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  1. Things are beginning to look up. As nam mentioned, conditions were great this morning with the surf kicking up again. Bugs were washing around all over the place so that was the ticket to finding fish. Ended the morning landing 6, lost another and had half dozen or more hits. Three of the 6 hit 27 inches. There were guys fishing worms, clams, plugs and plastics, but nobody was connecting up. If you haven't tried the bugs before now's the time.
  2. As nam said, that SSE wind was tough early morning. Took awhile but when it switched to the SW it was much easier to make a presentation. Was doing my mix of soft plastics for awhile and then switching to bugs. No problem finding the bugs again with clouds of them rolling in the wash. Managed to get two on the bugs along with a few more wacks, and picked another on a teaser. Also pulled in a nice size fluke with the bugs. Biggest bass was 26 inches followed by one at 25 and the last around 20. Hope to be out there again in the AM sending out the bugs.
  3. I have Bean waders now and in the past. With the amount of time I put in they just plain wear out way too soon. Over the years I've tried most, except for Simms, which I just can't justify paying that kind of money.
  4. It's close to it, but I do something much simpler. 5/0 circle hook tied directly to the leader and add a split shot 16 to 18 inches above it. That's it. Add three bugs, find some current and send them on their way. Feed out line for as far as the current takes it. I picked up a KastKing 3000 bait runner reel last year that I put on a 7 foot MOJO surf rod and it has worked out great. For an inexpensive reel it has held up much better then I expected.
  5. Surf was rolling this morning where I was. Good time being had by all the surfers. Sand bugs were everywhere from big to small so spent most of my time drifting them in the current. Had two takers both right at 25 inches. Had a few other wacks but they didn't take the hook. Water really felt a lot cooler then yesterday especially with a leaky pair of waders. No matter what you buy you're lucky to get two seasons out of them. Might be going to the wadding shoes early this year. Had a bunch of boats just off the beach following the bunker but did't see much activity. Back to the same area in the morning.
  6. Never like when that SSE wind shows up and this morning that wind blew in the skunk. Did have a better fish on for awhile using the bugs. She made some nice runs and then did a big surface swirl and was gone. A diver came along, not long after the fish gave me the fin, and he went looking around. Came back and said he was seeing fish around and a number of them were 30 inches or so. Let's hope we are seeing some resident fish start to move in. Left with a sunrise shot.
  7. Moved a little south of where I was yesterday. Bunker were starting to show again just off shore as the sun got higher. With all that bunker around there sure doesn't appear to be anything feeding on them. Way way off shore one whale breached but that was it. Did land a couple of big hickories and a small striper with lots of sea lice. Maybe they are starting to move inshore. Had something on using the bugs but whatever it was it managed to find something to snag onto and broke off. Things are still way to quiet.
  8. Found a little activity this morning kicking off the month of June. Pulled in two stripers with the biggest at 25 inches, a fair sized fluke, a skate and one chopped off plastic. Large spread of bunker out there that made easy pickings for the ospreys. Water was gin clear and the surf was flattening out. Here's hoping June makes up for the rest of the crappy spring.
  9. Report as little or as much detail as you would like to provide the reader but please don't post specific street names or areas, (cites, parks, landmarks etc). A specific spot is too much information! It's not like telling a friend or two, posting it here is telling thousands. Doing so only creates crowds, garbage, and loss of our spots. For example, you can say that you did not catch fish in Ocean County but saying that you skunked at Ocean Beach is a no-no. The terms to use are.......... Monmouth County Ocean County Atlantic County Cape May County North Jersey for the Hudson and other backwaters. County name plus "In the back" for Inlets, Rivers, and Bays.
  10. Another quiet morning. SSE wind did put a chill back in the water. Still clean and clear and nice rocking white water. Stayed out front again and walked an extra 1/2 mile or so and the best I could do was 1 micro and a bluefish. Had some nice rips so used bugs but not a touch. Did look like there was some happy bunker around except for the one picked by an osprey. Lets see what tomorrow brings.
  11. Made the decision to just fish only out front this morning. Headed a bit to the north and fished a spot I haven't been at for awhile. The stretch of great looking water days continue, even at low tide. Still way to quite for this time of year. Found 2 micro bass, one hickory, one fluke holding onto the swimmer tail and one chopped off swimmer. Beginning to wonder if the fish are wearing masks too and that's why the bite sucks?
  12. Followed what I did yesterday by starting in the back, just didn't get the same results. Only one smallish bluefish and one other swipe to a pencil. Only saw one or two others caught so made the move to the front. Another morning of perfect water conditions for the plastics and bugs. Used them both but the out front skunk was in charge. When I was leaving did see some bunker make an appearance just off shore. They were all happy so headed home. Probably give the back one more shot and then just focus on the big lake.
  13. A little late on the report, but did get out this morning in the fog. Went to the back first and did a bluefish work out. Mostly smaller fish but did manage to get one jumbo chopper that kept me busy for awhile. When the tide made the shift everything got quiet so headed out front. Great looking water that did not have a chill to it. Should have been fish around but they didn't show themselves. Nice white water and a few good rips that I sent some bugs into but still nothing. Will probably do the same pattern in the morning until the stripes begin to cooperate.
  14. Surprisingly not. Lots of cars with the holiday, but maybe 10 or 12 folks fishing.
  15. Decided to see if the bluefish were making any appearances this morning so headed for the back. Didn't have to play hide and seek this morning cause they were there. No big choppers but big enough to have some fun on the light tackle. Guess I finished up with about a dozen or so. Water felt much warmer where I was even on the incoming. Went the beach side on the way back and it was looking pretty good with the NE wind and rather clean water. Will probably hit both back and front in the morning.