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  1. Here's a little teaser if anyone's on the edge!
  2. Anyone here have interest in 1/5th scale rc? Selling or trading my FG F1. Asking $800 or trade for another 1/5th scale. I will post/send details and more pics/vid if any interest. Thanks!
  3. Your going to encourage someone just enough to get them hurt lol. If you care enough then do something in the moment. Talking pictures of some stranger and posting online is some whinny brat chit. Not trying to down play your cause but think instead of whine.
  4. Shimano really has to get their act together and put out a damn series/model list from 1st to most recent.
  5. Now that you mention cowboys, I could use a radioactive cowboy jr if you got one handy. Again used would be ideal.
  6. Yes that's it!... I was just digging up some photo's for example myself. I thought he musta made different styles as those are RV dots and looks fully sealed. So yeah, I'm looking for the 3oz. Preferably used as I want a few to fish.
  7. Might be the picture but... Are we sure that's a surfster? I'm looking at the 2 I have now and the shape doesn't seem right.
  8. Yea I'll take it. I know you mentioned it's new but can you send over a photo or two so I can see what I'm buying? PM coming.
  9. Sry if I came off the wrong way there. I have a set of tire deflators for airing down and I also air down to 15-20psi.
  10. I'm on LI figured maybe meet but that's further than I venture.
  11. I thought ARB would be a solid one but reviews make them seem hit or miss. Same when I checked reviews on Milton but I guess I'll just have to roll the dice on one.
  12. Your on the sauce big time tonight boss! Your looking at the amazon title and not my question..... I'm asking for recommendations on a accurate gauge like the one in link. I'm reading reviews and seems the ones I have come across are hit or miss on accuracy. I do not want to have to have several gauges to check if the thing is on point or not.
  13. Someone must have been drinking too much. Come back when you sober up
  14. Ok thanks, I'm only a town or 2 over but looking for something a little bigger. Thanks for the photo though.
  15. Who makes the rack and what size? Can I get a picture? Also where are you located?
  16. I just got an on-board air system for my truck and want to pick up a inflator w/ gauge like the one in link below. I'm having trouble finding a unit without claims of inaccuracy. Anyone use one they like and is accurate? https://www.amazon.com/ARB-ARB601-Pressure-Inflator-Deflator/dp/B073RS57L5/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=arb+tire+filler+gauge&qid=1604505446&sr=8-2
  17. I think we are too far apart here on price. Good luck w/ sale
  18. I think we are too far apart on price. Thanks for the offer.
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