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    many hobbies:, i like fixin' things, and makin' things.
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  1. My 25th anniversary dinner tonight. Lobstaz.
  2. There's a great article called "Confessions of a fast food worker". One of items mentioned is Wendys' chili which is made from unsold burgers.
  3. Yes, they're all gross but I vote for Skyline Chili, Cinncinati Ohio.
  4. It's always spearing, squid, clams, and bunker.
  5. Has anyone been to Peconic River lately?
  6. They had RTIC at BJs a few months ago, before the tariffs. Should have bought one. Stupid.
  7. My first reel, Penn Surfmaster. Still in rotation.
  8. Orvis has a new store near Roosevelt Field on Zeckendorf Blvd next to Traders Joes.
  9. Usually buy Colavita. Someone just gave me a 1/2 gallon of Stew Leonards, which is a blend of italian, greek, spanish and portuguese. I'll be set for a while.
  10. Peppermint schnapps and Southern Comfort = Yakky Dak. Weird.
  11. Ants exposed to too much solar radiation will grow to the size of Vienna sausages. There, the thread comes back around.
  12. This solar minimum is predicted to last for the next three cycles or around 30 years. However, the reduction in solar output is estimated to be around 0.1 percent or 1/10th of one percent less sunlight. This is not expected to have any significant impact.
  13. Hey, free permit? I'll take one. Just downloaded the application.
  14. No vise, but I'm sure I could rig up something with an old Xacto collet. I only have a buck tail a hunter friend gsve me, and some colored thread to work with. No hackle or feathers.