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  1. Better than being in front!
  2. Hmmm...Watch it one-week-at-a-time or wait for it to be complete and knock it out in a week?
  3. That real threats should be considered before inventing threats.
  4. So you can transport as long as you are not within the confines of the city?
  5. I suppose the priests took it as a challenge
  6. Then he would be Deplora Bull
  7. Statistically speaking, I imagine Indian drummers haven’t diddled nearly as many kids.
  8. Well, generally a comedian needs more than one joke
  9. I would think teenage boys are in much more danger in a Catholic school than they are when an old man drums too closely.
  10. I stopped watching Tosh like 5 years ago. Does he still have a show?
  11. Nah. I’m cool with that. I think he’s funny but he’s pretty crude, so I never watched when they were around
  12. My kids are 15 and 18, and I bet Kevin Hart is the only name they would recognize.
  13. When the truth looks foreign to you, chances are you are in one of the wacko camps