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    I fished the surf and from boats from Maine to the Florida Keys.
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    North Port, FL
  1. Price change. $ 25.00 Bump
  2. Marcano, Sold, Thank you. Please advise payment type and shipping address. Don
  3. Hopkins 2 3oz, shorty 2 3/4 oz. Kast masters 3 I/2 oz, 2 3 oz 1 2 oz Diamond jig 4 1/2 oz Other assorted metal. $70.00 Check, cash, money order or PayPal. Shipped
  4. PayPal is Please send me your shipping address.
  5. Marty mart, Thank you for your response. How about we split the difference at $ 45.00 shipped ? Don
  6. Price reduction. $ 90.00 Bump
  7. Price reduction. $ 50.00 Bimp
  8. New Bonita magnum long A polycarbonate body. Used purple metallic long A. $25.00 Shipped Check, cash, money order or PayPal.
  9. Aqua back, blue back and pink color. Weight 2 oz. $35.00 cash, check, money order or PayPal.
  10. DaveC, I think it is spray painted. It has the white belly and I to had quite a few Helcats and do not recall that way. I will remove the thread and see what is under the paint. Thanks, Don Thread closed.
  11. 3 5" Hellcats, Aqua back, blue and rare pink plug. Like new and weigh 2 oz. $ 35.00 Cash, check, money order or PayPal.
  12. Price reduction, $65.00 Bump
  13. Price reduction, $100.00
  14. Extra spool, excellent condition some scratches. $ 75.00 Check, money order or PayPal.
  15. fluke69,

    You offered me $60.00 for my Shimano LTD 15. Please send me your form of payment.

    Thank you,