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  1. Fly parents are only partly to blame. The root cause is our educators and social media! The children have been given participation trophy’s, not disciplined at home or school, no religious upbringing, think they are authorities about everything on social networks even though they just parrot or google everything and have zero first hand experiences. These kids will soon get the shock of their lives when the real world punches them square in the face and everything they think they know ends up being BS.
  2. Buy a fake pop-up once and be done with it for years. If you like pine smell hang pine scent sticks in it.
  3. I cannot believe 37% actually are that closed off from the realities we see and face daily. I actually can’t believe anyone approves anything that buffoon and his idiotic Administration has done.
  4. I did not even know there was a debate I have been so busy fishing and playing golf. Oh well missed that one. I’d be fishing today but a cold front pushed through last night. Tuesday we tore the LMB up in the canals as they were in pre-spawn mode and bulking up before the front. These Florida bass have big shoulders and live under different habits that there relatives up north or the Midwest.
  5. A asylum seeking individual should be subject to the rules that apply to any individual who entered our country and avoided detention. IMO they should have no rights till a court of law deems them legal asylum seekers. Till then eff em! Try crossing many countries boarder’s like Russia, China, N Korea, Iran and see what rights they have. They have the right to a cigarette and a blindfold!
  6. Zak you ever listen to that girl on her weekend shows? She and her sidekick are about as anti MAGA as shows on CNN. One reason I don’t watch Fox on weekends as they have a few shows with her slant on weekends. If I wanted to listen to slanted conversations like hers I would watch CNN. So quoting anything she babbles about or promotes doesn’t hold much water with conservatives. Bet this clip wasn’t on any of the weekday shows on Fox.
  7. One thing the last nearly 3 years has proven to me is SS better never run out of money! All the money this Country comes up with for BS it can pay back with interest that they have misappropriated from SS.
  8. KB for me it’s not who or what Party voted for or against. It’s the body voting out an elected representative who no matter what their character is was voted into office by the voters in their district. Nullifying all their votes because a few hundred peers want the elected official removed. If there ever exists an overwhelming majority in the House or Senate this action could get really ugly and corrupted by the Party in power.
  9. That is different than speaking their language. For me it’s not a race issue or Nationality ( with exceptions) issue. It’s a if you want to live and work here they should learn our language not expect us to learn theirs. They sure learn our currency quickly.
  10. JimP I knew this Country was in trouble years ago when ATM’s started asking what language to use. It still irritates me today. This is the USA and English is our nations language of convenience. Learn English or get the eff out. I’m too old to waste my time learning another language to accommodate someone else’s inability or resistance to learn this Country’s means of communication. Heck it’s hard enough to try and understand the English foreigners use on customer service calls. The way we are allowing illegals in it would be hard to boil down what language to learn. This year’s nationalities encountered at our southern border Chinese might be the flavor of the day. Eff them all! Learn our language this tree doesn’t bend to their needs or wants.
  11. Interesting! Let’s see if you feel the same if damning indisputable information ever comes out on our Buffoon in Chief? We know he lies like a rug and if his lips are moving he is lying. We also know wealth like his ( or any politician) cannot be obtained on the salaries he has made in politics alone. People don’t spend millions to get jobs that pay in the low $100k’s without a reason. Time will tell it always does.
  12. JimP, is right when I heard Santos was expelled the first thing I thought is let the games begin! We now have a Government who’s Congress and Senate can over rule the American voters and kick out who the majority of other office holders don’t like whether they desire it or not. I did feel Santos was a lying sleezeball but I can think of a bunch of politicians on both sides that fit that same model. Let’s see if what is good for one is good for the rest. Puts a whole new twist on majority rule, huh? Do they start from the low hanging fruit or maybe the top of the tree and work down. Everyone’s vote now means even less.
  13. I don’t know this for sure but could assume that the Hamas organization must be made up mostly of those of Palestinian heritage, yes? Where is the distinction between Hamas Palistinian’s and Palestinians that protestor want freed? They both are Palestinians. Did not this oppressed nationality vote to be governed by Hamas? Are they not two same like each in nationality? Sounds to me that they are getting what they voted for just like we are.
  14. While this suing is going on I imagine Biden and Myorkas could be sued for willingly not securing our border and any crimes or deaths that have occurred do to not securing it. Fentanyl deaths possibly could also be included. Incompetency does not exclude accountability. Those two would never get out of court and die impoverished.
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