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  1. being that it's SOL and in the context of this conversation,bass n' blues,but I use 3-5/0 hooks locally for SMB all the time
  2. Wax worms are not found in any rivers,lakes or streams until anglers put them on a hook and cast them in.Bcz they are an insect larvae w/ guts they will have a smell/flavor the fish might find attractive,but,as a fly they have no stronger degree of attraction than any other random fly you could choose....I'd be more inclined to throw something the fish might recognize,like a caddis or such. If you're fishing for fresh stockers it probably doesn't matter what you throw as long as it looks like a pellet.
  3. Water temps of 55 deg F and above are what you're looking for there,so probably around mid-April(although fish will show earlier if temps allow) and into May.March will probably be winter flounder.... at best. N end on the outgoing,otherwise, around in back from the sod banks.Poppers,clousers and deceivers.
  4. I cant say I see any reason to use anything but a spliced loop for backing .
  5. banana a day keeps them away...seriously,if I don't eat them daily it happens every time I lie down ,something about the minerals in them
  6. While I do like to use an I line on occasion,esp for my biggest poppers, a full floater would be my preference. What line in particular really doesn't matter at all as long as it's a SW taper,although the RIO OBS and SA Titan are what I currently have spooled. If I'm using a floater I like to dress the leader and first 15' of line so that the fly is more responsive instead of being dragged down by the leader or line tip sinking.When the popper gets closer,like around 40' or less you can make it jump off the surface w/ a good snap,a deal closer on hesitant blues.
  7. don't get too hung up on colors,squid come in all kinds of colors and shades,although,personally like peach colored rabbit strips and rootbeer bucktail or all tan rabbit/bucktail
  8. sadly,probably won't be there,not enough big fish any more to justify the long drive and 2wk stay,I can catch more big stripes in a mornings fishing on the Ohio R than going to the ocean for 2 wks....that's just pitiful AF
  9. niiiice!
  10. I keep a tow strap for my buddies who say their AWD can go where my 4WD can while losing exhaust parts being high centered or can't get out of a mudhole,but you're right,you're waaay faster gettin there!
  11. the one I got 350K+ was too,same issue as well. the 4L kicks booty,the '07 w/ the 4L and the 410 gear and the '11 is a 4L 373,I like the 410 better,lot more torque,better towing and more top end
  12. A hatchet.Works for me. I keep a modest piece of plank wood in the kitchen to take the blows so's I don't chop up my maple counter top.
  13. 3L?
  14. yes....
  15. Has anyone ever been checked in SW? not me....