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  1. Volko Building Supply in Garden City Park just got in a pallet load a couple weeks ago. (They are 2A friendly and handle transfers). They had a small fire recently so call to see if they've re-opened.
  2. New York State law says 500 ft. from any dwelling or structure, so that's about right.
  3. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. Ha, yeah my coffee guy always had the Superbowl pool.
  5. White perch anyone?
  6. Shouldn't this be moved to "Beach Buggy"?
  7. I also broke the tab to see what the fluid looked like. It had the best Nissan 4wd package they make. Never went on the sand but drove the backwoods of the Catskills and Poconos. Unfortunately the Rogue was wrecked at 79k.
  8. I had a Nissan Rogue that had a locked trans. dipstick that required a dealer key to pull it. The owners manual said that the transmission fluid performance was evaluated using a diagnostic computer.
  9. Partyboat or Ice fishing in winter?
  10. Damn, well I was still digging out so I couldn't make it anyway.
  11. Did anyone go to Route 110 fleamarket? Was is postponed due to snow? New date?
  12. Just got hit with oil delivery, homeowners ins., town tax bill, then the oil tank (60+yrs.old) springs a leak. On top of that, just upgraded my ham license, so new radio equipment is next.
  13. What happened to the Route 110 fishing fleamarket? It was supposed to be Sunday. Snowed out?
  14. Cold snap tonight. Ice is coming.