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    i will fish for anything that swims. , prefer lures, have thousands, but will use bait if necessary
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  1. I remember a couple of decades ago everyone was talking about the 41AE and the 10mm and the 40 s&w. 41 is gone, 10mm is scarce, 40 is going strong. Then there were 2 new calibers in the Winchester Big bore 94. I never add a new caliber until gas stations in Maine carry the ammo.
  2. If Biden wins, he’ll be dead within 8 weeks of inauguration
  3. Only been out 3 times this year. But 6 trips last year and 7 trips in 2018. All zero keeper fluke.
  4. How long have we been in Germany, Japan and South Korea? They are all better after we got there. And are still good.
  5. Pins minnow are 2 3/4”, 1/8 oz.
  6. Closing tomorrow if no interest
  7. Closing tomorrow if no interest
  8. I had some extra buckshot, 160 rounds, first guy bought it all, no hesitation on the price
  9. the only time I fly fish is when I'm catching way too many fish, hasn't happened in a long time
  10. 3 Yo Zuri hydro magnum big game plugs. 4 3/4” long sinking plug ( do not buy these for surfcasting rocky areas) designed for trolling but can be cast into deep drops. Purple mackerel and chrome-Red mackerel are no longer available. You also get the most popular Pearl-Red head. All 3 lures shipped for $33.30 payment by money order, no pay pal.
  11. You get two Yo Zuri gift packs with 4 lures and one sticker in each package, total of 8 lures. Perfect size for schoolies, mackerel, Albies & bonito. Shipped for for $43. 30. You get 2 Pins minnows, 2 Crystal minnows, 2 floating TX minnows and 2 sinking TX minnows. ( TX is my favorite for Albies ) Payment by money order, no pay pal
  12. don't think it would be worth my time
  13. I’m in North central Connecticut
  14. What’s your budget ?
  15. I have 1 that’s about 3 oz and 2 others that are about 3/4-1 oz. what are they worth ? Not sure if it’s worth the trip to the post office.