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  1. The Short Stix may not be good for GT. I tried them at the Somerset fly show with Mark Sedotti and had some conversations with him about the fish fighting abilities of the rod. At the time he said (and if he's here reading this, please correct me if I mis-remember our conversation) that the rod at its current state of development was biased more towards casting performance than fish fighting performance. At the time he was going in talks with Loomis about developing a line of Short Stix with fish fighting at the forefront of its design parameters as the next step. We left it off with the idea that I might help with the testing of some prototypes as I tangle with some larger fish from time to time.
  2. Because I'm a tarpon nut, Passion for Tarpon by Andy Mill, absolutely the most comprehensive interesting book on the silver king. Blue Water Flyfishing by Trey Combs. Amazing book, this got me into chasing pelagics on the fly.
  3. To a degree yes but not too bad. I used to bring a portable drill with me and chuck up a spool to pull the line off the reels, then hand wind them back onto the reel. If I only have to do it for the return trip (from Baja since going down there it's okay to have reels as carry on) then it's really easy as all I have to do is strip the line off with the drill and spool, and fly home with reels as carry-on then put the backing onto the reels again at my leisure before my next trip.
  4. What if you strip the line off your reels? I used to strip the line and backing off my Charlton reels (due to their value) to ensure I could carry on the reels whenever traveling within the US.
  5. The Baby Blue is their 10-12 wt. Not sure if that's what they call it now but I have a few of those sitting around.
  6. I assume you mean the Baby Blue rod? It's a good little rod for tarpon and light pelagics (albacore, black fin tuna), used it for both on a number of occasions.
  7. The foam ones were used in the movie Location X, made by the same company that produced Andy's Chasing Silver series. I've fished them and they ride very high. Crunch, I don't know what they imitate, it's the action more than anything else. If I had to guess I'd say shrimp but the best color for these toads in most conditions seems to be chartreuse and what in nature is chartreuse color that fish feed on? Not many fish aside from some fish that live around coral reefs.
  8. I would make the marabou tail a bit longer. I tie and fish them in all colors, the standard chartreuse, brown/black, purple/black, etc. I may as well admit it, this is one of my favorite all around flies for all fish, fresh and salt water. In freshwater I've caught freshwater bass (large and small mouth), carp, gar, etc, saltwater I've caught stripers, tarpon, jacks, bluefish, etc. It's one of my go-to flies especially if I'm sight casting (blind casting not so much unless I know there's fish in the area). However in the Keys I would not use it for Tarpon as they are pretty jaded unless you are talking early season poons before they are beat up on too much. During the migration the worm is the fly to use.
  9. My 9600s put up around 7.3 kg (16 #) of drag. A few summers ago I had an estimated 350# hammerhead on a 14 wt that pulled against that max drag in long continuous runs without blinking an eye (I was using 30# tippet). If I was fishing IGFA it's more than enough but if you're doing non IGFA I'd personally even more drag, to the tune of that 10-11 kg you mention. These days if I fight tuna approaching 100# I doubt I'd use IGFA anymore unless I was going to try record hunting.
  10. Sounds like something might be wrong with your drag...I can crank mine down to pretty much max drag, to the point where it won't tighten anymore, and I can loosen it no problem.
  11. I've been very disappointed with the drags on my Tibors. When my Riptide was new it could generate around 7# of drag when cranked down (the bare minimum I need for saltwater) and after a few years it couldn't generate more than 4#. This is despite relaxing the drag whenever not fishing, lubricating it with the recommended lube, and good maintenance. For big fish my Tibors are relegated to pure backup role unless I'm targeting small fish (less than 30#) then they are a primary reel (such as for bones, permit, etc).
  12. Hey S&S let me get back to you on that. Could deserve a whole 'nother thread. There is more than one area up and down the Baja Sur but the one I've fished is Loreto. Peak times vary by intended species. One guy who is a great source of info is Carl Blackledge who sometimes posts here. He frequently posts on Blanton's forum and I think he just got back from his annual trip there and posted a great trip report there. I have to call him and talk about next year there. They just had a stellar month down there.
  13. I find all of the Bluewater series to be excellent fish fighting rods. Horrible? Maybe it's just me but I find them to be nice rods, easy to cast whether the Baby, Light, Medium or Heavy Duty and excellent value for the money. I got a 350# hammerhead on the Medium a few years back and 75% of that fight was straight up and down and it did a great job. Although they cast fine for me, that's not why I use these rods. They are fish fighting tools and as such they work very well. Although I did experiment for a time with the Baby and Light duty as tarpon rods, using them for sight fishing on the flats. I thought they cast great, but they were a bit heavy for the job.
  14. Hey Mike sorry to hear that the striper fishing is not that good anymore. Myself I've mostly given up on NJ striper fishing unless it's from a boat where I can chase the fish wherever they are. Florida, even with its problems, is a much better fishery than NJ. I saw this thread and was going to suggest snook fishing but BFD beat me to it. If you want to catch 100# of fish in a day one tarpon could fill the bill for you. You could go offshore for dolphin. Another alternative, which I used to fish a lot, is Mexico, specifically the Baja Sur area for dolphin and roosters. The guide prices there are insanely cheap especially if two anglers split a guide/boat and the fish put stripers to shame in their acrobatics and love of flies. I was planning a return next year but with the 7 month old not sure if I will go, I may go with just my son and have it as a father son trip as he will be 8 by next year.
  15. Sounds like my kind of rod. I know you only fish 20# but how do you think it would do with 30# tippet?