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  1. ......all good advice here, but most important is coatings prevent exposure to lead. I paint all my lead and it keeps my tackle box lead-free. Tight lines and save those brain cells.
  2. That's a shame. But, there's a lot of Japanese engines out there.
  3. The blues are there. Wear a wire so you don't break off.
  4. Use her ID to get the Suffolk County Parks permit. Good access. You still need the free NYS Saltwater license.
  5. Fly fishing is a rich mans' game. It's ironic that the cheapest part of fly fishing is the lure. The most dedicated fisherman tie their own flies, making them even cheaper.
  6. Used to get the burrito supreme and other similar wraps but they took them off the menu in favor of the fusion crap. I don't go anymore.
  7. Green Island had a full lot on Sunday at high tide. Tried to get to the west end of Jones at 6pm but the NG was still there on COVID duty. Went to field 10 but was also busy. Wet a line on a less crowded dock. Just nice to hear the whizz and kerplunck.
  8. In 1976 I took a trip on the Starstream and won the pool with this 14 lb bluefish.
  9. The wife and I both got it so that's $2400. School tax bill with grievance reduction was $2700 for the first half or 6 mos. So I just throw in $300 to make the payment. The town portion is in July. Yes, Nassau.
  10. Mowed over a large root and the machine started shaking and clanking. Turns out that the blade came loose. Just tightened it and back to normal.
  11. Always wanted a pricey fly rod combo. $1200 will do fine.
  12. This^ The first 24 inches may have de-laminated internally. Not visible from the outside.
  13. Quit smoking years ago. Maybe I'll take my wifes' THC cream and rub it all over my body.
  14. Mine's going to pay property tax on my house. So I guess the state will receive help from the government after all.