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  1. Sorry man, some people are just ridiculous. Great catches and great job on the releases.
  2. Still haven’t set any yet. Lol
  3. Fish ID on what kind of sea ray, caught around Sow and Pigs on the outer reefs. Blackish in color.
  4. How’s your season so far? Seems to really have work for them this year, the south side of BI has been hit or miss but there’s tons of big dogfish and skates.
  5. Fished the south side of BI and towards the windmills, tons of huge dogfish all day and it became a nuisance. Couldn’t escape them, ended the day with 1 barely keeper fluke, few sea bass and 3 big bonus cod. 75-10” ft of water, bucktails with gulb and dead sticking 3 way fluke rigs.
  6. I usually wait until the water gets warmer in mid July before trying. SIM, hope your back gets better.
  7. Started the AM fishing SW Ledge, plenty of schoolies Bass and blues. Switched over to fluke fishing the south side, 70-80 ft was the depth that we had luck. Fish ranged from 20”-27”, 27” in pic below. Didn’t bother going for cod since we were having fun fluking.
  8. I love blue crabbing with the chicken on a string method. Sit back have a few cold ones, it’s a nice change of pace.
  9. Nice, fishing there tomorrow for bass, fluke and cod.
  10. It’s your choice be self employed but to make a blanket statement that BFS work harder than others is false. But continue to self inflate your ego if that makes you feel better.
  11. Tough bite today, had to really work to get a 2 man limit but they were big.
  12. Launched out of Winthrop today, tons of micros between Long Island and Deer Island flats. Founder fishing was sloooww.
  13. Wow, impressive!
  14. Nice, I’ll be out this weekend launching out of Winthrop.
  15. Really dude? Does it have to be really spelled out to you to know the obvious?? They’re being harrased because they’re being accused of poaching. SMH.
  16. Why is it silly when they are being accused of poaching? They have every right to fish as the law allows.
  17. Delicious.
  18. He’s from Jersey?? Now it all makes sense. Haha.
  19. I’ll take it next if bobber doesn’t buy it.
  20. Hi, I’ll take it for $310 shipped to MA. Paypal family/friends? Sent you a PM.
  21. Hi, I’ll take it for $310 shipped to MA. Paypal family/friends?
  22. Ok, thanks. Now I understand why you feel you superior over others. We’re not worthy.