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    i will fish for anything that swims. , prefer lures, have thousands, but will use bait if necessary
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  1. Bomber 16j
  2. I use 30 or 40.
  3. I'll dig them ut tomorrow
  4. I have some Matzuo's. what size are you looking for
  5. what size is the matzuo ?
  6. 7" bombers only have 2 hook hangers
  7. I’m in, don’t have anything like these
  8. I met an engineer from Savage two years ago. They are Committed to making a high quality product. No longer concerned with making only low cost items.
  9. Winston Churchill, kept Great Britain United during the blitz, and focused on defeating the Nazi’s ASAP. Lost his next election. George H W Bush, assembled a multi-national United force, completely destroyed the worlds 5th largest army in record time, with a staggering low casualty rate. Lost his next election. Donald J. Trump, Committed all available resources to combat a pandemic and resulted in a vaccine in 10 months ( polio vaccine took 20 years) Russia and China control the US media.
  10. Millions & millions of dollars collected. No record of any disbursement. this organization is just a plain scam.
  11. Anyone used this stuff? We go through a lot of 30# fishing for mutton snapper. Spending $15.-$20. For 50 yards is killing us. Sunline has 600 yard spools for under $30.
  12. Belle. My angel.
  13. Medium heavy isn’t enough information for me. I would prefer line / lure weight. I have 1 medium/heavy that’s rated 10-17# line and another rated 20-40# line.
  14. Tim is great, I don’t know how he finds the time to keep this going
  15. thanks for checking