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  1. Yes he was ..... and his presence is truly missed.
  2. The way you get a reputation is the images themselves and limiting the market keeping the price up and the number of print down and numbered..... its tough to to break into that market but just remember the firearms retailer motto : “there is a ass for every seat” ... i dont know if own if it is even possible anymore to get into the market on web hosting sites...what would make your images any different than any of the rest and why would they pay more when they know nothing about you or your reputation. I would not go that route but luck has a big to do with getting to those who value images ( these buyers care about the number identical images available for each image, believe me and putting any image on the web makes it essentially worthless to this market) and are willing to pay. I broke in the last time doing a project for a condo builder and word of mouth opened the door to bigger opportunities. Right time, right place , right people..... luck lots of luck!
  3. John, I am not the best to answer this question today as I haven’t used a web hosting site in years. ( I had some images stolen from the one I did use by publications in the Far East and could do nothing about it in the end .... I never put a image I can profit from on the net anywhere.... burn me once shame on them burn me twice.....) That said there are plenty of web hosting and sales sites out there. Some I know others are using are Smug Mug and 500x?. My beef red with those entering the photo sales market is they way undervalue their images hurting those who may depend on their images for their livelihoods. With the introduction of digital photography and when the cost to play cost came down everyone has a digital camera capable of fantastic images. It is natural to feel good if someone complements your images and wants a copy for a magazine or some other use and sadly most of these non professionals are just happy to have their names in print and give them their photos or charge so little it might as well be given away. This practice destroyed the stock photo market professionals used to make a great living off of and enjoyed obtaining images to add to the stock photo jobbers inventory. If you charge market values then it’s a equal playing field and let the best photos sell..... if they are given away or sold for pennies on the market values then everyone loses in the end...... in in the area of photography since the 60’s I have seen the industry innovate, grow, get better , and now decline to only a few venues where livelihoods can be made by better photographers. In all the other venues vanity and abundance have made them no longer viable fields for photographers. Believe it or not even news photographers have been nearly all but decimated due to cellphones and people submitting images to news facilities. My bet is even your local paper no longer has a individual who is listed as only their photographer but may have someone who has other functions but can also shoot a picture if needed for a story. I say say all this as a retired photographer to let you and others know to charge reasonable prices for the sake of the industry and to give the buyer a feeling of value for your work. Paying $10 for a 8x10 essential makes it worthless ... paying $200 it now has value. You want your image to have value as you took your time and money to produce it and what is that worth? Just something to consider.....
  4. Actually it was just in the beginning phase when I arrived and was progressing rapidly
  5. Make sure you get permission from whoever’s pic you choose ... there are many shooting professionals on this forum and we take protection of intellectual property rights seriously! Copy and paste is a violation of copyright laws for intellectual property in the USA and all photographs are copyrighted to the photog at the time of capture..... no matter what a computer may be able to accomplish with copy and paste.
  6. Yeah they are voting for free college and nothing else..... most don’t work or pay taxes so they don’t care how much that will cost others in the end.... its like 18 year olds and non- property owners voting on a school bond tax increase on property taxes ( what’s wrong with this picture) ..... it’s the gimme gimme generation
  7. Think the last of mine have left this past weekend....
  8. I don't even know how Warren holds here current job.... none the less trying for a higher one.......
  9. October 2018 Assigned Subject will be "Color's of Fall". As in previous Assigned Subject threads these pictures should be taken during the Month of October 2018 and not archived pictures. Please keep in mind our intent to be a family friendly forum when posting your photographs. Let's see what we come up with on this one. Let the color's begin........