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  1. Big skunk for me this morning. Went to the north early and didn't get a bump nor did I see any activity in the water. Flat ocean with the WNW wind. Back to the car and headed south where it was a little less windy and lots of bait around. Thought this was going to be the spot to be this morning, but again, nada. Was standing in clouds of happy rain fish with only a few birds picking. Amazed at the amount of food on the table with nothing coming to feast. Hung around for as long as I could hoping it would turn on, but wasn't to be. Back at it in the morning.
  2. It was like a lake out there early this morning. Clean clear water and just some small pods of bait in the pockets, but nothing bothering them. Was out from about 5:30 to 8:30 and had one blowup on a popper that only stuck for a short time, and a small fluke go after the plastic. Was thinking of making the walk in the morning, but the big time NW wind is forecast again so think I will put that off till Friday when there is a SW shift. Still seems to be more activity to the north right now which is where i'll head in the morning.
  3. Made a move to the north this morning, but only took half a death march up the beach. NW wind was brutal making it really tough to make the walk or make a good presentation. Did pull out two with a couple of other hits. I went back to the car and moved a few miles south so the wind was more to my back. Had one little guy on a popper for a short while and then self released. Moved even further south, but never had another touch. Was expecting to find a lot more bait around or birds working, but didn't happen. Will probably attempt the death march again later in the week. Would like to find a few albies before they move on.
  4. Couldn't get out early, so hit the sand around 10. Nice looking water, but after a couple of hours came up empty. Saw some bait swimming in the wash, just nothing on the chase. Will move way north in the morning with the cold front coming through tonight. Hoping it will flip the switch.
  5. As was mentioned in some other posts, a ton of bait around this morning to the north. Rain fish, mullet and even a few peanuts, but all I could find with them were the 12 inch blues. Bigger splashes well off shore. Had a couple of passes on a popper, but again looked like small stuff. Moved to the south and very little bait to be found. A bit disappointing with all the food available. Hope to be back out later.
  6. Three for me this morning in the really nice looking surf. Saw some mullet around and a few fish flopping in the wash. Couldn't stay out very long this morning, but sure looked like things are really starting to improve a bit. If more bait is on the move, so will the fish. Looking forward to the morning.
  7. Skunk this morning. Had some small bait around and one pod of mullet, but none of it was being chased at all. Nice water, so a bit disappointing there was nothing around to pull some drag. Did get a good show with a number of whales breaching off shore on bunker. Lots of morning color out there too.
  8. First time out in a couple of days. Water was really clean and clear with a light surf. Did see some small bait around and maybe one happy little pod of mullet go by. Still the small blues doing surgery on the soft plastics, but did have one nicer striper on for awhile until it came unbuttoned just before I could get my hands on it. Looked to be in the 25 to 27 inch range, so guess I walked away with a half a skunk. Let's see what the storm brings in the morning.
  9. Started to the north this morning, but when there was some light and saw how dirty the water was, made a move south. Found some cleaner water, but not a lot of activity. As others were saying, you had to keep your eye on the high water surging with the waves. Lots of nice white water that looked like it should have produced a lot more action. Only found two in the low 20 inch range and had a few chops by those pesky little blues. Not much bait to be seen either. The usually unproductive SE wind is going to stick around for awhile unfortunately. Might give it a look later.
  10. East wind created some great looking water this evening, just not a lot of activity. Found 2 little guys in the 20 inch range and maybe one other bump. Conditions should be good in the morning so here's to hoping some bigger fish show.
  11. Moved to the north early this morning. North wind at the start that slowly shifted more the the NE by the time I left. Had one nice fish on for a while in the dark that flopped off just as I was getting him on the sand. After that I was being harassed by small blue fish in the 12 to 14 inch range. Kept trying to walk away from them, but I just kept feeding them plastic. Did get one with stripes in the low 20 inch range, but that was it. Nice water, just had to fight that north wind. Hope I can get back out later today.
  12. Another very quiet morning today. Nice water but very little bait around. Had a couple of small fish flop over a surface plug and pulled in one small fluke on the plastic. Will probably move back north tomorrow looking for some better action.
  13. Went south this morning and not much happening. Great looking water, but very little bait and the only fish on the end of the line were a couple of 14 inch fluke. Moved a few miles north, but no difference. Will be out of town tomorrow so back at it Thursday morning.
  14. So made the death march this morning for the first time this fall to see what might be happening up there. Beautiful morning, but the only thing hitting the end of the line was 12 inch blues. Did see happy mullet swim by and birds were picking off and on the small bait chased by the blues. After a few hours of that, went back to the car and move south. Walked to the waters edge and saw a fish flop in the wash. Thought that was a good sign, but after an hour there all I had to show for it was 1 fat 25 incher. Don't think I'll make the death march again until the water and air cools a bit more. Was able to get out this morning sans waders.