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  1. A couple of good ones on Staten Island, Billy 40 and Marco from PPW
  2. Sent you a PM. I will be in NJ tonight.
  3. Great. I will PM you a meeting spot.
  4. Tough to take good pics of 9' blanks indoors!! Took it out of the plastic wrap for the pics. Looks straight to me, maybe a slight curve near the tip, maybe not. Blank looks perfect. $125 cash picked up in Staten Island. I can meet near the Outer Bridge if that makes it easier. Last pictures shows a slight bens to the left
  5. Edited. Double post.
  6. Sorry for the delay in replying. I do have the 108 1m blank if you are still interested. Matt
  7. I might have a blank. I will check tonight. I am located in Staten Island.
  8. Yes, thats the model. It was my first plugging rod. I will PM.
  9. Thinking 75 picked up?
  10. I have one. decent condition. I'm in Staten Island if you want to see it.
  11. OK, NP. Good luck with your sale. Matt
  12. Respectfully offer $100 cash picked up in Brooklyn.
  13. Mike and I go back to 1995 -- I was a young prosecutor in Staten Island and he was a seasoned defense attorney. I learned much from him in court, then much when we discovered our shared passion for fishing. Mike, I'm happy for you and I wish you the best, just sad not to have seen you in the last few years. I'll tell Bill and the rest that you're doing well. Matt
  14. I just gave it a try and all was good.