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  1. Sold to LateralLiineSlider, pending payment.
  2. Great, just let me know when you can come down.
  3. How about $170? So we can both be happy.
  4. I have this rod about 2 months. I bought it new. It's stock with no alterations. 1/2-2 I just got bitten by the something new bug. no trades. $180.00 pick up only in OC , NJ.
  5. Just a reminder for us old guys as well as you young guys. A couple of days ago my buddy was about 100 yards up the beach. He got knocked down and almost couldn't get up the waves kept hitting him. I didn't even see it, I was too far away. I was almost caught myself a number of times. These NE winds, it only takes a second of not paying attention. Be safe!
  6. Did you all get the 11? I regret not trying an 11, I was so impressed with the 10 I didn't want to pick anything up after it.
  7. I agree . I got to try the 10', 1-5 ( not sure 3/-5 or 1-5) Evolution at the last demo day (Grumpys). It feels amazing, smooth effortless. I also tried their other 10-10'6"s, I could definitely feel the difference. I'm closing in on 70 and I know I could last a lot longer with the evolution. I got out at least another 10+ yards with it with less effort. I'm not sure, but I believe it had a VS 200 on it and with 2 oz plug.
  8. Just something I am doing with my 4500 bail less, my first bail less. when casting, I position my hand so the base / shaft is between my ring finger and pinky. It keeps the line more forward and out of the way. As I was learning I would check by spinning the handle to see if the line was clear. I still do that when I'm planning on really launching something.
  9. I really am no expert, but I'm thinking maybe the paddle tail might work better in calm water that is not moving much. Maybe the vibration from the paddle would help. I'm sure someone knows for sure.
  10. Slammer III has better drag and seals, a little heavier and more $$$. If It came bail less I would have went for it. I went with the Spinfisher VI bail less. I stay on the beach, too old for the rocks.
  11. I went with the Penn Spinfisher VI 4500 on my Suzzuki 10'. It has some sealing for splashes, holds 300 yards of PP 30# , it only weighs 12.5 oz. Costs $160.00.
  12. I recently purchased a SpinFisher VI 4500 bail less. I have been to the beach quite a few times already, practicing and getting used to the bail less . It's been splashed a number of times, no issues, just a quick rinse at home. I put one wrap of electrical tape to start and it fit 300 yards of 30# PP right to the last line. I swapped out the handle assembly for one from the Slammer III. So far it's just right, I'm very happy. My total investment was $185.00 show sale price includes handle.
  13. I just went light (21 oz total) with a 10' BH Suzuki with a Penn Spinfisher 4500 bail less. I swapped out the handle for the Slammer III . Just a few trips to the beach to get the feel of it. So far I'm very happy with it.
  14. My car can't seem to pass Grumpys on the way to IBSP. It just pulls in and parks on it's own. Good people, great inventory.