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  1. You’ll want to hit 1st light or final hour of the day. Plugs, swimmers, etc. will work well. South end of the island is where I fish in spring. Bunker chunks and heads work well in late April through early June. If you get enough time - any part of barnegat inlet at lighthouse can also work well.
  2. Been a long time since my last post but I remember when the braids first came out and everyone was using 20 and 30 pound braid and having terrible time with the wind knots - Shimano put out a note that when using a reel with a bail, you need to manually close the bail after each cast or it will add a quarter turn of twist each time. Doesn't take long for the twists to add up to a knot. For what it's worth - my friends and I pooled our money awhile back and bought our own line winder - saves us a ton on line costs when buying the bulk reels. Paid itself off within a year given all the surf and boat rods we manage.
  3. Sorry for your loss. Keep the memories close!
  4. Talked with neighbors who rode out the storm and Beach Haven is a total wreck - many houses damaged. Sea Shell and Engleside hit pretty hard. Jersey Shore Hurricane News on Facebook has a number of pics of LBI and other areas.
  5. Fished SH yesterday afternoon - snag and drop. Had a number of blues to 18 pounds. Several more break-offs. Water was still brownish.
  6. Hopefully she'll have a speedy recovery.
  7. Congrats on PB! Nice fish!
  8. TimS - you've changed the site for the better. I've had several orders from you in the past - all came within a couple days. No issues - the current problems are to be expected. That's not to say that you want them but they happen. People need to chill! Hope you work through the backlog - which is what always happens regardless of how well you plan! As Mike Tyson used to say - "everyone has a plan for me until I bust them in the mouth!"
  9. LBI

    Stripers should be there until July 4th unless water warms up too fast.
  10. Nice!!!
  11. sardean - as above with #6 or #7 octopus with 2 to 3 ft flouro leader and no weight. Best time for me to fish eels in the wash has always been at night.
  12. The Surfers View has some LBI cams.
  13. Spinning - mostly 40lb depending on the reel (one or two work better with 30lb). Conventional - 40lb All PowerPro - I do my own filling via my own winder so I buy the 40lb PowerPro in a bulk spool during the off season via the web so quite cheap compared to even the best tackle shops.
  14. Congrats!!! Hope to have my PB this year as well.
  15. I actually have a VS200, a Sustain5000 and a Stella6000 - for NJ beach fishing the Sustain is hard to beat for total value and build. The Sustain also came with spare spool - which is nice to have during fall as a back-up. The spare spool alone for the VS costs more than the Sustain w/spare spool. I do agree with Dirty Beach Kid that if I was getting dunked every other wave - I would go with the VS. BTW - I've had no problem with any of the 3 reels - all bulletproof from my perspective.