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  1. Thanks. No trigger fortunately.
  2. Thanks. That makes sense because production rods that are not "spined" would be breaking all the time then I guess. And I never heard of that happening.
  3. Can I use a 9 foot Lamiglas GSB 1081M rod that was customer made for casting as a spinning rod or will the spine adjusted for guides facing up cause a problem? The guides themselves(especially the stripper guide) are big enough to accommodate braid so that shouldn't be a problem. Thanks.
  4. Great. Thanks!
  5. With Sea Isle closed, is there any local ship who service Daiwa reels?
  6. I need to take a closer look at where tge reel seat is on my spinning rod vs the conventional. Thanks
  7. Thanks. I got it. Fortunately the striper guide is of about the same diameter as the one on my St Croix MOJO. I'm using braid so I feel more confident than if I was using mono with bigger line curling.
  8. What do you mean by that?
  9. OK I didn't know that . I thought the rod would twist and cause an issue. So is spining a rod more for casting purposes?
  10. I've had a Lamiglas 9 foot surf and jetty rod (GSB1081M) made as a conventional set up a few years ago and I never used it. Ive stuck to spinning. The stripper guide on it is wide enough to accommodate a spinning reel with braid. My question is, if the spine on the rod was positioned for use with a conventional reel and guides up, can I still use it with a spinning reel or am I going to have issues? Thanks.
  11. Years ago I remember doing sort of the opposite-taking the big Mirrolure plugs with the giant plastic lip-grindinf it down. Wasn't really worth the work.
  12. It seems my stock of like-new plastic plugs with broken lips is growing ,either from fish smacking them down or hitting stuff accidentally while casting. The lips on some of the newer plugs seem to be even glued on. Is there anything one can do to fix these plugs? Fish them differently? Will manufacturer replace? Right now I have a Sebile Puncher and Rapala X Rap with busted lips. Thanks.
  13. I, have some Sports Afield - great cover art
  14. That is so true. I try and get my son to read the fishing books and he only watches YouTube videos with instructionals.i told him he doesn't know what he's missing.
  15. I agree. There are always "lost" pieces of info in older materials. Wow Thank you. I had no idea this was possible. The books are dry just musty /moldy smelling.