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  1. “Pipe down, mom! I’m doing some important meme stuff down here!”
  2. Seems like the press is 1) surprised a black man can graduate from Harvard and 2) that in doing so, he has elevated himself to a level above other black folks. strikes me as very odd.
  3. I have seen NPR and NYC newspapers refer to Christian Cooper (of NYC Karen fame) as “a black Harvard graduate and bird watcher.” To me, this screams casual racism to me. Why add the qualifiers? Why feel the need to justify why Karen was wrong? Had he been a black homeless man, would it be a lesser offense (as in “offend”, not a criminal offense). Seems scummy.
  4. The people who make the hair growth foam.
  5. That’s terrible. Sorry, E.
  6. I have said all along that Title IX is the tump cannot **** with it
  7. Evinrude death, take two!
  8. She said she has a constitutional obligation to protect the people ( by contradicting the Constitution). ****ing moron
  9. Words have off my biggest pet peeves with the fringe left is their need to repurpose words and phrases in an attempt to make despicable behavior acceptable:
  10. This thread makes me sad
  11. Nothing says I support fair policing like a free flatscreen and a juicer.
  12. Why would they fund Joe when his pals are the most vocal about breaking said companies up under anti-trust laws?
  13. Those woke, open-minded northerners doing their thing again
  14. Not sure this is any different from HB2...private entities making decisions in their best interest
  15. I’m glad eddy is not a doctor