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  1. Wow, didn't think making a few informational posts would ruffle so many feathers. Here's the thing. I know if I want to be out there targeting bigger fish it means fishing the night time hours. That's just not what I do and don't find any enjoyment in it. Believe me, I know night time is when you will get more quality fish, but for me, it not just about that. I fish pre-dawn and evenings using light tackle and 99% of the time single hook. Catch and release everything. Can't remember when the last time I kept a legal fish. I take nothing away from those who do harvest a fish or two, I just would rather send them back for someone else to catch. Walking the sand almost every day since I retired has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of great fisherman and women out there, along with the locals I see all the time. Great conversations and swapping of fish stories only add to the experience. So I don't take any offense on any of the comments made. We all have our own perspectives on things. I will keep on doing my thing and I hope you all do the same. Just get out there and do what makes you happy and try sharing it with others. I'll go back into my cave now.
  2. Have to say it was a banner year for numbers of fish. Ended 2018 with 761.
  3. It's time. Went out this morning and got the 3rd skunk in a row. Beautiful water, but the food source has left. Few birds looking around, but they are not finding anything. Weather is turning colder so it's time to hang it up till April. Have to say 2018 was a productive year for me, catching more than double from 2017. Interesting non-scientific fact. Went back through my logs for the last 7 years to see what the ratio was for keeper size fish to total catch. 2018 was just about 3%, with the average over the 7 years being 4.5%. What does it mean? Who knows. Time to clean the gear and move to hibernation mode. Off to the shop to work on some new soft plastics for the coming season.
  4. Another day another skunk. Great looking water with enough wave action that should have produced some activity. Another morning with no birds picking again too. Looking more and more like the sand eels may have moved out which means the end may be near. Will give it one more shot in the morning since the forecast is not calling for the cold to return until Thursday. Plan to try a little further south tomorrow.
  5. Back to the skunk this morning. Flat, clean, clear water with little to no signs of life. First morning in awhile I haven't seen the birds picking sand eels, which was a disappointment. If the food source is on the move out then the end might be near. Wind shifting to the SSE which is not great, but should get rid of the flat water. Will give it another go in the morning.
  6. Had the makings of another epic morning with a fishable NE wind and clean green rolling water. And it looked liked it was going to be, when I had two double headers within 15 minutes after I started. From feast to famine when that fast start was all she wrote. Guess I should have been there sooner cause the fish were caught in the dark right before first light. Didn't get another touch all morning. Birds continue to pick out the sand eels and even later in the morning, gannets showed up and were diving a bit off shore. Food is still there, so guess the stripes are sticking around a bit longer.
  7. Frosty morning with a calm wind and clean clear water. Number of guys out there wetting a line is starting to thin. Birds again were picking eels right after sun up and kept seeing small breaks in the wash line. Guess they might have been peanuts. Did get one little guy on the teaser, but not another bump. NE wind and rain forecast from the morning. Hope it wakes up a few more fish.
  8. No love out there this morning. Clean clear water and birds picking sand eels, but couldn't get a hit. Heard about three fish caught in the area and that was it. As long as the bait is around and the weather is reasonable will keep on keeping.
  9. Water cleaned up rather quickly with it back to clean and green this morning. Did see a few signs of bait around, but not a lot of activity after it. Did get my first 2019 fish along with a few other bumps, but all in all a very quiet morning. Saw only one other fish reeled in. Birds were again picking at times, so kinda confirmed there was some food around. Will keep at it until it completely goes quiet, which could be any day now.
  10. That SE wind last night turned clean and green to dirty and rocking. Didn't get a touch this morning and didn't see anyone else do any better. Here's hoping it cleans up by morning.
  11. Did give it another look late afternoon and will close out 2018 with the skunk. ESE wind was kicking in, but water was clean and green and just choppy with no white water yet. Hope to be out in the morning. Happy New Year everybody!
  12. Very quiet out there this morning. A number of guys out giving it a try, but not a single report of anybody having any success. I had one on for a very short time early and maybe one other bump later, but that was it. Birds were looking, but it seemed like the sand eels may have moved off the beach a bit. Might try to get out again later this afternoon around high water to close out 2018.
  13. Thankfully yesterdays blow didn't mess thing up very much. Surf was rolling, but the water was just a bit stained. Good size crowd standing on the sand this morning looking for fish. Wasn't a lot of activity, but fish were caught by most. All smaller stuff today as apposed to a better mix yesterday. Managed to land 3 and had a number of other bumps. Will give it a rest now until Monday morning.
  14. So if you believed the forecast and decided to stay home this morning, as most did since I had the beach to myself, you missed out on a fun late December bite. Got up and saw light rain and very little wind, so hit the sand. Beautiful clean green white water with some current moving south to north, but not the ripping S wind predicted. As soon as first light started so did the fish, with first one on the teaser. Switched out the white swimmer for the yellow sand eel and the action picked up. Had a mix of sizes from 14 to 24 inches. Finished up with 28 and lost a few others. Halfway through I switched to the yellow swimmer and that was just as effective. Even had one double header. Forced to leave them biting cause I had places to be. Wind was picking up as I left, so just hoping it doesn't turn dirty by morning. Here are a few pics, but lens kept getting wet.
  15. Late on the report, but not a lot to tell. Got out before sun up with little wind and flat water, but plenty of sand eels up and down the beach. You would think with all that food they would be chomping. Not! Another morning with lots of lines in the water and no bent rods. Forecast not looking great for tomorrow with a stiff south wind. Will decide in the morning if it's worth a try.