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  1. 706Z machined rotor, works flawlessly. $200 firm.
  2. The club posted a video on another platform yesterday, any of you guys in it?
  3. The club is under new management, so still not sure of the kitchen policy. However, I do believe the charcoal grills are still available. Yes you have to bring your own charcoal. The stands on the dock that serve food may only be open on weekends.
  4. FG for me. If I break off, which isn't too often, I tie on a pretied leader w/barrel swivel. I have great confidence in my FG knots but not on a rock/beach middle of the night confidence.
  5. The bottle opener always hurts my teeth
  6. Currently using 2 Princeton Amp lights (one has a real red lens) hate the twist on/off so I looked at this^^. A bit pricey especially when I found out they recommend their battery BUT it's not included in the $89.95.
  7. Charters & head boats are considered recreational.
  8. Closed. Listing elsewhere.
  9. Price drop, $170 shipped. $160 picked up.
  10. Another excellent builder that offers similar plugs is Backbay. And I hear ya on plug purchases, I checked my stock over the winter and noticed I not only have too many but, many are still in their package!
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