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  1. Disregard
  2. If you decide to ship let me know
  3. Anyone??
  4. No but as the above poster mentioned. I am looking at YouTube and Mud Hole. I am going to give it a go. Probably order stuff and put it under tree. January project. If it goes well I may attempt more
  5. Looking to buy or at least if I can afford one. Let me see what's out there
  6. Is this left hand retrieve? Looks like it but wanted to confirm
  7. I was hoping to see the 7ft. Guides look like you said well used. I live in MA. I see price reflects that but to spend 200 on a rod that I don't need is that I can't look at is something I am not ready to do.
  8. any rod building classes around? I am in Plymouth and would like to build a few 7 ft 1 pc rods
  9. Where sre you located?
  10. I will have to dig out the trout. I have somewhere around 40-50 Mahi's both old and new. My favorite pattern
  11. I may have a mahi or two. I may have brown trout peanut too!!
  12. Saw it in west marine? I see ppl posting about using yamalube. I was curious as corrosion blocker sounds like a good thing