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  1. Going to try out luck tomorrow in Boston Harbor. Anyone been out?
  2. Looks excellent. Care to share your batter recipe? Thanks!
  3. Received mine today, Thanks Henry.
  4. I’ll take one, PM sent.
  5. Any reports of rec tuna around Peak Hill/Golf Ball into the lanes as of late? I’m leaning towards running East, waiting on a few reports from friends.
  6. Hey man, I tried to reply but your inbox is full.
  7. I’ll be out East on Friday. I really want to go togging but rec tuna has been too good to switch over.
  8. Very nice. Was it an easy process?
  9. Come on, are they getting that bad? Haha
  10. Gotcha, thanks. I’m either fishing East or heading south of the lanes Saturday. Good Luck.
  11. Thanks Charlie, appreciate it.
  12. Lol, you know “it”…