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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by speedwell I would take the Abu 4600 for $40 shipped to Plymouth MA. Could use the other Abu as well if you want to let them go for $75 shipped together to Plymouth. Payment is immediate PayPal if you agree and send me a PPal address by 2330hrs, otherwise it is bedtime - I am beat.. Regards Puck I'd have to get $80 for the pair, because shipping is gonna be at least $10. If you'll meet me at 80 we have a deal.
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by MightyMouse Price drop for the custom glass rod and light spinning combo: $140 for the glass rod and $65 for the spinning combo! Would you do 65 shipped for the light combo?
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Jersey 609 please let me know I will be putting another up for sale within the nextt week. I'm going to kill this thread probably tonight. I'll have a 4500B, a 6500B, maybe another 3500b, some ultralight Penn greenies, and probably several more things.
  4. I have a Shimano Spheros 12000FA In great shape that I would start toward a trade with if that is of any interest
  5. I may not be able to get it sent out for a week or two. Before I do, I'll PM to make sure they're still available. I feel like they'd make a great shrimp imitation
  6. I think you would sell more jigs. If people are like me they get comfortable with a certain weight or style or color of jig and then order them in bulk. Great looking work either way
  7. No sir you're right about that. Haven't had a chance to post close ups of the Abus yet but I will tonight. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  8. Not sure what you mean by update that picture. It seems pretty clear they are ambassadeur conventionals to me.
  9. Somewhat interested but I have so many spinning reels already. $200 for that pair of costas with interchangeable lenses is already a really good price. No offense intended whatsoever but I don't think that equals out for me. If you have any of the larger sized rapala x-rap slash baits or daiwa SP minnows we might could work something out
  10. Do you accept money orders?
  11. I'd be a buyer if I could buy particular weights and not sets. Up to you though, thanks
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by youngsalt The 4600 is a bit small for what I'll be doing, does the 5500 C3 have a clicker? I can't tell from the picture. Honestly not sure - I'll have to check when I get home from work tonight. If you've made a deal before then, congrats. I'll let you know
  13. Blurry picture but I have the 5500c3 in this picture here available for trade. Also, the 4600c3 is available. The 6000 in the picture is gone