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  1. I just got off phone. Woman was very pleasant. Said 3 to 5 days in the mail with new registration. Wished me a happy new year and said thank you for my patience!!
  2. I have just noticed RN license plates on the road. They started collecting signatures in 2017. Wasn't that about the same time we started getting signatures for striper plates. Hopefully a sign ours are coming soon!!
  3. I wonder how many ppl have different vehicles since they signed up!! That must be the issue!!
  4. All I want for Christmas are my license plates!!
  5. I will take it!!
  6. I used them, lots of hits hook up ratio for me was not great!! I played around at little with positioning amount hook point exposed but never found sweet spot
  7. Makes me laugh to see reels in display cases!! Kind of hard to catch fish when not on a rod!! Expensive paper weights!!
  8. Why are you selling? I love my stradics and sustains?
  9. Tight lines Bill
  10. $150 shipped 02360
  11. Pic please
  12. Would you take $450. I can meet yiu at Monahans Sat
  13. I think I paid 40 ea. Plus shipping