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  1. May 2021’s Assigned Subject is “Colors of Nature” This subject encompasses any and all things having to do with colors seen in nature. As always these images must be taken during the month of May 2021 and not archived images. Keep in mind this is a family friendly forum so only post images that are suitable to that theme. So let’s see the amazing colors of nature related images we find interesting this month... let’s have fun with this!
  2. Well completed phase 3 today. Bought a 19’ G3 flats boat with Minnkota riptide and low tan s on it as well as trailer and 90 hp Yamaha 2 stroke. Every marina around the Crystal River/Homassas area when asked for their opinion on the boat they would buy for this area all said a Young if money was no object or a G3 if it was a issue. This G3 is big and wide with only a light amount of wear showing considering it’s a 2008. Now I need to find storage close to me.
  3. Well, we arrived in Florida last Sunday and our first POD was delivered last Monday.... and we have survived part one so far Second POD with 95% of our furniture arrives soon and we will learn how to cram 10 gallons of stuff in a 5 gallon bucket. Yesterday was the first day we actually had some time to come up and get some air and what did I do? Yup, looked for flats boat availability (yeah I’m a glutton for punishment). Let the hemorrhaging of money continue!!!!!
  4. I will be offline for awhile due to our move to Florida..... what a month this past 4 weeks have been but we finally up anchor this weekend for Florida. Nice to be leaving during a Nor’easter just to remind me of one of the reasons I am leaving.... See you all in awhile...
  5. Had one right next to my first 28’ POD.... it had more in it than my POD when they hauled them both out. Right now a second POD is outside waiting for movers to move the furniture we are taking with us that is left. That POD leaves this weekend when we leave. Won’t be down there till the 27th so it’s living out of a suitcase till then
  6. Yeah that could work..... Yeah I got talked out of a boat club membership by quite a few Village residents. No shortages of advice there that is for sure Only one issue with this post ... I fish NJ but do not live there (taxes far too high for me to tolerate not to mention their firearms policies would nauseate me to have to live with). I am exiting DE not Jersey but I understand your point and duly noted One thing for certain in the Villages the last two weeks I spent there... there is no shortage of out of state license plates from all over. We leave the end of the week and one POD is already down there and the other starts it’s trip down when we leave. My back is suffering, I am hemorrhaging money, and threw or gave away even more value downsizing. It’s no wonder the men die first there.... it’s the result of the initial move there breaking their hearts and souls down Getting rid of 34 years of stuff one accumulates while living in the same house has been a task as well as packing up what’s left we have room for. Funny thing of all the stuff we sold( essentially gave away) the snowblower was the last to sell. I was about to take it to the CBBT and kick it off into the bay on the way down.
  7. Not this time...... I claimed the garage here for 34 years for my motorcycles.... just sold my last one and down there the car and the golf cart have the garage. Last toy in first toy out Boat gets a Storage facility down there.
  8. I haven’t done anything as yet over there but do a 3-4 hour drive by to the area. The one state launch I saw was a primitive type launch and if it had running water I’d be surprised but as I said it was far from a in-depth look as I stopped by the boat dealer on the way back out. the 5 gallon wash may just work as a quick fix.
  9. Unfortunately the tow vehicle is a Hyundai Palasade. Washing I figured I’d do at coin spray car wash facilities. As of right now I have been online checking out storage yards close to the Villages only. Going to them is my first stop after getting moved into our home. If one has running hose water available problem is solved. I could drag the boat to our home and wash and flush it out but was asking in case someone had a similar situation and found a fix rather than driving it home then back to the storage yard. I plan on making the 54 minute drive 3 days a week to fish the King Bay Area and Homassasa. At my age anything I can do to make life easier is a plus..... this move alone has proven to me 70 is not the new 40 ...... it’s the old 70!
  10. In a few days the mid Atlantic will be in my rear view mirror and it’s off to Tarpon heaven. I’m not a big boat fan but when in Rome ... that said the home I am moving to is in a retirement community and home size is limited and the deed restriction are numerous meaning my new skiff will be kept in a storage lot outside and covered. I can deal with this I guess but I liked to freshwater flush my engine on other boats I have owned after every use when I got it home. Anyone storing their boats in storage yards figured out a easy way to flush the water jackets without driving the rig home and doing it then taking it to the storage yard afterwards each time? The skiff is 16’ long and will be wearing a 50 hp Honda outboard. The dealer recommended Honda over the others I have only owned Mercs and Chrysler’s in outboard anyone own Honda’s and have feedback on what to watch out for or favorable comments?
  11. Fiddler, there are extremely effective upsizing softwares that can retain image quality upscaling images to size able print sizes relatively easily. As Ebb said if they really want it they can take it on the net. Best insurance is to not post it.
  12. The section we saw of that area was mostly kayaks and manatee tour boats on the water around the town of Crystal River. Did not have a abundance of time to explore. I am not totally ruling out a kayak but at my age and physical condition I am looking for fish not exercise Now a Aquanami Pro jet? That is possible Was actually thinking a pair of the Aquanami’s till I read about the rock issues. It’s tough to get much info about that region. Must be like the VA eastern shore barrier island waterways are here. “If I tell ya I gotta kill ya” regions... but I usually pick one or two locations to fish and pretty much stick to those if they consistently hold fish. I am not one to leave fish to find fish. What I have read the region hold some fish year round and that sounds great to me.
  13. Well phase two of our move to Florida is picking a good platform to fish from in the waters I plan to saltwater fish for Tarpon, Reds, Seatrout, etc... Not really knowing the water system I have heard suggestions from kayaks to flats boats. There seems to be a issue with rocks and scallop beds that tend to shred fiberglass hulls from what I have read. The watercraft I have heard most recommended is a tunnel hull wide 14’ Jon Boat till one learns the water. I know that most of that system is low to no wake areas so big engines are a waste as are big long skiffs but a 14’ Jon just sounds too basic and small if I take the wife or a friend. So anyone who has spent time in that waterway have a suggestion as their ideal fishing boat for there?
  14. Well, we accepted a offer for the house up here.... We should be living in Florida before May
  15. It’s gone already... it was only a 5k watt gen... its would only run a few things. we are so far inland it would take quite a hurricane to disrupt us for long