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  1. I'm taking my son and a few of his friends out fishing Saturday afternoon in Boston Harbor on a 20' boat. Usually fish for flounder and bass. They are excited to catch a shark so I wanted see if I could put them on some dogfish. Normally I try and avoid the dogs at all costs and it's been a while since I encountered one in Boston Harbor. Based on having found them 10 years ago at Thieves Ledge I was planning on trying that. Hoping someone has a better idea for finding the dogs in the Boston Harbor area. Anyone care to share some intel on the Haba dogs with me? Never thought I'd be asking for a dog spot! My main goal is to get them excited about fishing even if I have to deal with unhooking dogs that rolled up my line Thanks!
  2. The boat should have kept your catch on ice for you!
  3. Hope everyone had a fun summer! I'm planning to fish Wildcat Knoll and/or Stellwagon this weekend and have been a bit confused by the federal fishing regulations. We plan to ground fish and also put out a live line for a tuna. It seems like there are two types of cod & haddock regs - one inside the GOM RMA and one outside of it. We're trying to figure if Wildcat or Stellwagon are inside or out. Does anyone know where they sit in terms of the regs? If one is in and the other out we may try and focus in one area instead of the other. Hopefully the weather holds enough to get out there. Also, if anyone has been out that way lately and wants to share how the fishing has been that would also be appreciated. We have our own spots and are more looking to see if bait or jigs are working and what's biting, etc. Thanks, Noah
  4. Thanks it sounds like Stellwagon is inside the RMA. Do you know if Wildcat is? that's about 20 miles east of the Wagon.
  5. They like warmer water and sun. So afternoon is great as it warms up a bit more in the PM. Moving tide is probably the biggest factor. Fished Boston a few times and it's been good flounder fishing. Using chum during slack tide allowed us to get slow but steady pick. Moving tide has been great.
  6. The flounder fishing in Boston Harbor has been really good. They are starting move out of their early Spring spots into their early summer spots a little bit ahead of schedule - probably due to the warm winter. Haven't tried for bass yet but plan to fish tomorrow (Friday 5/27) for bass and flounder with a few friends. Good luck to all!
  7. I was reviewing the MA Rec fishing tables and it looks like you can keep one cod per angler over 19" if you are on a private boat. I had thought all cod fishing was shut down so that surprised me. Does anyone know if that applies to Stellwagon or just state waters? I'm thinking of hitting up a few spots in state waters this Spring just to get out there and see we can get a little dinner. Would be good to know if the Wagon is an option. Can't wait for the stripers and flounder to get to Boston!
  8. Thank you for the replies. I Couldn't find anything on NMFS but will keep looking.
  9. Good idea I just joined on Facebook. - Noah
  10. We fished Boston Harbor on Sunday. Very rough but we did find macks near the buoys NE of Graves. There was a big blitz near the outer south channel were we picked up three bass just short of keeper size on bait and bass assassins. Fished the macks on some structure after that but no dice. Hope others did better.
  11. I'll be heading to Wellfleet this weekend and plan on taking my Dad's 16' boat out to fish in the bay. The last few times we were out we ran into squid while trying to fish for scup and sea bass. Does anyone know if there are likely to still be squid around in CC Bay Labor Day weekend? I bought some squid tackle and want to try and target them. Know where to find them so this is more of a question on whether they hang around or not. Thanks!
  12. Thanks for the advice. We did find the squid in CC Bay over Labor Day weekend. Got a few during the day on squid jigs. Two were really big and super tasty on the grill
  13. Anyone getting any squid in Cape Code Bay? I'll be heading there this weekend. Thanks!
  14. Castle Island fish pier would be worth a look. Mostly schoolies around lately. Good luck!
  15. We were anchored up over a school of big bass once and the bite was on. My buddy cut the gills and bled one out over the side. Bite turned off immediately. I can't prove the striper blood in the water turned it off but it likely had something to do with it. From now on I won't let someone bleed a bass on my boat when we are on the fish (any other time is fine). Curious if others have experienced this or if it was just a coincidence?
  16. Usually I spend my time avoiding the dogs at all costs so it feels strange to be typing this post This summer I started taking my 4 year old son fishing and he's really having fun. It makes my day that he's starting to ask to come out with me! We've only gone after flounder so far but he keeps asking about sharks. It would blow his mind if he could catch a dog fish. We fish out of Boston Harbor. I used to catch them intermittently when fishing bait off the outer ledges of Boston Harbor. The past couple of years I haven't been out as much (mostly due to having two kids) and I haven't run into them when I have been out which I was pretty happy about Does anyone know a good spot to catch dogs? He doesn't last more than four hours on the boat so I want to try and get dialed in before I make the haul to target them. I'm not into spot burning but I assume dog spots don't count. Please PM me if you are concerned or it's a spot that has other potential. I appreciate any tips. Flounder fishing has been really good in the Boston area. We've been getting them near the inner islands in about 20' of water. It's been pretty easy to avoid the "flounder fleet" by targeting soft bottom near structure. I always enjoy it more when I'm not too close to everyone else. Either we've been doing a great job finding flounder or there are just a lot of them out there - probably more of the latter. I've also found that drifting has been a little better than anchoring with chum.
  17. Thanks I appreciate all of the advice! We got rained/stormed out Sunday but I'm hoping to get him out there soon. Will try the ledges just east of the Boston islands. If we get one I'll post a picture.
  18. I just say "Fishers Island" - as far I know it doesn't exist but it sure sounds good. Sorry if there is one around here and it's someones favorite spot...
  19. Got them in 18 to 23' of water Sunday. Like others have noted - early season look for shallow water and then go deeper as it warms up. I guess both your friends know what they are talking about (or don't) depending on what the water temp is
  20. We fished for Flounder Sunday and did pretty well. There's definitely a good flounder bite on. A couple really big ones too.
  21. Fished on Friday and Sunday in the Boston area. Friday was tough - a lot of crabs and a few flounder for almost two hours of fishing the dropping tide. Sunday we fished the incoming tide and did much better. Only caught the end of the tide but got 7 in an hour of fishing (mix of drifting and anchor/chum). Picked up a few more on slack tide anchored up with chum. They were in relatively shallow water near some rocks. It should only get better!
  22. Anyone seeing squid in CC Bay yet? Thanks
  23. That's good to hear. I take my boat out there and past it to some of the ledges just east. Haven't taken out more than a mile past Graves. Glad they are around can't wait to get out there!
  24. I usually fish the Boston area but will be in Wellfleet this weekend. Want to take a few kids fishing in my dad's 17' boat. Does anyone have advice on what to target this time of year in the bay near Wellfleet? I don't need any spots but am hoping for an idea of what to go after. Since we are with kids I'm hoping to get them into something don't really care if it's squid, schoolies, etc. Thanks!
  25. Thanks for the advice everyone I will try and post on the results.