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  1. Where about so I don’t go there on Sunday. Lol
  2. If this doesn’t motivate you to buy a boat....lol
  3. I’m heading out today for a few hours after work, boat’s been sitting for a month so it will a cruising ride until I can find them.
  4. Thanks Capt. Looks like there’s s good waters in that area for this weekend.
  5. Launching out of Westport Sat, anyone been out by Coxes or further south to the Dump for mahi lately? I was thinking about heading further south to the lanes if needed.
  6. Any luck in upper Buzzards Bay?
  7. They suck! Lol
  8. Splashing the boat guys afternoon and fishing into the evening l, should I fish the backside Race Point or the bayside? TIA
  9. I wasn’t trashing the launch site, I was merely warning others to be vigilant and not to leave your boat unattended too long if you’re solo.
  10. I’m not sure about their car but the description matches the couple. I remember the girl was a bottle blonde and dark hair male, brownish.
  11. You’re right, I should have reported it. I’ve used that ramp many times before, first time something like this happened.
  12. I solo launched Monday night evening, left my boat to park my truck. Two people (guy and girl) starting waking fast down the ramp towards my boat not knowing I was behind them waking towards my boat. They were about to board my boat and I’m assuming looking to steal gear/rods but quickly stopped abruptly pretending to look/started pointed aimless at the water when they say me. They left immediately after that encounter. Thats brazen considering the Harbormaster and the Winthrop police frequent that parking lot.
  13. Fish deep.
  14. Yeah, it was strange. Hardly marked any fish any fish at the mouth too. Not too many boats out that night.