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  1. You ever come up to cape cod
  2. I will take the star rod
  3. Best price?
  4. Dont have winch but I like top and bottom plugs. Anything else you are looking for?
  5. 300 for the pair can pay immediately
  6. If I can use venmo I will take it
  7. I will take Raptors
  8. Ferret where are you located? I am interested in Avet and possibly the popping rod!
  9. I think I have original brown trout peanut somewhere. I will look
  10. You ever make it up to Massachusett
  11. Any other Mahi themed plugs out there?
  12. I will take it!
  13. Still interested!!
  14. I have the RMs. Are the bigger ones Eurojetts?