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  1. Really thought this would be a good year for Feb bass.
  2. I fish all I own, CCW, DMag, RG, Scabelly, SA..............that's why I purchased. I like the solitude of fishing the surf but I like to catch fish more! And they are all fish catchers. But if truth be known I also mostly used my baseball cards in the spikes of my Stingray.
  3. I'm still using Skinners Fishing Log program. Use to write it down but could never find what I was looking for.
  4. Based on the last two+ pages, no.
  5. Scabellys 3" glider slow sink.
  6. Unfortunately, for us down here, tomorrow is the second. Although, I haven't washed/put away my gear yet.
  7. Scabelly is hard to beat!
  8. Yes, hickory shad, try a teaser. They hit relatively hard but don’t fight much.
  9. Never had a cut or open eye hook open on a fish, although I did have this happen on SA flatglide one night.
  10. I do use it, seems to be fairly accurate. But I’m happy if it’s within an hour or so. Rarely do I go out and only fish at 7:13pm because that’s what a tide chart sez. Usually 2hours before and 2 hours after an estimated change.
  11. Thanks, based on girth/length calculation probably 33-35#.
  12. T man, how used is the large Stormr? Cuffs good? Altered?