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    Fishing hunting real camping not luxury camping
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  1. So is there a way to fix the problem both the 4500 has a pretty bad knocking. I expect that from a old well use reel but not from a new reels
  2. Hi Tony I tested the slammer out last night it was smooth for few cast then the knocking came back what else I could do on the 4500 slammers to fix the knocking
  3. Thanks Tony. Just greased all the slammer 3 . 2 4500 1 6500 1 6500hs. All are new they all are bone dry. I when out bought some Penn grease and use almost half of the bottle.
  4. Can u do 70 pick up at canal
  5. Hi Tony I got 2 new Penn slammer 3 4500 which I bought over the winter I use one the other day for the first time it make a knocking then the next day I try the other new one same problem. Is there any real fix instead of sending it back. I dont want to be out of reel for 3 weeks.
  6. Ok good luck with sale
  7. Would u trade for a new saragosa sw 8k or a 10k
  8. What is the condition of the rod.
  9. Hi Tony 3 weeks ago I bought 4 slammer 3 , 1 6500hs 2 4500 1 6500 I have check they r not the 2018 upgrade model. How I could get the upgrade bearing for my reels.
  10. What time do you want to meet.  Do you want to meet at the Sagamore Bridge or Herring run Parking Lot?

    1. gman71


      I'm leaving home noonish I should be at sag. 1ish if that is a good time to meet up

    2. RSurf97


      Will meet you at Sagamore Bridge Parking Lot.  Can we do it a little earlier closer to noon.  About 12:30?

    3. gman71
  11. Can u sell it for 175?? I could meet today at canal
  12. Is the rod still available? Very interested
  13. U have too many rods henry. sell some of them:)
  14. Try Nickerson on the cape or try turo area kids friendly and close to catchible water