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  1. Good amount of schoolies caught in the harbor today.
  2. Awesome @jason colbycolby. Did you see any schoolie mass out there?
  3. Just returned from a quick outing on the harbor. No sign of migratory stripers yet.
  4. The stripers are here! Time to get the reports going. Please, be considerate in your reports, i.e., don't be so specific that you could spot burn but share enough to contribute to the spirit of "sharing is caring".
  5. Time to get the 2018 thread going. I went out couple times this week. Some harbor spots are loaded with schoolies up to 26" and small keepers. I've landed over 10 schoolies between my 2 outings. I also heard of a 36" taken on a popper from the shore this week as well.
  6. I did well last night in Boston Harbor. 1 of 2.
  7. From the color of that grass, it looks like you were fishing one of my fave spots in the old harbor.
  8. Fish the northern part of the pond. I've had good luck there.
  9. Planning to fish my favorite spot in the harbor this week. Anyone been out lately?
  10. I've been fishing Castle Island for 5 years in a row going into 6 this season. I've fished countless night by myself there sometimes until 1 and 2am. Never had any issues. State police patrols the area constantly until 11pm. Even when they stop, I never felt unsafe. Often a young couple will walk by and engage in friendly chat. Other times you'll see small groups of kids from South Boston hanging out, drinking beer or fooling around but just kids doing what kids do. I'm going to start my routine in couple weeks as soon as big fish arrive there. Feel free to drop a message if you want to join.
  11. I don't have the PMing ability. The list is on fisherman's groups on FB.
  12. -
  13. The 11' is a great jigging rod.