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  1. Just a quick Google netted the following: Most Expensive Rod, Everett Garrison at $9000. 2nd place goes to Thomas & Thomas at $5100. Most Expensive Reels, Bogdan at a only $3300. 2nd place goes to the Fred Balling Perfection at $1900. These were the best that Google had to offer. There may be others. (This does not include rare or collectable.)
  2. Just to clarify, the Fishing Expo admission is $20. The Seminars and Expo is $150.
  3. East Meadow is coming up? Haven't seen advertising for that one. Thanks for posting.
  4. This weekend, Feb. 17. The guys here are correct, too much money for the admission, even with the goodie bag.
  5. Who's going? Good vendor turnout?
  6. Might as well just call it New Canada.
  7. Empire pass, 1 yr. $70, 3yrs.$205, 5yrs, $310. Arrrggghhh. FUAC.
  8. I'm in for the win.
  9. Thought this was gonna be a story about freeze-dried camp food. Hilarious, and sounds like I need a winter trip to Dicks.
  10. I'm in for some striper snack.
  11. That post was meant for Rocky Point Charlie. MYOB.
  12. That blue and orange outfit on blonde #3 is WOW!!!
  13. Saw a great new commercial for Franks Hot Sauce. The tag line is "I put that &#!+ on everything!!!".
  14. Staten Island Chuck has a much better record. 80% accurate.
  15. I'm watching the Rangers. They're losing to Tampa Bay. I can't believe hockey is popular in Florida.