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  1. Pretty sad to heard about that. RIP
  2. loved the wraps....came out as nylon! congrats
  3. Ohh.... looks gr8! Good job
  4. Croaker Jo, tnx for the advice. What about the size 06? do think it´s ok? tnx
  5. Hi folks, Planning to build a 17-10lbs 5,8' bait casting rod for peacock bass in amazon. Line will be multifilamento 30lbs tied to a 0,50mm leader. Striper kw8 with kw6 and 2bktag06 and 4 or so ktag06 and top placed according to the static load test and casting. would the size 06 guide handle the knots on this rig? Any suggestion are very welcome. tnx to all
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by JoeSWFF While searching the forums to find out thread size, I see allot of folks who just use A thread and I was going to use C or D on my surf rod. It seem like A would do the trick but, folks here do a "Double Wrap". Confused a bit. Is a double wrap just winding up the foot of the guide and coming right back down or do you wrap up and end, coat with epoxy, then after it dries do another wrap up? And,, I know I read it here but, is A thread really strong enough for surf rod? It seems like A would look nicer. Getting ready to order my thread and as of now, going to order all A size?? Thanks, Joe the red letters says it all!
  7. NEVER quit your dreams my friend, no matter how realistic these guys are posting here. DON'T ever forget that ONCE they all started from ZERO. You can do it......keep walking!
  8. Billy, sorry for my delay, Ive been out for a few days. I'll recive an order thru ur e mail regarding to the shades. It's nice you posted the wraps along with the shades...helped a lot. Hugs
  9. Does any of these greens come in your green shades billy? and the blues?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Billy 40 Go to my site, I sell MAdeira shade packs. YOu can see each of th e19 packs I sell, and a diamond/chevron wrap of each so you know exactly what you are getting. It's the North East Rod Builders site MAdeira shade packs is the page. I went there....that solves my concern.... What are the packs used with these wraps? You can pm me if you want. tnx
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Billy 40 I bought a coupl eof spools of Robinson Anton, Gabr bought on enad reported back that it sucked. And there are no other threads that are brighter than Madeira. I know a lot of peopl eus eother embroidery threads, but imo it looks flat and dull compared ot MAdeira after XP & epoxy is applied. Oh nice for the feedback. Any color sugestion Billy?
  12. Does anybody here have used the ROBISON ANTON polyester? don't know but their color are more bright than the madeira, therefore I don't know if it's just the color chart or they are even brighter. Could someone point me out some few colors to start? Like the basic ones......the ones you can't start without them....(like 20 or so spools),,,,there are so many colors on their catalog I got myself all confused.....LOL Playing around with a pvc pipe but now i need to go to the blanks.....and with the real tread......... tnx for the help
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Billy 40 3 builders coming, hopefully they bring some beers, contact cement + beer makes the brain creative-er X2........
  14. Whatta bout those vary swirl? I still have a few ones I bought from you.......
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Surfmaster250 Except that I'm the warehouse... LOL.. Look at a pc of foam.. what? 18" long or so and about 2x2 square! You would think that " they wouldn't take up much room" Ha ha ha .... I built a bed out of them in my shop storage so when the wife gets mad at me I have a place to sleep!! Very comfy BTW!! LOL that's why rodbuilding is so adictive..............can even relieve mariage stress......