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  1. Thanks Mike .... did some wandering around today during the storm with the Stellar
  2. Color outside in February in the Mid Atlantic...... it's there you may just have to look hard for it
  3. Hard to believe Maggie is 6 years old already...............
  4. Dusk tonight.... any I had to pull them out with post processing to show them.... they are the experts at camouflage and stealth....
  5. "Bombay Hook Style Super Bowl Party On The Ice" shot today during the refinery fire in Delaware City
  6. February 2019 Assigned Subject will be "Ice". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of February 2019 and not archived pictures. Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Whether it is outside on a body of water or in a glass ice is unique......... lets see the pic's on this topic!
  7. getting to that time again.... need a Feb assigned subject you all want to shoot.
  8. Too much camera shake at the time of the shot to do much to the double images...... about all I could pull out of it in 10 minutes...... just too small a image size and to low of a image quality to do much without spending considerable time on it.