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  1. All quiet out there this morning. Flat clear water which is never very productive. Had a swimmer sliced a few times by small blues so out then away. Tossed a surface plug and had a couple small blow ups but nothing close to the hook. Tried sending some bugs out but with no moving water there was little chance of success. One more for the skunk.
  2. Another morning with the skunk. Haven't had two skunk days in a row for awhile. Let's hope it's not the start of the summer doldrums. Water has really chilled even more than yesterday. The guys that were picking the short fluke were stymied this morning too I guess by the chilly water. Might not be able to get back out again until Monday.
  3. Moved a few miles north this morning for a change in scenery. Apparently that was a mistake, not a touch this morning. Water temp has dropped some with that west wind. Nice surf action, just couldn't find them today. Only thing of interest was a small shark that went through as I was standing in the shallows. Dorsal fin came out of the water and it just cruised by.
  4. Water just a touch cooler this morning with some nice surf action pushing the suds. Just fished the bugs and found a couple more at the 23 inch size and lost 2 with a few more bumps. Lots of dolphin going by all morning and no sign of snapper or blues around. West wind and outgoing tide made for a very pleasant walk.
  5. Bath water out there this morning. Couldn't believe how warm it was with the ENE wind. Nice water to fish with some good wave action and currents. Raked for awhile trying to find some fishable calicos, but no luck. Stayed with the bugs and picked up two at 23 inches and had a few other hits and misses. Bugs are still plentiful. With this warm water the rays should be showing up soon unfortunately.
  6. Nothing but the skunk this morning. Water was looking good, just couldn't find them today. Saw a lot of small fluke pulled out and could see a few snappers splashing. Lots of dead muscles around which seems typical this time of year. A number of calico sheds on the sand too so will pull out the rake on Monday.
  7. Pat, good to see you again this morning. Glad the move help you find the macs.
  8. Have been fighting this respiratory crud that's going around so first day out in July for me. Water has gone mostly flat and with the incoming tide very little water movement to work with. Found one little outgoing eddy to send out some bugs and there was a fish waiting. Was the only one I could find today. Was getting a lot of taps from what I'm sure were small fluke since I saw a few guys pulling them in on every few casts. More and more small bait showing along with snappers popping up too. Beach was filling up fast so headed for home a bit early. Back out in the morning.
  9. Moved a bit to the south this morning and had a tough time finding some moving water to send out the bugs. Didn't start to improve until the tide dropped out. Found two late morning with on at 21 inches and the other at 26. More small bait around too along with the massive run of bugs so lots of food out there. Next trip for me will be Monday.
  10. Was a one and done morning for me today. Went for the bugs at 23 inches. Nice water just not a lot of activity. Had terns picking for awhile but nothing under them. Couldn't tell what they were after but might have been sand eels from the way it looked. Will move to a different spot in the morning.
  11. Had some really nice water to work with this morning. Cooled off a bit, but clean and clear and bugs are still plentiful. Landed 3, biggest at 25 inches and had a few other hits and drops. Brought the rake along to try and find some calicoes. Found a bunch, just nothing that was fishable. Guess I'm still on that learning curve. Will try raking again when the low tide is back in the early hours.
  12. Was surprised to find conditions pretty good this morning for drifting the bugs. Was expecting flat calm water but there was just enough surf action and a few good cuts with the low tide that look promising. Bugs are still plentiful and even saw a lot of calico sheds around. Need to pick up some gloves and start raking. Any way, conditions were better then the fishing. Had only one hit and one fish, but it was a good one. After a few nice runs it hit the beach at 32 1/2 inches. Safely released to fight another day. Terns were moving around and picking and was the first morning I saw some small bait in the wash line. Might be a wash out in the morning with possible T-storms around.
  13. Nice morning to be out with no rain or fog or crappy SE wind. Clean clear warm water with enough surf action to find a few rips to fish. One scoop and had enough bugs to fish all morning and they were hungry. Landed 6 with the biggest at 27 inches, but had a whole lot of other hits and quick run offs. Figured there had to be some smaller fish around or they are getting better educated on plucking one or two bugs off the hook. No matter, was a very enjoyable walk today. Back out Monday.
  14. Finally more surf action creating some better water conditions. Was a bit off color with the SE wind and all the rain I guess. Still a ton of bugs running around so thought it would be a productive session. Not really. Landed one about 22 inches and had a couple more hits, but that was it. And didn't see any of that action until after 8am. Surfers had a good time. Back at it in the morning.
  15. Last blues I've seen were last week when some in the 3lb class went through. Nothing this week and haven't seen the bunker around either.