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  1. Rod is sold to Trialesquire, thread is closed. Thank you TimS
  2. Ok sold to trialesquire pending meeting up and payment. I will PM you my cell number. Matt
  3. I am in Oakwood (near Gateway), but I can meet up near the Outer Bridge if that makes it easier for you. Sunday will certainly work. Matt
  4. Closed.
  5. I fish LI from time to time. I will try to get out for a trip one day this week. I will let you know. Matt
  6. Absolutely. I’m in Brooklyn quite often, in fact I am probably going to be in Downtown Brooklyn tomorrow afternoon. I will put the rod in my car if you are interested you can meet me and check it out
  7. Older blank, probably purchased @ 10 years ago. $120.00 picked up in Staten Island.
  8. 1 piece 8’ 1/2 - 2 oz. Used but good condition. Good rod for light plugging/ wade fishing. $100.00. Picked up in Staten Island.
  9. $100 picked up in Staten Island. I probably bought this in 1995. It is used, in good shape. Ferrule is a bit scraped, as per the photo, but still connects well.
  10. I have a 1 piece Lami 116 HC rated 6-16 oz. Rod is conventional, 11’6”. I purchased it from Fisherman’s HQ many years ago. It has been used only a few times over the years and is in excellent condition. Asking $225.00 picked up in Staten Island.
  11. A couple of good ones on Staten Island, Billy 40 and Marco from PPW
  12. Sent you a PM. I will be in NJ tonight.
  13. Great. I will PM you a meeting spot.