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  1. RISSA is great if you need new windows, jerky, a roof shingled, fudge, a water softening system for your well, vinyl siding, looking for a bear guide in northern Maine or Canada, or want to attend 27 different infomercials disguised as seminars. There are also a couple of tackle guys there to fill in the holes. Its also a great place to meet up and shoot the breeze after a long cold winter.
  2. The "logic" behind threatening to put additional troops in Eastern Europe is that this is exactly what Putin does NOT want. He is afraid of NATO (and the Ukraine becoming a NATO member). Additional US presence strengthens NATO, which is counterproductive to Putin's goal. This is all a giant game of chess. Personally I think Biden is playing this card way too late in the game. Once Putin had his troops in place and staged, the die was pretty much cast. Several months ago, he could have stood down, without losing face. Now it is a lot harder. We shall see
  3. He is hoping against hope he can find something positive to talk about between now and March
  4. She wasn't awful, though a bit weather worn. I bet she was a solid 8 in her day.
  5. Yep! A buddy of mine had an admin that worked for him that had a similar sticker. HR told her to remove it or not park the vehicle in the company lot!
  6. Years ago in Maine, I knew a local girl who had a license plate that was NE1469
  7. I view this on two fronts. The most obvious is that Putin wants the Ukraine for all the reasons stated previously. The second is that he is testing the waters. This is the perfect opportunity to find out just how resolute the US and allies are in protecting our "friends". If we blink, such as Obama did, he will know that we most likely will be a paper tiger if he explores future expansion. This isn't about just the Ukraine, its about future moves down the road. Its a global chess match.
  8. Notice the spears stuck in the bulls neck. They are not there to kill it, just to weaken the neck/shoulder muscles so it is forced to lower its head. Even if the bull "wins" (like above), others will kill it at the end of the match.
  9. This is nothing about sissifying culture, Its about not torturing an animal for someone's perverse sense of entertainment. Its on a par with dog fighting. This doesn't prove how tough anyone is, rather it proves what A-holes they are. If they want to show their buds what a bad ass they are, have one on one fights with each other.
  10. Me too! Hunting birds without a dog is like fishing without a hook.
  11. Ought to cut that down and mount it on the wall!
  12. When we going to get Lucey working some birds?
  13. And they are done! (ya, I sampled a couple already)
  14. His name is Mac! Got him from a breeder in Maine. From hunting/trial stock. Previous labs we had were Trapper, Skeet, Remy, Ruger, Duke, and Buzz. We have Parker and Mac now. Ran out of gun names!!!! The first two, I ran in hunting trials, then got out of it when my kids were growing up. Now that they are grown, Im not sure if I will run Mac in trials or just stick to hunting. Really love training with the pups Thanks