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  1. thorogood leathers are good. I have a pair in 9.5 that were too big but since I wore them I can't send them back. SO, I got some 9's and they are great. Wonder if ya can sell used boots here ?
  2. Sold to Corsair. Thread closed. Thanks
  3. New in package. 42.00 USPs MO shipped
  4. My Rockies are pretty worn out. I would like to know your views on LaCrosse and Muck boots for winter hunting. I have to cross two feeder brooks on the way in. Usually but high last year - ended up with a wet foot wearing Rockies. I heard reports that Muck has issues with boots splitting at the ankle. How about weight ? So Do the fir pretty tight around the ankle ? Insulation keep feet sort of warm ? Like not frigid ? Thx for your input.
  5. got one from them ages ago when I was competing with M1A's. Overall fair condition and the receiver was just OK. Issue was the elevation and windage knobs wouldn't hold well even after tightening the screws. My armorer friend had to do some quirky magic but it was ok. Might be better off trying to get a new receiver from Springfield Armory or Fulton. Depends how well you want it to work.
  6. hope that sore knob doesn't slow him down too much ! That's a lot of weanin'
  7. now that's funny right there. likely very true too.
  8. maybe the hammer will fall on these fools. no brains, no sense, and don't care. typical of bottom dwelling aparachicks. serve up a big dose of justice with a suit and judgement against the offenders- school officials and the perp.
  9. How about 30.00 That's 25 for the flies and 5 for shipping
  10. Perfect Outcome
  11. Good that yu made them aware of the problem and hope they actually take action to improve their packaging. Yeah, be nice if the did the switch too. Very good PR in these times. Hope it all works ok. The practical side is you still have and can gift the ammo just maybe not a nice as you had planned. Let's see wow the seller responds to your plea.
  12. How many jobs direct and indirect will be lost or affected ?
  13. The CDC was called out in the 90's under Clinton. Doing the same biased stuff. Waay to many Proven false "studies" that were often fabricated on baseless talking points. Somebody gave them a cease and desist.
  14. might need some Tums after that
  15. Graf's has 3F only