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  1. It seems to be healing up, my doc took a chance trusting I wouldn't abuse it being he let me get away with a wrist support instead of a full cast. That being said I can still fish lighter gear which is fine because I typically shut down from fishing early December.
  2. Rich, message me, I know where you can get 1509 blanks if interested.
  3. The va side is definitely narrower, but funny thing is they don't shut down the osv as frequently as the md side now. Big issue is the popularity the md side has gained since covid in 2020. So many people go out now that have no clue on considering tides and weather in as a factor on if they should go out or not so now every time we get any washover in spots people flood their vehicles or drive behind the markers and nps shuts it down. Years back that wasn't the case. They would leave it open knowing the locals and fisherman knew the risks and would wait the tide out instead of driving behind the markers
  4. Bradford.. I have run into him many times over the years, usually as I'm leaving the beach at 3 or 4 am he is just getting ready to come out. One night he came up set up 20 ft from me, asked if I minded. Told him not at all, then he told me he would give me all the king heads he caught. Nice guy. Loves him some kingfish. As for moving the stakes, I remember reading they are supposed to re evaluate every winter and relocate the stakes accordingly. Seems last few years they've been moving further east lol.
  5. Better shot at striper on ai in the spring.
  6. No reason to be bummed sir, we do get striped bass, blues, red drum, black drum, speckled trout, tog, sheepshead and the list goes on, now with that being said you may not catch striper and blues in the same methods as new York but they are here. Bait n wait is more common here than up north but mainly due to structure. Anyway, salisbury is a good area. Crime isn't bad, 30 minutes from the bay or ocean depending which direction you want to go, honestly even an outer banks run can be done easily from here. As assateague not being a Hotspot that is incorrect. Assateague is great just gotta learn the island for it to produce for ya. The fall striped bass run is far from what is used to be but the spring is still good. Plenty of other places in the area to chase striper year round tho.
  7. Each year the best drum bite varies some years it's mornings others it's better at night. Last 2 years I stayed out during the nights to avoid bait thieves and on the plus side fishing at night you usually don't have to worry about your spots being available.
  8. I was out everyday since they reopened the md osv. It was very slow with reds but kings, spot, shark, everything else was in the wash. Water Temps were cool early in the week like around 63. I knew by watching the weather the water Temps would improve and on Wed they did. Caught half dozen reds Wed night through Friday morning fishing nights only 2 pm till 4 am. Didn't bother doing mornings or days, I didn't want to deal with the puffers and crabs stealing bait at ridiculous rates. Lost quite a few rigs to big sandkitties and sandbars but it's all part of the game. So saying it's over is wrong. Dedication, long hours and researching your spots is what's required to catch consistently. Obviously more to it as well but those are just some of the finer points. Besides if Steve z says it isn't over I'd listen to him.
  9. Kilo 17.5 peak high tide. Barely washing over.
  10. I think by Wed more likely Thursday we will know something. I gotta do some vehicle maintenance tomorrow or Tuesday but I'll be down that way. Get up with me we can work out details.
  11. One of the more Interesting spot patterns I've seen lol.
  12. Hey rich. Honestly all considering the beating its been getting that looks promising. If that was around 1:30 today that would've been just at or around high tide. That Honestly looks better than I would've thought. Here's to the island holding up for a few more days.
  13. That would be fantastic!!
  14. I miss those hooks
  15. Exactly right then if you apply bug spray they stick to you, they only bite when they crawl up under your clothing as well.