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  1. Today in my archery shooting lane in the woods behind my house....... he was intent on the does that had just gone through
  2. Dead at 94.. prayers to his family and friends!
  3. That is true....big business are revenue generators not only for themselves but all those around or associated with them. When things are going good everyone does well ... when they go the other way we must keep in mind they are not a island but more the beating heart for everyone around them. It is shortsighted and akin to shooting ones own foot to say let them fail. Good chance they find out later it effected their own livelihood as well. You never know till they are gone just how deeply and to what extent others livelihoods are connected to these revenue generating big businesses.
  4. I think they are complaining about the costs for any of them......... economics 101 and what the market will bear is blatantly visible in retail truck prices. They and large SUV market have become the industries goose that lays the golden egg because people are willing to pay to play. I wouldn't pay that or even close to what they get for trucks now and I get a corporate discount but there are those who could not see living without a truck and will pay.
  5. Thats it's direct impact on GDP not it's ballooned effects on the nations economic state if it is dissolved. In 2007-08 the economy was in desperate condition as it was if the USA car industry collapsed and took all the associated and unassociated jobs it creates there would of been no capital available to fill in the gap. As it was money was very tight and lenders were keeping what they had very close to their chest. Along with that several administrations made manufacturing in America a costly ordeal especially as a restart business under new leadership. With fuel at $4 a gallon and vehicle sales worldwide severely depressed who would of invested in them at that time? It would be like investing in selling umbrellas in a desert... People just fail to realize the far reaching effects of a vehicle manufacturing plant to its surrounding economies and beyond. Take a drive through Kenosha WI, Toledo OH, or any smaller municipalities where auto manufacturing has been reduced....... it kills way more than just the plant and its employees. It takes out Malls, Liquor stores, restaurants, gas stations, real estate companies, trucking companies, railroad employees, hotels, air transport companies, sub shops, you name it they lose employees or complete businesses which take out more jobs and places. It is like watching dominoe's fall when a plant goes and everyone feels it. It is depressing that any industry can have this sort of negative effects on our country but in good times it also builds all these revenue generators up as well so I guess you have to take the bad with the good when viewing these scenarios. Big business builds a fragile house of cards that those around it must be aware of if they become vulnerable.
  6. I really don’t know now but trucks and SUVs used to average 22-23 percent for base price and accessories added to it which could go into the 30’s...this is at the dealers. Manufacturers sell to the auto terminal companies that we drive the vehicles to their gate. The auto terminals sell to dealers and dealers sell to customers. Various profit margins are incurred at each step of getting it to the customer and volume reduces costs which increase profits Chrysler got paid when the vehicle exited our shipload e and entered the auto terminals shack. What the dealers made was on them except corporate dealers.
  7. I don’t have current market distribution numbers but we had a Mercedes and a Jeep plant in China before the crash and at that time the roads were suited for jeeps over there but the overall sales numbers were very low due to the roads and the financial situation of their citizens. Only the few industrialized cities were the major points for vehicle sales. The USA market always has be the majorly vehicle market place in the world and why all foreign manufacturers want to sell here.
  8. I was management 32 out of 36 years and the corporate profit margins have pretty much been near the same the whole time for body styles and types and what the market will bear. People like to bring up retirement costs in that industry but remember retirement was monies contracted as hourly increases diverted into retirement funds.so if in a contract year it was agreed that they would get $3 an hour increase over three years with $1 of it diverted to retirement funding per employee per hour worked. People think is was a give away but really they funded it with diverted hourly increases. It it makes me nauseous to see a pickup with a $70k price tag but remember it’s what the market will bear just like a $1500 iPhone or $180 hockey ticket. You want this to stop just don’t pay the price ... the prices will either fall or they will stop making them.
  9. It’s a manufacturing tax that the Federal, State,and municipalities attach to every vehicle produced in the USA and Has been in effect the full 36 years I worked in the industry at various amounts. I am sure it is more now...but think of the pricing advantage this gave un-tarriffed imports compared to USA built.That is a $1864 price advantage when they hit the showroom floor for imports and something the US manufacturers have tried to fight or level the field with tariffs for decades. Here is another thing few outside the industry seem to know... why there are a scant few US built vehicles in Japan? Because their government will not allow a vehicle to be sold in their country that is not primed and painted with a paint only available in Japan. Not a tariff but worse because to sell there our vehicles would have to be fully stripped down and painted then reassembled. How that for fair trade in a global market? Trumps right our government in the past did nothing to correct this and other trade restriction other countries use against us while we bend over and let them take our jobs and put our companies out of usiness
  10. Look at the rise of Japans economy or China or any of the SE Asia economies....how did they emerge? Manufacturing, taking raw materials and creating something people want! No major power will survive without a major part of their economy based in manufacturing. Manufacturing is a major job creator and revenue creating source for people and governments. I watched stunned as manufacturing jobs and facilities left this country while the top earners and stockholder cheered. This was the ultimate shortsightedness Ivy League business schools were promoting. Great for the top 5 percent so they can grab cut and run before the house of cards collapse on itself but for everyone else it is a slow painful agonizing economic death. Reminds me of a snake eating its own tail.... people can say or feel however they want about major manufacturing companies but they are the goose that lays the golden eggs for all when they prosper nationally. It’s shortsighted and uninformed to think differently... think if you were running a government could you afford to lose $1864 per unit in manufacturing taxes alone for every vehicle that exits the ship line at a ship line rate of 80 per hour 20 hours a day? And if you let it end you will pay UE and entitlements to all those who lose their jobs due to the company leaving? You might as well cut your right hand off. It’s not that they are too big to fail its to essential they keep generating revenue and jobs to keep the economy afloat. Look at Bethlehem PA when the country let the steel industry fail. They still are suffering 45 years later up there.
  11. All we essentially have left is medical and downsized banking in the area of major revenue generators..... most major manufacturing is gone and chemical plants gone. Refinery capacities cut....let me ask you this? From 2009-2016 have you ever seen as many homeless and street corner panhandlers? They are a economic indicator for area wellness. i will admit I rarely go to the Brandywine Hundred area as there is nothing that draws me there that I don’t have on the other side of Wilmington so I can’t say anything about your area but the other side out through Elkton is how I stated
  12. Superstriper.. now I have been out of that game since I retired in 2007 so I don’t have the numbers but what I have heard from friends I still have who do have the numbers is the compact market is no longer a viable market for costs and profits. When I was in it compacts had the least profit margins and luxury SUV’s the most. If compact sales are so low that producing them isn’t worth it then you shift you build schedules to where the market pushes you. But as I have said it’s been 11 plus years since I was involved thankfully the failure of tge Volt was essentially caving to the government and media hype. In reality few actually want this sort of green vehicle and in a country as large as this geographically and commuting distances increasing they are mostly impractical for families. They knew this going in .. we knew it when I was working the Durango hybrid project in an attempt to green a class of vehicle buyers showed interest in gas powered versions. Those living in inner city luxury condos as part of the new white collar lifestyle yeah they show off these electric POS as a badge of modernism and left thinking. If they rise in their positions and buy luxury homes out in the suburbs these POS get traded for Escalades it it really amazes me that the media has barely mentioned the inherent additional dangers to life owning these green powered vehicles exhibit. I would never own one.... think about the original design team Toyota has developing hybrid technology and there engineer having his eyes blown out of their sockets with a oops with its electric circuit and the safety apparel anyone working on one has to wear. Or what happens inside the passenger compartment if the vehical has water intrusion above the lithium battery.
  13. How was it from 2008-2016? How’s that boxwood plant doing? You think what is on the plot where Chrysler sat is generating as many jobs and revenue for the area and state as it once did? I live in a $300k home neighborhood and vacated homes are located all through it that people just walked away from. Drive over to RT 72 and work the food bank one day and see who and how many they are feeding now and ask them about 2008-2012. Just a year ago living in the woods in Elkton city park there were 146 homeless living between there and the homeless shelter on 213. How’s it look in Yorklyn? How’s it look on 141 up around the DuPont facilities? Where is GM, Chrysler, Monsanto, many Gore facilities, many DuPont facilities, or all the 3rd party vendors who supplied items for them? How about eastern Wilmington? Just because the the inner city is moving out to the suburbs and suburbians are running further out to escape it and need housing built in expanded areas like midfletown does not mean the area is thriving and creating revenue for the area or state. GM and Chrysler paid on average $1864 per unit shipped in federal state and local manufacturing taxes. Chrysler at one time was building 72 units per hour for two 10 hour shifts 5-6 days a week. Not to mention the income taxes 5600 employees at Chrysler Newark were paying weekly or the items the income from these jobs were used to purchase from local businesses. Contrary to public belief new home construction is not a large employer of manpower or a large creator of revenue to the State or regions especially due to the highering practices contractors are currently doing. Major manufacturing facilities are huge revenue generators for people and regions..The revitalization of the riverfront in Wilmington is essentially a ship in a bottle. It is a result of the mentality of young white collar workers who are inhabiting such areas as the inner city populations vacate them. I don’t know about you but you could not pay me to raise a family in murdertown USA as it was named just a couple years ago. I see little in northern DE that tells me this region is regaining its economic strength except in the expansion of medical facilities that are at best a place one should avoid and head to Philly instead. At one time nearly every major corporation incorporated in DE not now they mostly all left for more favorable environments and took those jobs as well. Every empty business, every field where one used to sit, every vacated residence, homeless on street corners and malls are a indicator of a declining regional economy.
  14. I have no idea where you are getting your assumptions from but 8 months prior to the manufacturers going to the government GM was claimed as the number one vehicle manufacturing company in the world... you can’t get that title building what people don’t want to buy. As far as Chrysler goes I’m a ex- insider on the upper managerial side there and your evaluation could not be further from the truth. I became very aware of fake news and it’s effects with the import market reports as Toyota gained market shares in the 90’s with vehicles coming into our country with a $1800 pricing advantage our government gave them over any vehicle built here that was never in the news and during this 2008 thing which fortunately I was already retired by then but still had access to inside info. Chrysler’s problem was Mark Eaton and the underhanded deal he made with Daimler which essentially took all our assets and gutted everything else. That put the company on a path of distruction. Cerberus (John Snow) got snowballed by Daimler and Daimler sold them a empty underfunded shell. Once the smoke cleared Snow knew he made a mistake and found a opportunity to cut and run with a GMAC financing agreement that returned Cerberus’s investment capital it had in Chrysler. So it looked like they gave away a 6 billion industry but actually ended up getting 3 times that back by owning future vehicle sales financing at Chrysler. Dont believe eve what you see or hear from the media ... they have agendas or don’t take the time to really research their stories. Lets just take a simple observation.... back then like now what type vehicles do you see the most of driving down any highway in America? Just use your eyes...... trucks, SUV/crossovers, and minivans. What do you see the least of? Electric or hybrids. GM like Ford and Chrysler were building the vehicles people wanted to buy back then but with gasoline at $4 a gallon and all items rising in cost due to it nothing was selling. Even Prius sales were down 12% during this time..... had nothing to due with what was being produced but everything to do with consumer anxiety about buying all things and vehicle sales historically are always the first items to take a hit when the economy is in trouble. Always has always will .. it’s a cyclic market with hot and cold times it just so happens the economy of 2007/08 was the perfect storm of poor economic events that due to the global market everyone was hype to get into effected the whole world when it went poorly.