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  1. I use 3k and the 4k never had a problem awesome reels
  2. I'm laughing at the not even one striper your holding.
  3. mobile version can only click next page cannot skip to last page
  4. Huge blue fish blitz upto 20lbs yesterday 5:00pm to dark non stop action clam bunker blue fish chunks poppers metal they hit everything and anything all i can say is wooooow never seen fishing like his in 20+ years. I have some pics but have to crop them will post later out back SOC
  5. (Edited -idiotic comments like this will result in your very prompt removal from this website. TimS)
  6. Hit a few more when I went back out used the blue for bait
  7. **** looking through my old bag for more rigs I may head back out there its way too hot to stop now LMAO Oh and I seen a guy pull a 30 inch flounder out on a 2 ounce Jig was nice to see
  8. Out back tonight SOC massive schools gator blues huge ripping through everything and anything I pulled 3 bass from the mix from 5 to midnight had one massive cow on lost him at bank. Blues took every rig in bag cutting through braid like butter steel leader didn't matter they were thick and if one bit hook another bit the braid lost all rigs **** back to Dicks for led and fish finders it was a good night but a chitty one at same time damb Blues I have pics of some monster blues but too tired lol
  9. Another epic night fishing no cows but damb non stop action all night 6pm until 2am i would be still out there but i ran out of bait whoever said there no night Blitz you are dead wrong LMFAO as soon as my bait hit water It was on within seconds. The bass were boiling on the water last night yes I said it Boiling all night long Out back SOC this is just a few pics I have a pic for every bass caught last night and its in the 50 range
  10. all on Clam night fall it gets red hot
  11. Good weekend just a few of countless bass caught oh and one Drum lol all out back southern OC
  12. Dont be jelly
  13. Not one blue at all it was 100% bass
  14. Im hoping it is a sighn that this season is going to be awesome all around fishing.