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  1. How do I get on that call list? Nice job!!
  2. Is their a spinning rod suitable for both jigging and casting/popping? The jigging rod I picked up seems stiff for casting. It would be nice to have a rod I could use for bot. Thx
  3. My wifes family is in Belmar. I dont think she or I are going to be down there until July. If it doesn't move reach out to me later and I will grab this. Thx Chris
  4. If you want to defer some costs you could offer up a couple spots on a site like this for $200 a head to fill the boat.
  5. I need a new set of grunden bibs. I was going to go there. Have they already closed?
  6. Same body just different spool size
  7. I like it. can I get a ballpark cost? $1000-1500? Thx
  8. Ray who makes the casting support on the bow?
  9. I have seen and heard of people loading red fins. What about loading bombers or crystal minnows? Anyone done this? Successful? If so what did you load them with water or BB's? Thx
  10. That was the plan. I will take it. Thx
  11. Where you located?
  12. Where are you located? I am in Plymouth
  13. Where in Ma
  14. For that I would rather keep it in my library. If you are near by I would consider letting you read it!!