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  1. I think it depends on where you're puttin on your miles.SW fishing is easy on waders, even a cheap pr will be good but a couple days,let alone a season (or seasons), steelheading puts them through their paces.I went through two pr of simms and there was a lot of aquaseal involved in their short lives.Comfortable,they fit great, but leaked constantly. I've never had a seam leak on Pats,every other brand has, including my very last pr of simms which leaked right out of the box and they said it was my fault...f them.
  2. Took ya this long to figure it out,eh,lol? gave up on simms 20 years ago...lame then,lamer now. Strictly Pats these days,far superior warranty and customer service to simms std rhetoric of"it's your fault".The Pats have a handy suspender clip that lets ya drop your waders to take a leak w/o having to unbuckle or even removing your jacket...nice on a cold day. My biggest issue w/ waders is neoprene compression from walking lots of stream miles in pursuit of steelhead;the sole gets so compressed it is no longer waterproof.Patagonia replaced the neoprene booties 4X over a period of almost 8 yrs as well as repaired a hole I had caused/worked on but they stitched it up w/ a patch that held for 4 yrs+. Happy Thanksgiving!
  3. I use the OMTD hooks as needed,brush-fields,wood-filled water,shallow/rocky areas,weed beds,or emergent weeds;it never snags.You can make your own doing the bending using two pair of pliers and a stinger style hook,like the gami B10. Super sharp hook but in spite of that I seem to have more missed fish w/ them and any of these styles of hooks. The biggest problem,to me,w/ the wide gap hooks in general is suicidal youngsters that get hooked in a critical location as noted earlier in this thread,esp SMB and stripes as they are head hitters and a small fish will end up w/ a huge hook someplace not good on his face.
  4. you mean when 'rona had us cooped up indoors,nobody using gas going anyplace and lack of demand causing a drop in prices? sick ppl dying is def worth cheap gas
  5. it's all made of cartilage,not bone like,well,bony fish...
  6. SB are head hitters,not tail nippers like salmon and trout,which is what flies w/ trailer hooks are for. Size of the flies you're probably gonna be throwing the whole fly will likely be inhaled,good way to end up w/ throat/gut hooked fish...
  7. simms has the aluminum star cleats that work esp well on bare granite/basalt (the "black" stone used on NJ/NY jetties),but,yeah,aluminum for bare rock,hard steel studs just skate
  8. none of those reels are peerless,even the Mako I'll stick to my old-school Bauers for reliability and service-ability but I'll pull out the Hatch for the bigger/stronger fish
  9. I put in 5/8" sheet metal screws .... use the same for my winter steelhead boots
  10. 1 1/2X rod length line out the tip,bring 'em in:SOP.Less'n that and you can't grab them w/o choking up on the blank...accident waiting to happen. I typically use a 10' rod but built a couple 8' bcz theyre easier to stash w/o breaking them down,not necessarily any easier to land. A net makes life a lot easier,esp w/ a 3' handle.
  11. I have one of the orginals,can't complain.Solid drag,#7 deep spool takes 9 wt I line and 200yds of 30lb dacron.Whipped some big fish w/ this one. Can't self-service but I've never had a problem.
  12. IBSP,sand eel run 0f 2011/12...
  13. I'm done w/ them.First,cracking running line,then, opaque heads. Cortland Compact Intermediate since 2015 on my 8wt. Mono core.Don't like gsp core,mono core casts farther more easily if you learn how to take advantage of it's stretch.Very tough coating,takes nail knots well...unlike the rio. They have an all clear and camo short head line too. I use the 15' clear tip they have a LOT these days,although, it's 37' head.Then again,it's all rivers these days,haven't hit salt since 2018. Slightly thicker running line bcz it's floating. $89 for the line.
  14. I've been using that same "fat" handle shape and taper for the last 20 years on all my rods.The hand moves to the upper grip for fighting as you hold your rod differently than when casting (more like holding an oar vs a hammer handle like when casting) I hate small handles w/ a passion,cramps the hands. Spring here is verrrry late in coming;things that should've already happened are concurrent w/ later occurrences.
  15. Same. In spite of being one of the first "large arbor" designs, Jon Bauer got it right pretty much the first time.The "Telecaster" of reels. On a whim I bought a used Hatch on the BST's had it's problems.