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  1. Peter makes a point that has long been a contention of mine; that fast action,stiff rods exacerbate/cause a lot of problems w/ the joints in your arm.
  2. flawed study and they even admit it...
  3. I knew about the Thurmond thing but had no idea about Sharptons connection...
  4. Used to do that on my cap.Now I have some 2x4s' dressed as carpeted bunks on a trailer that I bolt on in the spring and remove in the fall....a lot more secure for long rides.
  5. Common mistake I have been guilty of as well. It is an old saying among commercial tyers,"before the fly can catch a fish it has to catch the angler",implying that eye appeal has a lot to do with what motivates anglers to buy/use a fly.But you can't know sometimes till you try and to that end I have discovered that hard-shelled shrimp and craw patterns get out-fished by soft bodied patterns. I have a sneaking suspicion that part of the effectiveness of soft patterns is that they absorb scents/flavors from the environment in which they are being fished. As silver stoat noted, higher in the water column can be key.I like to grease all but the last 2-3' of my leader w/ silicone fly dressing to keep things on top and to allow my leader to act as an indicator.
  6. My parents paid for lessons for all my siblings but for me bcz I wanted to play electric guitar,and,in particular,a Strat.Had to wait till I was 26 and got divorced till I got that Strat. Plinked along till then on an acoustic but the electric really lit a fire under my butt.Played lead in classic rock, blues and country bands since the late 80's. At 60 y/o I'm still playing,still have the Strat....and a Tele along w/ a few nice tube amps.Heck,I even still have a band where I write all our music,play lead/rhythm and sing! We're on YT under the Southern Ohio Boys...several live recordings from 3 yrs ago,first time we played out and to a packed house... still had a rhythm gtr player then. Here's a rough mix of a song of recent vintage about that travellin/ fishin jones....
  7. Shrimp have been on my radar as a go-to pattern for spring fishing for the last 10 yrs or so. I've tried a bunch of different patterns ,all the classics,and the one thing the most effective ones have in common is being tied w/ soft,translucent,motile materials and that the level of "realism" doesn't matter as much as how the fly behaves and looks in the water. I learned that lesson tying nymphs for trout 45 years ago and its still true about soft impressionism;the rough,ratty hares ear caught more fish than the anamatomically correct fly I labored over for 30 min. A slower rate of sink is also desirable so you can let the fly dead drift w/having it snag bottom .On the left is one w/a piece of foam as a lip to help it plane up and keep it up out of the weeds. While they may dart about quite adeptly at times they are more likely to be drifting w/ the current on an outgoing tide,don't overwork them or you'll likely get all smaller fish.
  8. When you say "minnow" do you mean that as a generic term for baby fish or in reference to the family Cyprinidae,ie,true minnows? Cyprinids (carp,chubs,dace,suckers,shiners) have only pharyngeal teeth,none in their mouth.Something besides a minnow? Silversides do have teeth but they're not minnows,more closely related to smelt. Good story,just trying to register the facts as presented...
  9. Anybody remember when Oprah got tested? She swore she was a Zulu princess(fyi,Zulu are tall,Oprah is a fireplug) and it turned out she was %27 white....truth hurts?
  10. Grass shrimp and sand shrimp are most common but I haven't found much of the latter. The grass shrimp are speckled w/ small black spots and greyish or grey-tan ground color.Earlier in the season is when I've had the best luck w/ them,May into the middle June,esp in estuaries. At night they'll often be near the surface and you can hear fish poppin on them as the tide draws them out of hiding.A deer-hair pattern is good then to be near the surface but most of the time I like something w/ some translucence like estaz or angora goat and wrap or two of speckled waterfowl hackle for legs.They're on the small side too so don't get to carried away w/ size.I don't think I've ever seen one more'n 1 3/4" so a # 4 or 6 hook is about all you need. Bays and estuaries seem to be where I find them the most and the fish know it too. Cast "upstream" on an outgoing tide and let the current bring it back to you w/ only enough movement to keep tight.Grease your leader butt to see strikes,like w/ nymph fishing for trout.Light takes and it's fun to barely see your line twitch only to set up on a keeper size fish. In still water cast along grasslines, sodbanks and at the mouths of drains into the estuary.
  11. squid are 2/3 body and 1/3 tentacle,not to say your fly won't catch but it looks more like a fish than a squid,try using a long shank spinner bait hook,Owner 5103,5192 or VMC 7250
  12. Wow,fat hen (see tail damage from digging gravel),nice job on the Cn'R!
  13. quit letting chesapeake bay anglers keep 5 fish @ 18"+
  14. I live 9 hours from the nearest SW and they started showing up about 10 yrs ago.Parking lot gulls,go figure....