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    i will fish for anything that swims. , prefer lures, have thousands, but will use bait if necessary
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    did whatever it took, now i'm done

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  1. I taught Hunter Safety for over 20 years. I usually taught students that a 410 was a horrible choice for anyone that wasn’t already an expert.
  2. Unfortunately, when Smith & Wesson purchased Thompson they converted most of the barrel machines to make their new center fire rifles
  3. I love any 22wmr, I just can’t afford them.
  4. Please take Disney from Florida. We can put something good there
  5. Good deal !
  6. To the right person. Maybe. Probably not on this sight.
  7. That’s an original wood Helen flatfish.
  8. SOL, you guys are unbelieveable, my friend is going to be shocked.
  9. I'll take the Canyon. Gary was a helo mechanic, started with Hueys then Blackhawks, he's going to love it when I fill it for him.
  10. My friend Gary, is retired US Army that doesn’t have one. He’s very new to fishing( hasn’t gone in 20 years). All the tackle he has I’ve given him. He could definitely use a surf bag. Thanks for considering him.
  11. One reason: to kill Russians, Chinese and Radical Muslims. So if the Ukrainians are willing to take the place of GI’s. Give them everything they ask for before we have to send our troops !
  12. I carry 2, I have a small pocket pistol, and a bigger one in the armrest. I’m thinking about keeping my shotgun behind the seat too.
  13. I could have dropped this dirt bag before he got off his 3rd shot. But I don’t go to NY because they don’t recognize my permit. So I wait until my relatives leave NY to visit me. BTW, I’ve carried for over 40 years and I’ve never fired a shot that wasn’t at the range.
  14. I’ll take this
  15. Stripers eat anything. I’ve caught them jammed full of crabs