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  1. Beautiful home! Congratulations!
  2. I watched a deer swim from Warwick Neck to Prudence Island one cold spring morning.
  3. I have also had success dragging them Slowly off the bottom
  4. Trolling lures for blues, bass, bonita or whatever pulls the line. I like the exercise of constantly moving it through the water.
  5. Substitute smoke bomb with road flare
  6. I like Seven B's...seems cleaner and more family friendly.
  7. I will NOT shop in their store ever again.
  8. In the bay at 9:00 am this morning on my kayak...found a new fishy spot. Caught on a large white and chartreuse Sebile swimmer. +/-25lbs? She is still swimming around...
  9. Pools have been moving to 52" for a number of years. Safety and customer preference have been the drivers. Above ground pools make sense as a lower cost alternative and not as permanent as an inground pool. They're really not white trash pools. You'd be surprised how nice people make them and their surroundings, particularly in Canada and Europe. There are wood walled pools that are absolutely beautiful.
  10. Fishing in the bay tomorrow morning and golf in the afternoon. Sunday kayaking in the bay in the morning and planting in the afternoon.
  11. 7 pills, 5 prescribed. You're getting old. Embrace it.
  12. I just got the Lowrance 7" Hook 2 Glad I went with the 7" It's not too big to get in the way.
  13. Had a drain put in my jaw/gum area a few weeks ago for an abscessed tooth. Old school dentist came in without warning and just ripped it out. He said "That probably hurt. Sorry...sometimes It's better to do things without warning. " I asked him how much longer it would hurt. "Give it 10-15 minutes " Gotta love old school medicine.
  14. The guy has to live with this the rest of his life. I couldn't imagine the rage a parent that lost their kid feels toward him. You signed up to do a job and let all these poor kids down. Horrible situation all the way around.
  15. Best answer. I work for someone younger and I am 55; just give them what they ask for, that's What you get paid for. They have every right to be stupid. Try to steer them in the right direction.