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  1. Fox is on my be skeptical list -- after Harris Faulkner did a huge eye flash during an interview with Newt. Newt says Soros is funding bad groups. Faulkner eyes flash like lightning. Then says -- "I didn't think we were supposed to say that ( Soros ).
  2. PM coming. Sold to ANG Thread closed
  3. Plug itself is 7 inches. Weight - 2 oz. I don't have a scale to weigh it though.
  4. Thanks for the offer but I'm staying. 1st class mail is 5 bucs.
  5. After - it's a done deal now. He paid in today's mail. Wrote the check on the 13th and it's postmarked the 14th. He just took his sweet time in getting around to it. Hay, maybe the guy has issues. I'm closing the thread. My thanks to all who pitched in. The info was helpful. Paul
  6. OK guys, his check just came today - Sat. Postmarker 10.14.20 from Mid_Island, NY Means it took just 3 days in the mail. Means he picked around a long time. Si, I'll mail out his stuff on Monday.
  7. Landru has the right idea ..
  8. The buyer has been contacted. Claims it's - pres. his payment - for some days. He thinks I should get it any day now. Does not say when he mailed it. I'll give hime a couple days for the check to get here. If it doesn't the goto the next step to end it n a friendly way - so no hard feelings.
  9. This has never happened before. I've bought and sold items on the forums and always pay quick and appreciate buyers who do the same. Also appreciated by all is good communications between sellers and buyers. However, I have a buyer who wants, accepted pricing, and is now 2 weeks late in paying. This is not a money issue. Other members may want these items. Especially in the fall. It seems odd that he told me he just forgot to write a check. And after my comm. to him said he'll get it out. Still waiting. The question is when should I ask him to cancel out his obligation so I can resist these items. Of course, should his payment then show up it will be mailed back to him. It's only right to do that. So, what do you think ?
  10. 383 --- that's the next step. if nothing positive happens then I'll ask him to cancel. It's unfair to other members who may want to have these plugs.
  11. Waiting for payment -- 11 days. A member accepted 3 pairs of "items". Still waiting. At what point is it appropriate to PM the buyer and cancel his accepted purchases ?
  12. send payment to :    Paul  Turner

                                     2151 Armstrong Ave

                                     Morton,  PA  19070


    I need your shipping address.   I'll get them packaged and ready to go.

    1. crzynate25


      Hi Paul -my address is


      Nathan Linberger

      116 E Landis St.

      Coopersburg, PA 18036


      Dropping a check in the mail today for you. Thank you Much!

  13. PM coming. Sold Thread closed
  14. Re-opened this thread since I noticed there are a lot of viewers. Don't know if that means much but I wanted to offer these to the members if interested. These are dark purple with mutes scales around those bigeyes. New in Package.
  15. MAGA!

    Sounds right - quit before being fired. Get to keep the money coming. Ain't right. Why no prosecution ?