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  1. Used to smoke all day. Gave it up 'cause it costs too much. Now I own my own home and give my money to the taxman.
  2. The real shocker is she's studying to become a lawyer.
  3. What are your favorite methods of rigging up to keep the crabs off the bait?
  4. Shrink tubing will fill the gap and protect the seat.
  5. Like that one. I'm in. Thanks for the offer.
  6. I have a few of these for freshwater. The flat top of the nose acts like a lip to give it action. I use the dark colors like this for sunrise/sunset/nighttime and light colors for daytime.
  7. Looking for an old Penn 8500 or 7500 ssb. Need some internal parts. Must be working mechanically. External parts not needed. (bail, handle, spool, drag parts, etc.
  8. Bellmore Train Station Fleamarket. Look for the guy under the tracks with a rack full of rods in front of his booth.
  9. This week's fleamarket finds.
  10. My first time at this one. Pretty decent show of vendors. Picked up a half-dozen bucktails.
  11. Went to the fleamarket today and got some bucktails, but didn't find a rod for the reel I bought at the winter fleamarket. Then stopped at the shore to try one of the bucktails, so.......yeah.
  12. A couple years ago I was heading back from Jones Inlet to the West End 2 lot and they were checking permits there.
  13. I threw a rod in the back of the truck. I don't know why, just a hunch. Then this thread. Thanks for posting.
  14. Thanks, I understand much better now. I watched several videos but none had narrative or were not in english.
  15. I keep small hemostats (surgical clamp) in my bag and when I knot, I just clamp it on the end of the line and swing it around the main line. What does a bobbin do other than wrap the lines around each other?