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  1. No - I hear you! I havent been the one keeping this post alive. lol But I must say it has been quite humorous in some of the replies. Agreed its a lot more simple than Ive made it. Orange juice bottle is the winner. thanks.
  2. No for peeing in the bottle when your stuck on the road or in traffic. There are so many bottles made specifically for the auto purpose wide mouths and they all leak which really makes no sense if you ask me.
  3. Yeah I hear you, I am overthinking it. My kids drink orange juice with a wide mouth top (small water bottles aint gonna cut it) and Ill just use those and then throw them out, no cleaning or anything.
  4. Thanks for the great ideas. I will get started and see what works best.
  5. I like to carry large plastic bottles with wide lids in the car in case of "emergencies" especially for long rides with the kids. I have purchased several different bottles for this purpose and they all leak badly! I was wondering if there is any material that I can cut and force into the lid that will act as a gasket when once the lid is screwed on. I saw a video on youtube where someone used the bottom of a Styrofoam cup but these lids are larger diameter and are too big. Any ideas appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Thank you
  7. Thanks. Will check 'em out.
  8. Thanks. I should probably let my wife handle it as well! I've just had some many bad experiences buying cars I'm really looking for an alternative and thought a no-haggle place was the way to go but I guess that isnt the case.
  9. Well, I don't think of myself as a sucker but consider the responses I'm getting, it does make me realize that there really aren't many no-haggle dealers around, so maybe that is exactly why! Anyway, thanks for the very positive responses.
  10. I agree that the pricing tends to be somewhat higher but I feel like its a price I'd pay rather dealing with some liar and cheater like I have done before many times.
  11. Hi All. I've purchased my last car -Subaru at Bill Kolb in Rockland County which was "no haggle" pricing. I like the experience overall, just not sure if I want another Subaru. I cant seem to locate any other dealers in the area that are also no-haggle. Been thinking about Honda so if anyone knows of a somewhat local (NY area) Honda dealership I would appreciate it. Thanks!
  12. Wow - you learn something new every day. I thought it was some sort of alien remnant. lol I happen to have a few caltrops so I immediately understood what you meant there! Thank you for the replies!
  13. Haven't been on her in a while. Can someone tell me what this is? I assume it from a tree or something. Had one go almost into my foot with the spikes when I was fishing Jones Beach area a couple of weeks ago. Saw another along the Hudson River yesterday. These things are dangerous so just curious. Thanks.
  14. Thanks for your reply. I think my basement seems like a good idea, although it is kind of small. My backyard is just so open and I can just see people calling the police on me or something. I live in a very "anti-sportsman" area. I recently had someone call the cops on me because my brother in law came over and parked in the driveway so that he blocked the sidewalk about a foot with his car and someone went off. Its a funny thing since I can't even take my kids around the block to ride their bikes because the sidewalks are so busted up but no one seems to mind that!.
  15. My 6 year old son has developed interest in in archery ( he has a tiny Bear recurve that he practices with) and would like to try a compound bow. My question is this: We live in Upper Westchester county and while we do have a backyard, it is not big and it wouldnt be safe, based on the close proximity of neighbors. Are there any options as to where he can practice? I believe the ranges are for kids 9 and above. Is there anywhere where we can practice safely and somewhat privately? Thanks!