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  1. Hey Peter should be interesting. I've always maintained (and been proven many times) that good athletes make the best casters - I'll be interested in seeing how he gets on with the casting.
  2. I used to blind cast a 12 all day lon when they were not as light as they are now. I don't these days because surf fishing isn't one of the types of fishing I do anymore, I primarily do sight casting to fish but upon occasion I've done some blind casting with heavier rods for a couple of hours at a time without a problem.
  3. That's sounds like an awesome fun way to practice casting at a moving target!
  4. I agree. I find a 12 wt to be a very easy casting rod. I also like 11 wts but the 12s are so easy to cast I'll take the extra strength of the 12 so I have enough gun for when the big one shows up.
  5. I own probably around 4 or 5 of them, they are one of my favorite rod weight classes as I find them very castable with excellent fish fighting power. I use them pretty frequently as they are my go to rod for big fish unless we're talking large pelagics (sharks > 150#, bft > 50#, etc).
  6. My condolences to friends and family. BFD's posts were always fun and educational to read. What a loss...glad he was so well known in this community that his knowledge was shared and his memory honored. Catch lots of big bones up there in the sky BFD! I hope I can wet a line with you up there one day! RIP.
  7. Get well soon BFD. I've thought about this in...I think many of us have separate lives on the internet and real life and if any of us (aside from famous types like Lefty etc) kick the bucket, unless he/she has friends on this board they communicate with directly outside of chat etc, no one will know and all will be left wondering what happened to that bloke?
  8. Just FYI I reported this post as being offensive. How dare you cast further than me, even wind assisted? The moderators will be knocking on your door very shortly to have words with you.
  9. LOL yes I'm just playing around, I was playing off of cpalms comment. I can definitely cast a bit further than 45'...
  10. Another tip...check your knot periodically. When I was practicing a lot (to the tune of 300+ casts per session and over 2,000 per season I logged into a spreadsheet over 70,000 casts...and yeah, I wore out a few fly lines, that was the season I was finally able to cast 45 ft consistently...) the knot would eventually weaken and break and the fly would come off during the cast...even though I was using chartreuse colored practice fly, in a sea of grass it was sometimes a nightmare to find. Way easier to just re-tie once in a while than search for a fly.
  11. I tie flies specifically for casting...use a 1/0 hook, tie on some synthetic material in a bright green color (so I can see it easily even in the grass), clip off the hook at the bend, file down so it's not pointy where I cut it, and use that. Yarn doesn't really simulate a fly well, I prefer the weight of a hook and some type of actual material. I used to practice religiously, logging # of casts, etc, using targets, casting into wind...but since my son's racing career has taken over my life, I'm lucky to get 1 day a week in. But like cpalms, I figure I'm ready for anything if I go out to my lawn, strip off my lawn and can double haul my way to a 30'+ cast (including leader) since most fish are caught within 35 feet anyway. Kinda sucks as I used to be able to consistently hit the 45' mark on a good day :).
  12. I use bimini knots when I'm after bluewater species that, as Local66 said, helps when I need some stretch in the rigging. For something like tarpon I don't anymore as it's not as stealthy for Keys fish, I prefer smaller less visible knots for the big 3 in the Keys.
  13. I haven't cast them back to back, I've cast the NRX 8 and 10 wt on separate occasions, and I fished the Edge rods in 8 and 10 wt in the Keys for several days. I like the Edge rods better than the NRX especially in the 8 wt. Very impressive rods, light and able to cast well close in and far out. I did not put any big fish on them so I don't know how well they fight, as far as casting they rate up there at the top of my list if I were in the market to look for some new rods.
  14. I keep them. For the time being I have plenty of room for them and the older ones I enjoy reading as it brings back memories of when I was a kid just learning about fishing. My very first fishing book was the Complete Book of Bass Fishing by Grits Gresham. I also have a pile of old Garcia Fishing Annuals that are great to leaf through.
  15. The Short Stix may not be good for GT. I tried them at the Somerset fly show with Mark Sedotti and had some conversations with him about the fish fighting abilities of the rod. At the time he said (and if he's here reading this, please correct me if I mis-remember our conversation) that the rod at its current state of development was biased more towards casting performance than fish fighting performance. At the time he was going in talks with Loomis about developing a line of Short Stix with fish fighting at the forefront of its design parameters as the next step. We left it off with the idea that I might help with the testing of some prototypes as I tangle with some larger fish from time to time.