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    I fished the surf and from boats from Maine to the Florida Keys.
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  1. Thank you TimS. For your clarification. THIS REEL IS FOR SALE. Don
  2. DaveC, I did read the rules and now understand what you wrote. I should have just wrote sold and waited for a response and then sent a personal response for payment and shipping. Sorry for my mistake. Don
  3. 0chunter375, Sold. Please advise form of payment and shipping information in personal message. Thanks, Don
  4. Sale did not happen. Thread closed
  5. Price reduction. $ 70.00
  6. Max4, You offered to buy my Bomer lures and I wrote sold on this site. Please send me your shipping address and form of payment. Don
  7. I think, I found this plug on the beach a long time ago. It looks like Gibbs, but is larger at the front in diameter and the angle of the concaved head is sharper and larger. An early Gibbs?
  8. Max4, Sold. Personal message me your form of payment and shipping address. Don
  9. Leaver drag, casting, trolling, live bait. Sematic with parts list included. Mechanically perfect, with smooth drag. Like new. $ 80.00 PayPal or other. Shipped.
  10. Sale did not happen, Thread closed
  11. Thread closed
  12. Price reduced $ 25.00
  13. Sold at $30.00 shipped. Please advise form of payment and shipping address in personal message. Don
  14. gnuisance, Thanks for the offer. How about $65.00 to help with the shipping?
  15. Thread closed.