarp on the back of my truck I was using for shade. Go figure