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  1. Stayed in the same area as yesterday this morning but unfortunately nothing ever really developed. Had some birds around out of reach and a few splashes but nothing really came to shore. Had one on and dropped it. Made a move and got to the spot a bit late and only saw a few fish caught. They are still around and hope to be able to give it another look later today.
  2. As has already been said, it was quite a day out there today. Left them biting in the morning and went back late afternoon to find they were still hungry. Beached another 12 in about and hour and a half to dark and left them biting again. Hope the peanuts spend the night and are ready to rock and roll in the morning.
  3. Decided to stay closer to home this morning and made the correct choice. Didn't look to encouraging at the start with flat water and no signs of life around. After the sun came up started to see some birds offshore but nowhere near casting range. Then started to see a few peanuts followed by some birds and the fish arrived. Very picky eaters even with all the breaking fish. Got a couple on a white shad and one on the yellow swimmer, but after that they wouldn't touch a thing. Put a circle hook on the second rod and snagged a peanut with the swimmer. Tossed it in and had fish on in short order. Biggest fish were 28 inches with the others in the 24 to 25 inch range. Had to leave them biting after landing 7. Hope to get back out this afternoon.
  4. As @Mr.Belmarsaid, be careful out there today with the big water and full moon tides. I was very surprised to see the crazy conditions this morning. The SSE wind churned things up and don't know where that swell came from. Started south of the boarder tossing bucktails into the suds and was able to find 2. Made a move back north and found one more and dropped another. All were in the mid 20 inch range. Hoping the west wind will knock things down and help clear up the water. No birds working and no bait to be seen.
  5. Stayed in the home waters this morning. Clean surf with light wave actions but no bait to be seen. Tossed mostly sand eel stuff and picked up 2, one little guy and one at 27 inches. Boats all seemed to be moving offshore again and never saw any bird activity. Need some food to pull them to the sand. Maybe the west wind forecast on Monday will help.
  6. Don't ever be afraid to say hi if you see me out there. Always enjoy meeting other SOL folks.
  7. Just couldn't find them this morning even with the great conditions. Lots of boats out there but nothing very close to the sand. Even got my papers together and went south of the boarder but that didn't make any difference either. Hope to give it another look a bit later.
  8. Was out this morning and the surf was looking ok. You had to keep an eye on the waves sneaking up on you, but fishable. Didn't have any success but figured it might get good late afternoon. Went back out and should have stayed home. Bigger surf and the water turned very dirty. Think this will shut things down in the morning too unfortunately. Next go at it for me will be Friday. Wishing everybody a happy, healthy, and safe Thanksgiving!
  9. It is. Opened it up and its all brass gears.
  10. Its from Kastking. The reel size is a 3000
  11. Got it as a Christmas gift last year so have been using it off for a while. It's a solid reel for the price. A little heavy, but performs well and it's sealed.
  12. Didn't have them jumping out of the water this morning but did get a pre-storm bite. Water was looking great with a NE wind in the 10 to 15 mph range and the white-water churning. Got my John Skinner on and tossed bucktails with a trailer into the suds. Slow pick but landed 8 with the biggest at 29 inches. Not the crazy stuff that we have had lately but a bit more fun looking and finding spots that could hold fish. Did see birds working way offshore that never came in and a couple of boats that took a look and left. Hoping it doesn't turn dirty by morning to give it another shot.
  13. Did another one of those headed in the wrong direction mornings. Went to the north country and thought it might open up with some birds poking around but a stiff north wind took care of that. Headed back to the south and again, when back in the home waters there were fish to be had. Only caught the tail end of the bite but landed 6 with the biggest at 33 inches. Need to get my fishdar tuned up for sure. Hoping for a pre-storm bite in the morning with a NE wind. Will be staying closer to home tomorrow.
  14. Found some fish early in the north country when they blitzed the sand but they moved south rather quickly. Tried to find them again checking a number of locations on the way home but nothing doing. Three fish in the books this morning with the biggest at 28 inches.
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