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  1. I use tides for fishing, and yes they are adjusted. last Sat/Sun basically same times.
  2. Did one of the sport shops have a sale on headlamps? I've never seen so many people afraid of the dark.
  3. PM sent
  4. Sawzall, I may have a couple plugs/BT's. Are you on the island?
  5. Agreed!! There are bolder spots to the north of NJ that if you don't have a supply of Mega-shads you might as well go home!
  6. They tear easier, especially with a long shank jig hook. You'll notice the newer versions don't have the slit
  7. Never used the hooks that come with those pre-packaged megas. Use a bullet style jig head (long shank) or my new favorite= weighted grub hook, both available from Tinman.
  8. He has a bunch of new colors as well. Make sure you specify the one w/o the slit. Hate that damn slit, lol.
  9. I do that also, different conditions/locations call for different applications. Read the original response, Snooze was looking for a lighter option. Dan's a good guy, tell him I sent you First a million ways to rig them but, generally sluggos and mega shads fished similar, as slow as conditions will allow and keep in contact with rubber. I like to at a twitch every 3-4 cranks. Cross their eyes at the first tap, it's not a live eel.
  10. A vendor on here Commercial BST, Tinman, has weighted grub hooks that IMHO are perfect for Sluggo's. Pic is of mega-shad but you get the idea. My report 4 shorts after dark last night, none on sluggo.
  11. Another reason I like them so much. LL waders are so baggy the wader material would get stuffed inside of the boot and that is exactly where they would start leaking.
  12. They're heavier material but still breathable.
  13. Take a look at Dryft, admittedly my first season with them (about 20 saltwater sessions with them) but fit me perfectly, comfortable and appear to very well made. I always bought LL B because of the warranty--never again.
  14. Was looking for used only because for the price of a new transducer I just bought a new FF. But here is a pic of the connector.
  15. Looking for transducer for a Hummingbird Piranha MAX 176i for the kayak.