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  1. I surprised no one mentioned Sam Hyde.
  2. Fly Fishing in saltwater, Fly tyer and the Drake are a coffee table staple. It sucks that Fly fishing in saltwater went under a lot of good articles came from there.
  3. Did they really have to censor that? By the way that looks delicious.
  4. Taxis
  5. Made some swedish meatballs with venison and pork. Had to sub the lingonberry for cranberry.
  6. I got into fly fishing from a old fishing game on the gameboy color. It's been a on and off relationship since I got into it when I was in middle school. I bought a ready2fish fly rod combo with my allowance money and fished for sunfish with that combo. I really want to get better at fly casting and get into saltwater fly fishing, but I don't have a lot of free time.
  7. Moon
  8. Would doing a line off a beachmaster suffice?
  9. Do you make meth by the off chance? I need something to put the boost in my life
  10. Neil "I'm coming for that azz" Tyson
  11. A broom most likely
  12. which boat sunk? I haven't fished in Captree in a long while. The party boats in New Rochelle are dying over here. Sad really because the crowds die down after the summer.
  13. move over eels, squid is future!
  14. Oh yeah man you can catch snappers ripping husky jerks into the current. Fast and aggressive jerks with your rod pointing downwards. soft plastic swimbaits fan casted out into the main channel and retrieved could cover a lot of water. I haven't fished at night but I believe fishing near the lights can produce. For fluke dropping a mummichog or live spearing works good for fluke but a lot searobins, there are porgies but tiny guys sometimes a keeper pops up.
  15. You sir are a savage and a brute! Good day sir!