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  1. Don't know if water temps are abnormally warm, its been around 69 to 71 all week in Southampton area, but we do need a good day or two of north winds to move the warm top water out and cycle the cooler water up.
  2. Could be a one off or not very common. I have the older legend and don't have that issue.
  3. Yeah, I plug fish with mine. Imo, they are great with bucktails and avas, but as for build quality, sensitivity, responsiveness and castability shouldnt be far off.
  4. Yeah, I second that. I have two of the regular 12' rockaways, the 3/4-3 and the 1-4 oz verisons. I also have the 8'6 1/4-5/8 rockaway sp surf for ocean fluking and back bay fishing. I can't comment on the hd verisons, but they shouldn't be far off.
  5. I have a torque 5 gen 1. Great reel, great drag and its a tank. Line lay is not bad and casts pretty well. Just wish they made a 3 or smaller verison of the gen 1 instead of an updated release. Haven't fished the gen 2, but heard and read mixed reviews.
  6. A fishing rod . No, jokes aside, a good rod length for a 4000/4500 size penn would be a 7' to a max of 9', for balance reasons. For surffishing from an ocean beach you can get away with a 9'. Personally I like a 10' or 10'6 to keep my line above the waves so I can avoid any drag caused by crashing waves. Its more of a personal belief, but I believe a crashing wave catches the line and moves the lure faster through the water than I want to. You can also slap that 4000 on a 10 foot rod too, having a balanced set up is also a personal belief, but some also think its overrated. The rod should be medium to medium heavy or 1/2 to 2 ounces, 3/4 to 3 or 1 to 4ozs. I would start off on the cheaper side. St croix has a great low end rod, penn and okuma also make some great budget and low end rods. Reason I say start on the cheaper side is to find an action you like, moderate, mod fast, fast, extra fast, for which action suits your casting style and for the type of fishing. To buy a rod and not like the action would suck imo. Means your either stuck with a $300+ rod you dont like and have to sell or take some lumps and suit yourself to the rod. I recommend mod fast, its a little more forgiving and wont feel like a wet noodle or a broomstick when casting.
  7. Great plugs, been fishing them for the last 15 years. Dont know if its been mentioned yet, but you can load them too for extra distance and to make them more stable in a little rougher or faster currents. Or fish them slowly subsurface like a needlefish, dependimg on how much weight is added.
  8. How much for the ah darters?
  9. I believe maybe another 10' or 10' 6 with a lower rating, maybe a medium or medium heavy rated for 1/2 to 3 ozs or 3/4 to 4 ozs would be ideal. The lower rating rod will load easier with lures in that weight range than you 1 to 5 and with practice, can improve distance. 3/4 of fish are in suds to 100, 150 feet out feeding or looking to feed. Ive always felt distance is overrated, but useful on those days when it is needed. I prefer a longer rod more so to keep the line out of the waves than for distance.
  10. I'll take the last two for asking paypal, lmk, thanks.
  11. The name sounds like it should be a penn spinning reel.
  12. Be careful with amazon though, I've read some bad stories about reels being used and sold as nib by some of their drop sellers. In some cases being beat up, unfishable and even the wrong reel. Amazon themselves also sells used or returned fishable reels at a discounted price so that is one reason for the price difference.
  13. Did any of the baby bluefish not sell or were not paid for?
  14. Thank you, received the cap early last week, thanks again
  15. Is the replacement cap the same color as the reel itself or is it the black and gold of the clash? I received my replacement cap today from one of the authorized dealers from your site and it is black and gold. I really hope its not the black and gold cause it makes the reel ugly and does not go together.