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  1. This one doesn’t have autism...he’s just a moron.
  2. Toenail surgery?
  3. Anyone ever want to ask why our youngest want to kill fellow Americans? Think we should look into it?
  4. I hear East St. Louis is beautiful this time of year
  5. Not a dick slap I hope
  6. I don’t like uncomfortable discussions...I turned it
  7. So is the new narrative that gender is NO LONGER a social construct and is now biological? Speak plainly
  8. What is up with that girl’s voice on Jeopardy Teen Week? That is unnatural
  9. “Attempted”? Shoddy reporting or what?
  10. Stop with the invasion stuff...****ing nutters
  11. Lol...that wang is crooked! Is it a boy or a girl? I am on board if you want to acknowledge that gender is a social construct that exists separately from sex...but if you want to conflate the two, you lost me.
  12. Is this a subtle way of saying someone nailed you from behind?
  13. I listened on the radio...cringeworthy
  14. Send em a picture of your junk.
  15. This is why we should build the wall