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  1. I didn't think I'd be 10 miles out either but I broke off and in the time it took to tie 3 knots and re-rig the tide and wind had taken me so far out I couldn't see land.What was predicted to be a day of 1-2' waves fishing near-shore changed into a whole 'nuther thing,was very glad I had an appropriate yak to be riding on,took 4-5' waves like a hot knife through butter,the jackson has a very broad bow,not meant for any kind of waves. Don't forget a hand held or portable gps,fog,tides and wind can wreck your plans or get you killed in a heartbeat .The ocean,even near/inshore is not to be underestimated if you're coming from a FW environment.I would not go out on open water w/o a rudder as the wind can be hard to overcome if it's blowin hard from one side.
  2. I have a jackson too,broad and stable in flat water but a barge to paddle and not maneuverable at all.In SW if you have any tide or wind working against you you are in for a serious workout. Also,lacking a rudder will make you work even harder if the wind or tide are against you. I also have an OK for the ocean and it would be my choice vs the jackson which is a FW/flatwater kayak,IMO...I've been 10 mi offshore in the OK,made it back through 4-6' waves,the jackson couldn't have done that as the bow is not made for taking any kind of waves.
  3. quick! buy all the guns and meat you can bcz the dems will take it all away as soon as they can! f'in paranoid R idiots
  4. Northern pike have markings on their tails,this fish doesn't. Grass pickeral.
  5. yeah,that's what this guy did,hooked topwater out in open water he initially ran me into my backing before dogging the bottom,possibly the longest fight of any fish I've hooked,beast of a fish,his head was as big as idea how long or what he weighed,quick click and back in the water
  6. too bad we don't have a laughing emoji....
  7. Right? I miss fishing for them.Looking for the tiny dorsals sticking out of the water and leading them 8-10' w/ a popper or squid...BAM! Bada$$ gamefish IMO,never understood why they were so disrespected.
  8. that was an awesome spot on a SW wind...
  9. Lol,I was too easily seen w/ that other one,muggings were regular in Jersey... Will have to wait to see SW stripes,gonna have to content myself w/ catching them out of the Ohio River near the hydro dams,lots of big rocksand a hot fish will cost you a line if you don't keep it in order in a basket when they go to take off. Couple of "local" fish and the old basket glowing in the background of a trip to CC in the days of the tub...I think that's your gray basket in the background
  10. Yes,specificallly,one that is gong to seed.The hormonal change involved in flowering(yes,those are "flowers") causes it to grow differently.Cut the flowering stem off and it will go back to "normal".
  11. I've gone stealth...courtesy the cute lil mgr lady at a local retail outlet.
  12. It's not so much the rod but your casting style that should determine what line. Are you an aggresive caster? Nail it to the wall w/ every cast w/ minmal false casting? Something w/ a short head might work well for you.Cortland Compact,RIO OBS and SA Titan. Intermediate caster,fish shorter lengths(under70'),like to be able to hold your cast in the air w/o the line "collapsing"? A longer head such as the SA Titan long or RIO striper line could be the ticket. Longer heads are more forgiving of casting errors and short heads require more precise timing.
  13. bcz you shouldn't even pull a fish that size outta water let alone stick your fingers in it's gills and hoist it in the air...
  14. never liked costas "big water" tint's, Smiths are more fisherman friendly,easier to see through the water w/ copper than blue or green
  15. you aint haulin you aint cuttin it bro,this is SW ,not creek fishing there are zero flyshops near IBSP you've gotten some good advise here,not sure why you feel you gotta check w/ a baitshop