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  1. To be fair, none of them are illegal when you are in a militia
  2. Does Comet Pizza even serve international dishes?
  3. Changing laws is not hard relative to changing the attitudes of people who are raised to hate and are not informed enough to evaluate their own beliefs. To change beliefs on a large scale, individuals have to do the changing from within. Another law will not do it. That’s where we are now…in need of a small remaining population to be invested in changing their attitudes.
  4. The work we do from here out is harder than it was in the past because we have tackled a lot of the low-hanging fruit already. Beyond changing attitudes, we have political and legal hurdles that still have to be addressed. The continued disenfranchisement of American Indians is a prime example.
  5. When you look at the generational shifts in attitudes, the changes in American views on race have changed very quickly and radically. Most social paradigms change more slowly. I think any study of history illustrates this. Of course, the change is not constant, and we have periods of time in our history where we have slowed or even regressed.
  6. If you didn’t judge history, you wouldn’t be able to tell if we are getting better as a nation. We do make value judgments…that’s human. It’s important to understand the context of WHY things happened as they did and how to improve.
  7. Liberals never forgave Bibi for spurning Obama.
  8. 4 riots broke out between the beginning of your post and the end?
  9. Dammit…You spotted my rage!
  10. I would agree with that description. As such, likely 95% of the time someone in the PG claims another person is triggered, they are, in fact, not.
  11. So rage-filled posts and violent posts = triggered. If rage and violence is not mandatory, what else would imply being triggered? You know, since there is consensus about what it means
  12. Huh?
  13. You said that it required rage/violence. That’s not true.
  14. I don’t think there is really any consensus on what triggered means, thus all the erroneous flinging of the term.
  15. Has anyone ever successfully convinced another poster that they are, in fact, triggered and not laughing at other posters?
  16. Maybe Jr. knows that his dad won’t see it on Twatter but hopes tools will share it on other Internet outlets so his dad can see it
  17. As long as he remembers where the handle to the money spigot is, world leaders will love him
  18. Defund the honkey teachers is gaining steam, thank goodness
  19. As a fan of CRT, I need to teach you folks about this thing called slavery. It is unbelievable…if GNT ever evolves, I’ll teach you about women not being able to vote.
  20. No it’s not. There is no way to learn about history unless you learn it from CRT.
  21. You didn’t learn that in history class. They don’t teach about that kind of stuff in history.
  22. True…CRT is the only way to teach about the Crime Bill and the superpredators
  23. Zackly. Buy into this or you’re a racist! Teaching history is bull****. You must teach the conclusions people should draw from it!!!!
  24. the false narrative that CRT is the only way to honestly discuss race and history is kind of my new fave thing.