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  1. I think most Democrats believe these people are not authentically black, although most of them will not say it aloud.
  2. Eve Horowitz?
  3. Nah, you throw em on the smoker and they will “hard boil” on the smoker.
  4. In yo mind, fool
  5. victimhood is fluid, like gender.
  6. Long list though, yes?
  7. Underrated or properly rated?
  8. So you approve of the ridiculous spending? I don’t. But Reagan would
  9. I’m in the same boat, Red...which is odd, because usually when it’s hotter than hell, they stop laying. My solution this summer has been to smoke the eggs and then make deviled eggs and tell neighbors to bring beer and come over. Works out
  10. I’m just joking, aa. They had some kinks to work out, but their Gen II seems to be legit
  11. Yeah, they overnight them in a cooler with seaweed, but the price was steep
  12. They are alive, but barely. Taste nasty
  13. I hear ya, bud. We tried to get some live lobstahs sent down for Super Bowl and I was going to have to auction off a kid...the good kid!
  14. I can tell you crawfish and black caviar and bacon grits will change your life
  15. Bacon is the balance to to the shrimp/crab/scallop in a grits dinner. It’s not an either-or!