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  1. NC. It really is a nice way to shop
  2. Science changes the viability discussion. I am the parent of an 18-year-old nonviable daughter
  3. Oh, Tim...think of the joy that we could derive from a Mod Queue forum where people in mod queue can post freely, but so can others. It would be grand!
  4. If anyone is interested in the changing industries and training requirements needed to meet those changes, I would highly suggest the book “Robit Proof.” Excellent read, and the unions are not preparing for the shift that has begun.
  5. They have em in our grocery’s freakin’ brilliant
  6. I would choose one that doesn’t issue cards stating you officially belong.
  7. I think it’s actually an issue for which the black candidates can claim a higher moral authority. It’ll be interesting to watch them make the honkeys squirm.
  8. Or is it a Mexican kid in a cage?
  9. The premise is foolish. He is an Everyman given an unusual amount of scope and power. The facts are what the facts are...everything else is partisan judgment imposed by the consumer.
  10. Whaaaat? With an enticing name like “Hymens” how could it NOT be delicious?
  11. I think he was commenting on the event, not some video that may or may not be a fabrication of an event that may or may not have ever happened. Not in the video, but in New Zealand, do you believe the reported massacre occurred?
  12. So , yes, you believe it didn’t happen. Why not speak plainly...if you say this shooting was staged, speak it.
  13. Did you see Trump bashing the Muslims on Twitter over this? Yeah...