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  1. Thing is the price of their exports would lower meaning they would under sell USA made products thus putting them out of business and creating more people living off tax dollar paid safety net programs. This means higher taxes or printing more money which increases inflation while also increasing the national unemployment numbers and people who no longer can afford non-essential spending. The whole idea of tariffs is to make the USA more manufacturing friendly and this puts more people to work or subsidizes businesses that may be hurt during this process with Chineses fitting the bill indirectly.
  2. Drop tariffs? Absolutely not!
  3. What ever happened to user accountability? Under some peoples logic gun makers should be sued because a idiot used their product Heck the Hollywood industry should be sued for making movies that show murder and car chase accidents for why people do both. Water companies should be sued for people drowning in bath tubs or pools. Oil companies should be sued for producing a product people can slip and fall from if spilled on a floor. This lest could go on forever. Heck poor medical diagnosis and treatment is the number three killer in the USA open the flood gates on suing the medical field!
  4. Biden does not want unity. He wants what his handlers tell him he wants.
  5. In many cases both parties suck but as far as oil prices the Republicans can fix this by releasing constraints Biden has imposed and no longer threatening to eliminate their industry so potential investors will be more willing to risk their money in the oil industry. When dipstick stopped the Keystone Pipeline that construction company lost 1 Billion dollars. That cleared the sinuses quickly for those in the oil industry or related company CEO’s. Then came more attacks on the fossil fuel industry which has us where we are today. All the Republican need to do is build confidence in the oil industry and establish some safeguards to let them know that no matter who is at the WH their industry will not be targeted. Right now they are trying to make all they can before they are the next business to have to close their doors. The world market is in the end who is paying for Biden’s attack on this industry which has also benefited our enemies oil based economies as well.
  6. I thought the D stands for demented.
  7. Thing is by crossing our southern border by land on foot the only people that meet a UN criteria for claiming asylum are Mexican’s. Now if they come by sea or by air to a port of entry then they may have a legitimate claim if we were their first port of entry after leaving the country they are claiming asylum from. The Dems as usual like to change rules to fit their agendas and that is exactly what they have done with regard to asylum. What they are selling is definitely not what the UN has established as the international criteria for those seeking asylum.
  8. I had a Minolta one but threw it away with a whole bunch of other stuff last year for the downsizing move down here. Dumpster on one side of the driveway and a pod on the other… more things went in the 2 dumpster’s than the two pods. It did do very well on both negatives and positives but I don’t know if they even make them anymore.
  9. The disturbing thing I see in most all poles are that near 40% poles take the opposite of the most sensible answers. The USA is truly full of a near 40% idiots and morons! I blame this on the twisted education that is indoctrinated to them through out their educational progress. Seem the longer they go through school the worse they get!
  10. I do miss seeing those little guys. A hummingbird feeder is unwise to put out down here with our black bears that stroll through fairly regularly.
  11. Everyone in the world knows he is a buffoon except liberals.
  12. This Administration writes and follows its own laws not the laws on the books. Example the open southern border and the UN defined asylum and who qualifies and where. The only people who enter by land there entitled to asylum consideration are Mexicans. Those from other nations should claim asylum in the First Nation they step foot in after leaving the nation they are fleeing from. But the Biden administration makes its own rules and first port of entry is ignored. Afghanistan and the USA policy of no one left behind. Not a law by a long standing policy. Protestors protesting at court and residence to persuade judges to change their minds. A Federal law ignored.
  13. Lateral Line I’d suggest you look for a more conservative work environment. Sounds like you are surrounded by idiot libs.
  14. Yellen is as bad or worse than any of them. Her ideas on the economy are criminal.
  15. Brandon on article 25, Majorca for incompetence, lying to congress and treason, Harris for not doing her job at the border, the list of incompetence in Biden’s Cabinet is endless to go after eventually as they see others impeached the will cut and run before they are next. They are all morons…and need to go. I hope they go after everyone of them for the H—/ this country has gone through the past 17 months. Maybe just maybe we can regain respect world respect if they see us clean out the dead wood in politics. Though the GOP needs a cleansing as well of its incompetence and greed.