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  1. Thanks pilotman, its a galaxy s10 +, phone cameras have come quite a ways over the years.
  2. This was from a few days ago down south. 45" and super skinny. Released as always.
  3. 2nd street and bridge are ok but that's all you'll have access too
  4. Its local to in town oc, I'm west oc and cant fish the inlet or even walk the beaches.
  5. From the sounds of it, it's going to be left up to each states governor as to which national parks will reopen and when.
  6. Coop, 1 per day 28 to 35 inches from what I heard. ( ocean fish).
  7. No, some reports have popped up they are being caught at the mouth of the Chesapeake. Looks like another year of them staying off our coasts.
  8. Out this morning and caught 3 slot sized puppy drum and one 16" tog. I'd post complete fish pics but it would spot burn.
  9. When I left around noon, no one was out on the osv.
  10. Spot are still around and tons of mullet in the surf
  11. Last night was rough, northeast at 20mph had the tide push way in. I left at 3 am and seen it had washed over in quite a few spots. Managed to catch a few 47" 44" and a 42" over the last few nights. I also had the privilege of finding a nice buried chunk of metal with my foot, sliced my big toe wide open and deep.
  12. Definitely a pompano, odd for sure I'd think for this time of year.
  13. Freddie you know this fall spoiled us now lol. Great fish my friend
  14. Imo channel locks will rust solid after a few outings. As a professional aircraft mechanic of 25 years and tagging shark almost as long the pliers I use are quick and easy to use for me. To each their own.
  15. Biggest sandtiger on casted baits using a 12 ft 1509 and a diawa sealine 30 reel pic was taken about 7 years ago. This guy was 10 ft 7. The second pic is the bull I caught years ago, and the 3rd pic is the biggest sandbar I have ever caught or seen lol
  16. Good thinking. Like I said I used to yak baits all the time but honestly all my biggest toothy critters have been on casted baits so I figured why all the effort. Essox is right tho sandtigers should be thick soon. Unfortunately from my experience they are also biggest and most aggressive this time of year because it's their mating season. Casting I'll use 50# shock leader tied to my 17# main line. Then I run 6 ft of 150# mono swivel on both ends with a sinker slide on the 150# rub leader to a 3 inch section of malin wire to a 16/0 hook.
  17. Dude it's been a record fall. I was out with freddie and he had 4 that day his best ever. I had 2 one at sunrise then another at sunset. 49" and a 50". zach that was his first red he has been trying for 8 years and asked me if I could help him. A few pointers and he got a 51" at the same time freddie hooked into a 47" had to get the double red shot that dont happen often. So one of my slower days but honestly I didn't care I was ecstatic to see them catch. Seen tons of mullet jumping in the wash as well as whales all day about a mile offshore.
  18. Gorgeous fish lucky.
  19. Gorgeous fish lucky.
  20. I wouldn't recommend kayaking at night until your well versed at it. I used to all the time until I got dumped 400 yards out at 3 am one night, wrapped up in my line took all I had to get untangled and back into the yak.
  21. After dark is your best bet, getting kinda late in the year for any consistent action but if your casting your best bet is sunrise or sunset. Shark are primarily nocturnal hunters
  22. I forgot about bulls, I landed one 8ft 4 several years back early June. Thing walked me 3/4 of a mile up the beach before I was able to get it in lol
  23. Critter your correct. Biggest sandbar on reg gear was was 8 ft 3 and that guy dumped my spool 3 times before I got him in. My biggest blacktip was 83 inches and it had the people quarter mile up the beach drive down because they thought I hooked a dolphin lol. Thing was cartwheeling all over past the outer bar.