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  1. Be careful with amazon though, I've read some bad stories about reels being used and sold as nib by some of their drop sellers. In some cases being beat up, unfishable and even the wrong reel. Amazon themselves also sells used or returned fishable reels at a discounted price so that is one reason for the price difference.
  2. Did any of the baby bluefish not sell or were not paid for?
  3. Thank you, received the cap early last week, thanks again
  4. Is the replacement cap the same color as the reel itself or is it the black and gold of the clash? I received my replacement cap today from one of the authorized dealers from your site and it is black and gold. I really hope its not the black and gold cause it makes the reel ugly and does not go together.
  5. Sure and yes, spooled it up myself using this spooling setup my gf got me for christmas.
  6. Awesome thanks
  7. First off, beautiful reel, I love it. I have put it through its paces this season on the east end of long island. From the ocean surf, back bay beaches, docks, jetties and bulk heads. Ive caught everything from stripers to porgeys. My casting distance has improved and line lay is perfect everytime, even when pencil popping. I am very happy with my purchase and recommend to everyone. Now for my problem, nothing big and no issues mechanically. I just lost part number 233a, the handle cap while fishing tonight. I didnt notice till I was home and about to wipe down my gear. Please let me know what can be done, Im at a loss and cant fish the reel for fear of water, sand, dirt and or debri intrusion. Thank you in advance for your time and help.
  8. With icast around the corner, is there any sneak peaks or rumors about new Penn products?
  9. Im pretty excited about both new reels. Ive always wanted a lc reel, but not in 7500 size. I would also like to see some specs to get a better understanding of these reels, weight, amount of line per test, etc. I would like to know the differences between this reel and the spinfisher 6 lc models, besides the sealing and more like the specs for spinfisher 6 lc for a comparison. I really cant find much on either reel.
  10. Awesome plug. Who is the maker and how does it swim?
  11. I believe the one I have is 3.2 oz.
  12. Mwahahaha, Penn doesnt release any info until late May, June, or just before Icast for any new products. I and many others have asked tbe same question.
  13. Yeah, I love my 5500, it really is a great reel. Its a very smooth reel with a great drag.
  14. Kastking is great, I like their stuff a lot and the price is another upside.
  15. Sounds good, I'll take just the AH for $20. Please send your paypal info, thanks.