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  1. Work desk forts are a must.
  2. I’d buy all I could get or Frank Thomas will end up banging your wife.
  3. I’m skeptical...Ambition not jiving with his job? Naaaahhhh
  4. Obama does a good job of playing a black guy.
  5. Don’t bring gay families into it!
  6. She has aged out of his interest.
  7. agree. On a side note, if you blur your eyes a little, Becky looks do-able.
  8. Remember when Obama made promises to revisit treaties with Native Americans during the election and then completely ignored them for 8 years. Man, they were pissed.
  9. Roofs aren’t made out of stone. The vast majority of damage in these storms is roof failure.
  10. Lot of newer research coming out that animals can have mental health issues like people. That dog’s obviously anxious and has separation issues. A ton of exercise can help, but it will need some other types of help as well. If you don’t help him, you’ll end up hating him.
  11. Shoulda got OJ’s lawyers.
  12. Just at plug carving class.
  13. I’m down for a flank attack.
  14. Then he would be thrilled to be remembered for dying a month earlier than he actually did!