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  1. It’s that time again... new assigned subjects needed for May..
  2. I haven’t bought anything for photography in a couple years or more .... last thing was a 105mm landscape polarizing lens for my lee filter box ... haven’t bought a camera since my Stellar.... I don’t shoot cameras much anymore since I no longer have to.
  3. It would be extremely petty and superficial to vote for or against a politician due to physical attributes. Essentially a wasted vote asking for a lack of results. i personally disliked the majority of the actions he took his last term in office .... the man could talk and persuade but the direction he was sending our country would of been fatal in the end. Bush’s last few years created the move to a person like Obama. Obama’s last term created the move to a guy like Trump. We as a nation tend to vote more often against something than for something. Hence we tend to reap what we sow..... I voted twice for Obama but quickly could not wait for his leadership to come to a end and voted for Trump because Clinton would of been more of the same and worse...
  4. My comment is while these hearings, meetings, investigations, witch hunts, or whatever is the new acronym used to color these go nowhere wastes of time, money, and, effort our countries important events and issues are going unaddressed. I don’t know about anyone else but I vote for political positions on the premise they will address the COUNTRIES important issues not for past lawyers to continue acting like lawyers and not law makers!! What will actually get done constructively for the country from a Barr grilling, or tax returns, or the whole report or redacted, or any of the next flavor of the month distractions from governing this nation????
  5. I had a high line acc lens kit at one time and it worked but I like my otter cases so I stopped using the acc kit and case
  6. Speed.... Mac collects and processes faster inherently by design. It snatched 128 bits at a time as apposed to windows 1 but at a time . Mac is more suited for graphic arts/video/ digital imagery but both work we enough most of the time for the majority of needs and wants
  7. There are still tilt and shift glass used primarily in architecture photography (one of the best is the Canon versions and often used on Sony mirrorless with adapters). Also post procrssing software today today has the ability to replicate what those lenses mechanically with shifting optics
  8. April 2019 Assigned Subject will be "Water". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of April 2019 and not archived pictures. Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Anything associated with WATER pics taken this month will work (any state of and anything with WATER)......... lets see the pic's on this topic!
  9. How does “water” sound..... that covers all the states of water from ice to steam to moving to falling
  10. That time again... time for suggestions for the April Assigned subject
  11. Tom That was a stitched image ... processed, downsized, and cropping ... forget how many shots as it was done awhile ago with a old a99
  12. If your looking for fly fishing opportunities in Newark DE in April then Trout in White Clay or other stocked streams is your best bet in that specific area. Striper fishing is predominately a bloodworm game in northern DE due to water clarity and temps. FW ponds in state parks will yield the typical LMB, BG, Pickeral, crappie etc... Becks pond will yield some snakehead action if your into that. The Brandywine and White Clay have seasonal runs shad which is usually later in April and can be keep your head on a swivel downtown Wilmington fishing if you know what I am inferring. Shoreline access is limited and the parking areas have some shady characters. You will I’ll see the bloodworm crowd out in force from old new castle south through Augustine and down the C&D canal with minimal success at certain times. Working a fly in these waters is at best better than sitting in a hotel room but not by much. best bet: stocked trout in town starting the first Sat in April through mid May. after the first week crowds thinkut quickly for those willing to fish weekdays
  13. I have a tarpon with a Stu Apte fly and the lower half of a fly rod and reel on my left deltoid .... have had it since the early 2000’s
  14. March 2019 Assigned Subject will be "Early Spring Fish/Fishing". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of March 2019 and not archived pictures. Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Anything associated to early Spring fish and fishing pics taken this month will work......... lets see the pic's on this topic!