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    The username joetackle is not related to "Joe Tackle Co." or any tackle business.
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    many hobbies:, i like fixin' things, and makin' things.
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  1. I can testify. My boss had it applied to his new BMW.
  2. joetackle


    Sorry, I thought a private listing was ok.
  3. New york has a special tax for rental cars that's 30%. Talk about highway robbery.
  4. I was living in Cincinnati when he was on the city council. Then later I see him on this wacky show and I'm like, hey that guy was my councilman. Same thing happened to me in Chicago when Obama was my alderman, then I see him on this wacky show and I'm like, hey that guy was my alderman. Thanks Jerry, RIP.
  5. I missed the last five shows this year on long island, so I wanted to hit at least one or two. Next one is Freeport Tuna Club, and that's it for this spring. I came from Bethpage and it took me 30 mins. drive time. Good luck with the shoulder.
  6. Yeah, I made it up to the show. Had a good time, but didn't find the rod I wanted. Freshwater gear was in short supply.
  7. I bought a bag of nice zinc plated trebles at a fleamarket. I'll probably never use them all. PM me.
  8. Thanks for your post. I almost missed this one.
  9. I desperately need a trout noodle.
  10. I work in a dirty shop and that's what happens to your blades. That being said, it'll buff out. Enjoy that blade slicedcornbread.
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