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  1. I have a used Penn 430 SS in good working condition. No grinding and smooth drag. Not sure what # mono but it is spooled up. $45 shipped.
  2. Cool, pm on it's way.
  3. $60 shipped for the two!
  4. $65 shipped
  5. Ok let's try this a different way..... Looking to part with these two cb sr's for $70 shipped. Both brand new never fished or carried.
  6. Bump.... $15 shipped.
  7. RM Smith Triple jointed swimmer. $20 shipped.
  8. BM

    BUMP...... $40 shipped
  9. BM

    Would do $40 if you cover pp fees
  10. BM

    That's glare from the flash
  11. BM

    Looking to part with this BM Cowboy Sr in Herring. $43 shipped.
  12. This might be a little beat up for you but I'd trade this for the grey a40.
  13. I think your referring to the adhesion issues I had with my first batch which is why I plan on epoxying these. I should assume no less from you but I'm not sure why you feel the need to post in my threads picking at my work when I'm simply showing a cool tech......... I'm sorry guys but I don't need to be trolled by Islandsurf every time I start a thread in this forum so I'm going to lock this up so to keep these comments to a minimum. If anyone wants to make the leap and try spray chrome pm me and I'd be glad to help and share. Here is an example of the adhesion issues I had with my first batch. They were done over the original finish and didn't bond very well or there was a temperature related issue, still not sure. Some bonded better than others. I plan on epoxying these wooden lures just to be safe.
  14. Here's one that had some silver burn on the back so I tried some transparent yellow on it. Shines pretty nice in the light but I think a tinted epoxy would be better.
  15. I said that in my last thread. Please stop commenting in my threads if you have nothing to contribute.