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  1. Another morning with the skunk. Nice conditions with the east wind that warmed the water a bit from yesterday. Still no real food source around except the bugs. Sent them out too but not a touch. Just doesn't seem like the fish have made any kind of move up from the south and to the sand yet.
  2. Haven't been able to get out there for a few days but was back at it this morning. Nice looking surf, just colder water. Tossed the swimmer and the bugs with nothing interested in giving them a try. Continues to be a slow start to the season for me. Back out in the morning.
  3. Water has cleaned up since yesterday but the surf is starting to lay down. Could only find a single dink that went for the white swimmer. Found a few spots to send out some bugs, just no takers. Did see a couple of mid 20 inch fish pulled out using clams.
  4. So let me add a bit more. In my years of walking the sand, unless there are clouds of bait to be found, still flat water is the most unproductive conditions to fish. Bass are more active in a rolling surf that kicks up food and is easier for them to hide and ambush prey. Rough water tends to give them cover. For the fisherman you can find the holes, cuts, rips, bars and all the different structures that might hold fish by reading that rolling water. Always prefer to fish in rough conditions. Give me a NE wind any day.
  5. All quiet out there this morning. That south wind yesterday sure cooled off the water and took away the clean clear conditions. Tossed lots of stuff including the bugs, but nothing was interested. Did see one very small pod of happy bunker hang out for a very short time. Hope the wind shift helps by morning.
  6. So here's my take. First, bass are strong swimmers and have no problem navigating rough water. More opportunities to find food. Second, a rolling surf is a map to reading the water. How the waves break, where the washouts and rips set up gives you a real understanding of the structure to fish below the water. Learn to read the water and you will be much more successful in finding more fish.
  7. Actually, picked up a new one this winter when they were 15% off. For under $50 it was worth getting another. The old one I have is still in good shape after a couple years of use.
  8. So finally found a few that could put a bend in the rod. Fished out front with very nice conditions, a rolling surf, clean water and overcast foggy sky. Upcoming full moon is pushing the water up the beach so keep an eye out for that. Have to confess that I was tossing all of the plastics and plugs but couldn't get a touch so went to the bugs and got results. First keeper size of the season at 31 inches and a second at 27. May is the new June, right?
  9. Made it out there yesterday and again this morning hitting both out front and some river work. Best I could do over the two outings was one dink. Water out front was looking great, just missing some hungry fish.
  10. Did a little back water this morning since it was unfishable out front. Only activity I found was a follow up on a plug with a swirl and not a touch. Hopefully by Thursday things will have settled a bit and the fish start to move to the sand.
  11. Yeah, so this whole thing is getting out of hand with @DeeMonee. Dennis, please get out your February issue of OTW and re-read that outstanding article on the art of fishing the bugs. It clearly states that bug season doesn't start until June. Bob, I'm sure the Commitee will agree without deliberation that fish caught on bugs before June first DON'T COUNT! Now for a report. Went north yesterday and south this morning and I'm only finding a few dinks around. Everything so far is on the white swimmer. Was hoping the strong wind would hold off in the morning but its not looking that way. May have to shut it down for a couple of days.
  12. Have been out of town for over a week so no chance to be out there. Back at it this morning in the local waters that looked great but couldn't find any activity. Whale went by along with some dolphins and gannets diving offshore. Seeing @DeeMonee posting a fish on bugs got me to get that rod out and give it a try too. Still no success. Will make a move north in the morning to see what I can find. Good to be back on the sand.
  13. Have been out there a few times this week staying with the local waters out front and a look or two in the back. Still not a lot happening just picking up a couple of dinks. Some nice looking water today on a great morning to walk the sand.
  14. So, I have stuck my nose out of the cave a few times since last Saturday shaking off the dust and giving the arm a little exercise. Tried to the far north and a bit to the south, out front and a look out back. Just a typical slow spring start to the season with nothing yet bending the rod. From the conditions I've seen it shouldn't be long before there is some better activity, especially out front. Will continue the quest in the morning.
  15. Bob, getting ready to poke my nose out the cave real soon, so stay tuned!