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  1. playboy crapped out a few years back but they're coming back,maybe we need a centerfold of a big fish...
  2. don't have one in any of my boxes...meh
  3. awww man,that's tough,nice tribute,sorry for your and your kids' loss,rest in peace
  4. what else ya need besides a good tube amp....?
  5. That Owner is like the OMTD but w/ a shorter neck. I like the cuts in the shank,helps hold materials in place w/ toothy fish that like to chew.The OMTD has two.A conehead or countersunk bead makes a great weight and causes the hair to flare out for a bigger profile when you push it up to the bend and doesn't turn it into a jig.That weight gives the fly a bit of extra impetus on the strip and it keeps swimming forward after you stop and if you tie a deerhair head it will swim to the side on each stop,presenting a broadside profile to the fish. These were tied w/ a tung bead on the shank and an OMTD and swim to the side on the stop,sort of an underwater walk-the-dog.I can drag them through the worst pile of sticks and slop and come up clean.
  6. tippet is from the last knot to the fly,shock or bite leaders excepted leader is what you tie/loop on from mainline,in spinning/casting it's generally one length of your choice and for flies it is usually a compound taper,such as 3' of 40lb,2' of 30lb to 3'(your tippet) of 20 for a general SW leader
  7. Best one I've found so far,super weedless w/ room to tie,Tackle Warehouse is where I get them from 1/0-6/0.they're OMTD finesse worm hooks,also VMC XLG XL Wide Gap is another good one.I weight them w/ a large brass or tungsten slotted bead strung on backward,you'll probably have to force it over the barb if aren't a barbless guy. The one on the L is the VMC and the other is the OMTD. They are both almost impossible to snag unless you wrap them on a branch,they won't snag the point
  8. I'd agree w/ the warming up,not mating as regardless of species there are certain body movements that indicate spawning (fish "shuddering" as milt or eggs are released) that are not exhibited and,as is understood,bluefish spawn offshore. I will reiterate from my post of several years ago;I've never had them refuse a floating squid pattern.
  9. Those fish were caught in the early AM but I've used poppers at all hours of the day and in many conditions,except when it's wavey as that kills the action. Poppers are a good way to cover the water fast when you're looking for fish as they draw fish from a great distance bcz of the noise.Even if it's not getting hit watch for the swirls and the fish behind it to see what you've got to cast to.It's also a good way to draw fish closer to you if they are scattered as they are very competitive and will react positively to other fish chasing it.You'll often see them swirl on the fly several times before they take it.When they take wait to actually feel their tug before you set the hook;if you strike when they take you'll pull it out of their mouth before they turn. You'd be surprised how long a fish holds on to a popper,had them go on good runs and be fought before they simply open their mouth and let it go,esp true w/ blues.If it's a good fish set the hook multiple times to get a hookset so they aren't just clamped down on it as bigger fish will hold on so tight it makes it hard to pull the hook into a hookset. Only on rare occasions do I do the classic LMB retrieve of cast,let it sit forever and give a slow twitch back.I tend to fish them fast and aggressively,think how plug guys fish topwater.A snappy TH retrieve is generally best but it pays to vary the action if hits aren't forthcoming.
  10. I do/used to before lockdown and can't wait to go back but I'm gonna see what they do about distancing and sanitation.So many ppl never wiped down the benches after sweating on them for 1/2 an hour,gonna carry an atomiser full of Oxine and spray everything near me. We're pretty lucky in terms of how we've been affected,15 deaths in a county of 500,000,could be a lot worse.
  11. you're missing out,topwater is very effective for stripers and a ton of fun watching it happen on top
  12. don't overlook back bays this time of year,they warm up quicker than the ocean and you usually will have more water to yourself,fish a moving tide,last 2 hrs of high and the outgoing,large sand flats that bake in the sun all day before flooding w/ 4' of water in the afternoon are prime spots early in the year as the heated sand warms the water and draws bait/fish,fish those on the drop as it takes a bit for the cold ocean water to soak up the heat from the sand,all I ever do is flyfish and if they are there I'll catch them but you could use soft plastics or stickbaits to imitate the sandeels,mummichogs,baby flounder and silversides that are back there, grass shrimp are a significant part of early stripers diets in spite of how small they are as they are very active this time of year,at high tide on a calm night you'll hear them poppin shrimp,esp on the outgoing as it pulls them out of the grass,topwater stuff is also very good in the bays this time of year too
  13. Can't say any particular one,lots of good options. Much respect,you're doin it right...
  14. they make solar powered electric fence/defense systems. no top on the fenced enclosure? an invite for winged or 4-footed predators. nice build.
  15. thread wraps in various colors at the finish to differentiate weight works for me