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  1. You got this. We’re praying for you!
  2. splions


    No problem here on the golf course yesterday
  3. splions


    68 on the scale here. God is only punishing you heathen liberals up North.
  4. I’m very sorry for your loss. These stories make me so angry. The people that have suffered so much unnecessarily. It’s criminal!
  5. Pretty intense movie. Good call, Red.
  6. I like that you have the choice. I use them both depending on the store, how busy they are and how many things I am buying.
  7. Played a local course that was a PGA stop in the 70’s and before. #18 is just a killer for me ; a par 4 that is straight up a hill to the green in the last third of the hole. Today I was going to master it. Excellent drive down the middle of the fairway. 2nd shot was 20 yards down from the green. I was all set. First chip up the hill was short and rolled back down to where I hit it. 2nd chip was an exact copy of the first. 3rd try I putted on to the green. I ended up with a six. Damn that hole!
  8. I hunted at a deer camp since I was 12 till I was in my 40’s. One of the older guys was a retired high school principal. Lots of wisdom from that guy. He could see right through any BS. Great guy that I was lucky to be around. His message was to always do the right thing and never cut corners.
  9. It’s on my list. Girlfriend doesn’t like war stuff so I have to watch it while she works.
  10. It was one of the first shows on TV. It was on in the 50’s and really helped TV get started. My grandfather used to love it. My father told him that it was fake and came real close to him throwing my father out of the house. My family history might have been altered and I might not be here today.
  11. Hardees is disgusting. A major franchisee has declared bankruptcy. They are slowly going under.
  12. Never made it outside. I fell asleep in my recliner shortly after typing this. Age turns you into a wimp.
  13. The whiskey rebellion was in Pennsylvania. They were fighting against taxation and big government back then. Where were the lazy people from Kentucky back then to take up the fight? Lazy crumb bums!
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