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  1. I managed a 46" at 5:30 am. Current and grass were a pain to say the least. 14 ounces running down the beach in no time.
  2. Md license is good in va and vise versa.
  3. For one your comparing apples n oranges. Ugly stick is glass make up where as the Penn is graphite.
  4. I prefer east southeast winds. Northeast will churn up a lot of grass. I was out Friday night and had to throw 14 to hold for 20 minutes until grass built up. As the night progressed and tide webt out I was able to drop down to tens.
  5. Great news bev :-)
  6. Lookin like ne winds will be an issue most of friday and Saturday. Typical drum weather :-)
  7. Im there regardless :-)
  8. Agreed. Some big sandbars are still around also. Kings have been hit or miss but the big sand tigers have been non-stop for the last three days. Grass was real thick last night. 14's were walking after 10 minutes.
  9. Last three days with wv allen. Nonstop sand tigers.
  10. Just sucks working nights and ordering bait and supplies with money being so tight only to find out last minute its cancelled. Spending money not needed to be spent will really tick me off.I work sat thru tue night which dont leave me much time to get everything together.
  11. Bev let us know as soon as you can if its a go or not so I can do my last minute bait shopping and such. Thank you.
  12. Need 15 more, come on guys.
  13. Yea. Financially in a bind this year but finding ways to cover the expenses. Even got a bum foot to contend with but I wouldn't miss it for the world.
  14. its gonna be close. id really hate to see it get cancelled after so many years. the one tournament I look forward to and plan my vacation time around every year.
  15. Another guy just sent his in. :-)
  16. Doh.... smart phone always makes me look well not so smart. Lol
  17. Thanks for the update bev. Jon just sent his in yesterday should be getting it soon.
  18. I was out last night but way south with no one around :-)
  19. Dont know the info but if life guards were around, obviously it wasn't in the osv. Anyone that shark fishes on a swimming beach with people nearby in the water is just idiotic imo.
  20. Ive restored a piper cub years back. Very well built aircraft. Fabric if I remember correctly.
  21. I know of at least four more entering here soon.
  22. so do we have a runnning count on how many are entering?