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  1. Im willing to bet that there is a whole bunch of stuff that goes on in the spy vs spy game that we don't hear about.
  2. Let me start by saying Biden should have pulled the pin long ago and retired. He is waaaay out of his league. Now, lets talk about the balloon. We could have shot this down anywhere, anytime. So why didn't we? I would speculate that rather dumping it at the onset, we choose to gather intell on it as it travelled across the country. Perhaps by keeping it intact as long as possible, the felt they could learn more than they could if it was in a bunch of pieces. Once it was about to leave our jurisdiction, they dumped it, will gather what they can, and see if they can examine the debris and use that along with the data previously gathered to try and piece together its true capabilities. I am confident we will never hear the whole truth as to what it contained. That will be the mystery.
  3. So how did it get permitted? I spent 6 years on the Conservation Commission and 18 on a local Board of Selectman. I saw a project get cut way back because of a salamander.
  4. The lucky guy who got to splash it won't be buying his own drinks for awhile.
  5. Agree, as close to a sitting duck as you will get. Im thinking more around the line of scrambling assets and our quick reaction protocols.
  6. IF this was an attempt by the Chinese to test our reactions, and we knew it was harmless, would it make sense for us not to tip our hand and instead let it go for awhile. Why show our full capabilities if there is no need too?
  7. Thats the million $ question.....
  8. I remember seeing Rock Harbor and a good portion of the bay frozen in years past.
  9. We should all be open to any conclusions as long as they are based on data that is generated through legitimate scientific research. My pet peeve (one of them) is when folks post an opinion that has no scientific basis, and then claim it as gospel. Being receptive to learning knew facts is healthy, and allows us to move forward in an intelligent manor. But reacting or making decisions that are based on nothing more than speculation or wishful thinking, is a waste of resources and counterproductive to real progress.
  10. If they do, I predict it will end as soon as some Richard Cranium tries playing Baha through the dunes or chases a few terns for sport.
  11. Our temp has gone up 4 degrees to a balmy -8! Anyone got some sunblock I can borrow?
  12. I think that was the difference. When we were little, our parents let us figure a lot of things out for ourselves. Mom would let us go out in the cold or the rain. When we got cold, we came in. We learned how to dress for the weather, and also what our real limits were. We weren't relegated to the house because it was cold out. She knew that when we got cold, we were smart enough to get in a house somewhere. It was the same playing in the surf. We learned how to deal with waves. You get face planted enough times and you learn to go over or under the set. We would swim in 58-60 degree water all day long, because we were use to it. Tourists thought my mom was crazy letting us spend hours in the water at a time. I had a boat (a rowboat) when I was 10, I would go out by myself in a local kettle pond. Only rule was I had to wear a pfd. I was driving a tractor at the same age. And we were not any different than most of the kids I grew up with at that time. We were given a lot of leeway and learned to figure things out by ourselves.
  13. There is a $H!T load of empty space in this country where they could avoid collateral damage on the ground. Perhaps they want to wait until its over the ocean or one of the Great Lakes, that way they might have a chance of recovering the payload.
  14. And Mom didn't keep us hidden inside. Somehow we were smart enough to figure out when we got really cold to, wait for it......... go back in the house! I never remember anything getting canceled for cold, snow occasionally, but never cold.
  15. For you guys more familiar with this area, how deep is the water there?