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  1. Finally back at it again this morning. Nice conditions with really clean water, some surf action and NW wind. Water did feel colder then a couple days ago, but there was some life around. Found one with stripes and had some blues move through too. Was able to beach 3 of them and miss a couple more. Around 8am decided to see if anything was happening at the river. Was amazed to find nobody there, so figured the word must be out that the blues were gone. Gave it a go and didn't take too long to hook up. Landed 4 more choppers and lost a bunch more. Not a bad morning.
  2. Really nice morning to be out on the sand. SW wind brought in some warm air, clean white water and SUNSHINE! Maybe its starting to pick up a bit even with the cold water since there were fish! Found 4 and lost 2 more on my walk, all going after the white swimmer. Nothing bigger then 22 inches, but it had stripes and there was more then just one around. Another good sign was lots of bunker splashing just off shore. Down side, I may not be able to get back out again till Tuesday, ARGH!
  3. Went back for some more chopper action this morning. Stayed for awhile, but when new arrivals decide to park right on your shoulder it was time to move on. Managed to land a half dozen and drop a few more. Water was clean and clear. Figured it was worth a try out front so headed for the sand. Conditions their much improved with clean rolling white water. Storms have moved a lot of sand around again so have to explore to find the new hot spots. Well, that could potentially be hot spots. Did pull out one with stripes which is hopeful that they may start to show more. Will start out front in the morning and see what happens.
  4. Well done Pat. Just didn't want to put on the climbing shoes so called it a morning.
  5. No rain and sunshine this morning? What's up with that? Figured the best shot this morning was to head to the river looking for the choppers. Water has cleaned up where visibility wasn't an issue. Stiff wind blowing out of the NW didn't make for ideal conditions, but much improved over the last few days. Didn't take too long before I started seeing some activity. Was a slow pick but managed to beach 7 blues and lost a bunch more. Real mix of sizes with everything on metal. Started out with only a few of us fishing but the crowd grew and the head boats came and the action slowed. So was time to call it a morning. Nice to at least see some fish caught.
  6. Took a ride this morning to the river thinking that would be my best chance to find anyplace fishable. Well I thought wrong. Water was brown with zero visibility. Gave it a try for half an hour and headed out. Took a ride along the beach and it was even worse with the big surf and very dirty water. With the forecast what it is I don't see any chance of getting back out there until maybe late week. Did spring actually arrive yet?
  7. Hey Bob, I'm doing what I can but can't get any cooperation from the fish. Was out front this morning and looked fishy just no fish. Tried bugs and plastics and nothing. Went back to the river and joined the circus of boats and land lubbers, but again nothing happening. Only saw one Blue pulled out. Won't be back at it until Monday, so hopefully that will be the day to turn this season around.
  8. Went chopper hunting again this morning back on the river. Figured the flip of the out going might be the ticket. After two hours all that showed were two medium size blues. Saw two others caught but not another bent rod. Moved out front and found the water on the dirty side with a lot of cabbage from the SE wind. After cleaning crap off the lure after every cast, it was time to pack it in. Plan on starting on the front side in the morning and see what developes.
  9. I will continue adding to the skunk reports today. Hit the river early looking for some choppers and not a touch. Lots of lines in the water, but not a bent rod to be found. Moved to the ocean side and the same story. Surf was rolling heavy, but looked promising. I too tried to get some bugs out there after tossing the plastics for awhile, but with the strong surf action and no rips moving out, was another dud.
  10. Couldn't get out early this morning and had to settle for and abbreviated late morning session. With all the talk of Blues around headed to the river thinking that was my best shot. And of course they were there in big numbers before I arrived. Was able to stay long enough for the time flip and a few fish showed again. Pulled out three with a few other bumps, so can't complain. Hope to be able to put in more time tomorrow.
  11. Not the best conditions out there this morning. Still a bit of a washing machine and on the dirty side. Some places worse then others with different degrees of cabbage around. Hit a couple of different areas along with an inlet and didn't find any action. Forecast of a south wind for awhile will not help with cleaning things up to quickly. Let's see what happens.
  12. Ocean water was a touch stained this morning but plenty of visibility, just nothing chasing the end of the line. Took the bugging rod and scoop with me this morning and figured it was worth a try with no bait showing yet. Tossed the plastics most of the morning and then tried the bugs. Was surprised at how easy they were to find them. Did have one quick run off, but never found the point of the hook. Went over to the river and saw a number of guys, but not much going on there either. 2 or 3 micro bass pulled out and nothing more. Boats drifting through weren't doing any better. Just another sleepy Saturday morning.
  13. Nope, was just out if sight range. Was funny that every boat that was heading out would stop and check it out, then move on.
  14. Back with the skunk this morning. Started out front with great bass conditions again, but not a touch. Headed over to the river and the skunking continued. Did see a little bait in the river, just nothing on the feed. Unbelievable how slow the start of this season has been.
  15. Gray morning with a light NE wind. Still not seeing anything to attract the stripes. Little later start since not much has been happening. Did break the skunk by finding one at 23 inches going after the white swimmer. Only hit I got for the time spent. Nice to hear FB is starting to see more activity his way. They should be on the way north soon so back out with an early start tomorrow.