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    playing music live(rock,country,blues),flyfishing,raising asils,travelling to fish...
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  1. a tenant stood on the faucet for the tub,broke it off and didn't tell me...the bath/kitchen dwnstrs was destroyed as was the upstairs where it broke, had to tear out all the old lath and what was left of the plaster,2 buckets of mud and multiple sheets of drywall later;don't look too bad if I do say so myself.Wish I wouldn't'a had to do THAT in the first place but that rental forced me to learn all sorts of stuff I'm not naturally inclined toward. Re;OP,ain't nothin wrong w/ having a trade or multiple skill sets, good on those kids!
  2. wknd worrier? does that mean you don't give a **** the rest of the week? maybe wknd warrior?
  3. uh,that's still not inertia,that's resistance inertia is what keeps it moving after the initial force is applied reel makers are to blame for this misconception as they have been calling resistance "inertia" in their reel promo's for some time now,they need to go back to school or get a dictionary before they start using some of them dollar words...
  4. wonder how fragile/impact resistant they are?
  5. Lake Okeechobee run off w/ all the excess nutrients and fertilizer runoff, cyanobacteria and dinoflagellates overproduce...but that's just a guess as much as any other reply here
  6. A leader I've used for over 40 yrs on intermediate lines; 3' of40lb,2' of 30lb,a #8 Spro swivel,30-36" tippet 10 wt and above becomes 50lb,40lb for the butt an actual butt section really does help turn over a bulky or heavy fly... vs 6' of 20lb the swivel keeps ya from chopping into the butt section and easier to retire when replacing a tippet as well as keeping your line from twisting while casting...the fish never notice,I even tie droppers off it
  7. that's what I have,the 10"...awkward handle length for 8" of cooking surface
  8. do you mean resistance? inertia would be the force that keeps the spool spinning after the initial pull lack of resistance is good,an easy to turn/crank spool is how it's s'posed to work
  9. so,they're s'posed to get all black?ahhhh,OK,thought I was messing it up maybe, using sear-type heat
  10. you may be surprised to find that many are more about a non-stick surface than the finish on the food,although a well-tempered iron is pretty much non-stick, but they'll never know that cast iron all day,foolin around w/ carbon steel but not convinced yet
  11. just calling it like I see it I hire multiple seasonal hires every year and the younger kids drop like flies as soon as it gets hot..."damn,that's too much like work" is the most common phrase I hear as they walk out the door the Honduran tree crew we have on contract to help w/ maintenance has some of the hardest working dudes I ever seen,I'd take one of them over the knuckleheads I end up w/...I just cant understand them and vice-versa
  12. Mine too, but after WWII. They worked in trades they brought w/ them and started businesses,paid taxes,bought a house,raised families,basic stuff we as humans should have some kinda right to. The "factory jobs" these days are field labor or slaughterhouses.
  13. under the same canopy,mooching is not acceptable under any circumstance but I hear the most bitching from white folks...at least where I live no PR's here but plenty of the other we have a lot of Hondurans here for some reason(SW Oh),little,itty-bitty guys who bust ass all day
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