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  1. Yet she can be a strong Republican. The party can only withstand the storm if they realize this.
  2. Is this really true? I keep reading it here, but evidence suggests it’s a lie.
  3. He could...but he’d break a hip
  4. I hope part of the infrastructure pork is beefing up infrastructure security
  5. This is the third major cyberattack in Biden’s admin, right? The Solar Winds and the Microsoft exchange? Russia. Lol.
  6. You know you are in trouble when NPR calls the jobs report “a dud.”
  7. The gay race is the worst one
  8. Will they let honkeys stay at their five-star hotels?
  9. Scientifically, it makes sense. Gather the unvaccinated in close quarters so they are prone to spread the disease, thus increasing the percentage of the population with antibodies.
  10. Critical race theory is knowing whether to pit stop with 20 laps left or not
  11. How will they know?
  12. She’s right. It’s the strategy that won an election. Why abandon it?
  13. BTW, my senator opposed Trump...very few LDS in NC.