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  1. have to see if i can get the wife to visit the shore with me in sept if you have dates, please message them to me so i can set my schedule
  2. been doing great-made some business changes, got old, stopped fishing, stepped up the hunting gotta get down to visit one of these years-miss the flings and talking with you guys. will have to hit you up if i get down to philly this year(if you are still in the area)
  3. haha-quit fishing but i still lurk here and there. hopefully there will be a bracket tournament to play with you guys.
  4. great pics!
  5. that was crazy! im in for another round and another donation.
  6. gotta go w pittsburgh also INS 1.CQ 2.Firinne - Pittsburgh 3.BillHassan 4.BillHassan1 5.BrokenHook 6.Belmo 7.CHIEF500 - STEELERS, 8.LBISurfRat 9.Glub 10.Robraz - STEELERS 11.JM 12.JM1 13.JM2 14.JM3 15.drc 16.jbaer
  7. good luck to you guys who are left-good going andy with 3 still left!
  8. i'm in. just give me paypal info.
  9. i'm also going to take Miami this week
  10. Arizona for me this week
  11. robraz1 pittsburgh robraz2 houston
  12. i'm in for 2. thanx for the reminder. how's everybody doin' out there?
  13. WOW! amazing 4 guys are still alive. good goin' guys
  14. please post VIKINGS for me
  15. INS CQ p Firinne - Green Bay LBI SurfRat BrokenHook JM13 JM131 CHIEF500 - BENGALS, Glub DMcLeod robraz - PACKERS g2h