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  1. Hab's Needles   Please send USPS-MO to:   Paul Turner.  2151 Armstrong Ave.  Morton, PA. 19070


    Also, Please EM back Name and Mailing Address so I can get your package ready to ship.


    thanks, Paul

    1. Striper Silly

      Striper Silly

      Hi Paul,


      Thanks for replying. I assumed you accepted PayPal and just saw you wanted a money order. If you want a money order, I won't be able to purchase one until this Saturday. I can send you a check and you can wait until it clears, or I can PayPal you and cover the fees. Just let me know if any of my suggestions will work. I am a painting contractor and I don't have a minute to spare until Saturday. Let me know and thanks again.



  2. One Pair of Hab's Sr. needles new in the package. 100.00 shipped.
  3. 2 Habs Sr. needle plugs.  One signed and numbered.


    Please send USPS-MO to:              Clearly written return shipping request please

    Paul Turner

    2151 Armstrong Ave

    Morton, PA 19070

  4. still trying. New Mac here. Not uploading as in the past. All I get is junk. The pics show as an upload. Not the way I'd like. Any help will be appreciated.
  5. Photos tell the story. 2 Hab's Sr. needles. ONE is signed and numbered. The other not. 150.00 shipped. USPS-MO 52C14E74-B3C0-424C-BD50-72B32CA5161D_1_201_a.heic 0C5813F5-73A2-45B4-9C3D-56A480AA2969_1_201_a.heic Difficult to see the sig in green ink. It's on the bottom.
  6. Agreed. That color used to called British Racing Green back in my youthful days. The 327 will always be just fine. OK --- How much would it bring at Barrett - Jackson ????
  7. Didn't know he had two. So he says his dad gave it to him for a wedding present. If it was wrecked and fixed then ok. But, really, if you are the manager of a Chevy Dealership - are you really gonna give your boy a Vette that was crashed and fixed as a Wedding Present ? 'Course, if it was a repaired vette maybe they left off the badges thinking it looked cool.
  8. I grew up in the era as well. Everybody seemed to know every make, model, performance. You could tell at a glance. So when Joe's Corvette came up something just didn't seem quite right. Checked out that Corvette on Leno's garage. Great video ! It allowed the full style to show off. Front end is totally clean. No badges present on either front panel. So where's they go Joe ? Just curious. Most Corvettes have those badges.
  9. We are son far beyond constitutional law the honest application is beyond reach. Senate minority leader and rino's reaffirmed the uniparty. Your great grandchildren just might see the collapse of the founders dream.
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