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  1. What does everyone think? Extend fall colors and do street lamps in Dec or do Street lamps in Nov?
  2. He will hide Hunter without a doubt.......
  3. Couldn't happen to a more deserving AH......... now the other 11 on that committee need to know what it is like to prove innocence
  4. I'm a registered Independant who will never vote Democratic the rest of my life as off the hook as they have proven themselves to be the last decade.
  5. I'm sure they are going to listen to that whacked out nut case has been........... not!
  6. Our laws regarding this suck at best but by definition of "seeking asylum" not one qualifies who walks through another country to get here. That said our borders should deny access before they step foot on USA soil. It's just that easy........ tell them I am sorry we are closed to you today if you want to immigrate apply at our embassy in Mexico City and get in line. We are just still too PC....... they are playing our system like a banjo even before they enter just think how they will play it afterwards. No thank you...... go the hell home and fix your country that you and your other citizens allowed to get the way it is! Keep your "losing" way of life out of here.... Funny everyone I hear interviewed isn't saying they are coming for asylum but are saying they are coming because their country has no jobs......... this is not a legit reason for asylum.
  7. I am sure .... that will me November’s assigned subject
  8. Core aerated and seeded the lawn a few weeks ago and am waiting for the new grass to grow high enough and the ground dry enough to cut..... makes for a great pet background.... the things a photographers pet has to tolerate.... Maggie is used to this nonsense by now especially with my range being limited......
  9. Here is my 10 reasons .... no further explanation necessary......
  10. Start thinking of Nov assigned subject....these may need a rest as we don't seem to be getting a lot of participation anymore. Life has gotten in my way and I barely take any pics anymore of anything...... and until I am through with all this medical stuff I don't see this changing much for me in the near future.
  11. If your talking friend and family snapshots and selling those then web hosting has other issues that may have its negatives. Some people don’t like their kids photos on the web and this needs to be considered also release forms to be dealt with if one person want to buy a shot and someone else is in the image as well. i had no idea you were referring to these sort of images ... I thought scenica and wildlife sort of stuff. I have stayed away from people shots so long they don’t even show on my radar anymore as marketed images.... though in reality they are the most sold type images of all
  12. Yes he was ..... and his presence is truly missed.
  13. The way you get a reputation is the images themselves and limiting the market keeping the price up and the number of print down and numbered..... its tough to to break into that market but just remember the firearms retailer motto : “there is a ass for every seat” ... i dont know if own if it is even possible anymore to get into the market on web hosting sites...what would make your images any different than any of the rest and why would they pay more when they know nothing about you or your reputation. I would not go that route but luck has a big to do with getting to those who value images ( these buyers care about the number identical images available for each image, believe me and putting any image on the web makes it essentially worthless to this market) and are willing to pay. I broke in the last time doing a project for a condo builder and word of mouth opened the door to bigger opportunities. Right time, right place , right people..... luck lots of luck!