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    Bible, Hugging my sons and their wives, when I can see them, Learning to surf fish.
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  1. Out front IBSP yesterday morning. I got tired of feeding the snappers my gulp so I put on old faithful and got this 21" guy. Tried fluking again later but no luck.
  2. I went to the demo last week. Steve and Marlon were a great help, I couldn't be happier with the way I was treated. I decided to take their advice and went with a Geneses 10' due to my old age and health issues. I am very pleased with it. I got my first really crazy blue the other day fighting the east wind, big surf, and this crazy blue after 4 hours of plugging. Lots off backbone. I'm sold on it and ODM.
  3. I don't agree with this only because I feel that balance will only help when the plug hits the water, on the retrieve. I'm not a balance junkie, just an old guy with many worn out parts. A lighter ,not ultra light, but lighter and balanced rig helps me. I only fish flat sandy beaches.
  4. Finally beat the skunk tonight. Out front . Crazy East wind and big surf. Got it right about 7:30pm . Water line was back to the dunes in places. First catch on my new Geneses 10'
  5. Out front first light. All I got in four was hours some crabs I snagged on the bucktail. Days like today make me feel old. .
  6. Yes, just filled it out.
  7. 10', 3/4-4 only please. DNA or Geneses. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  8. OK Thanks Drew
  9. Thanks Drew, 1/2 inch, I'm hoping for the best while I save for my custom. It's already fluke season. What happens when it doesn't work, wind knots, loss of distance?
  10. Will a 10' rod with guides set up for a 2" spool reel like a VS200 work ok with a 2.5 spool reel , Zeebaas 25. Thanks
  11. Paid for and picked up. Thanks LateralLineSider and TimS
  12. Thank you that helps
  13. I'm about to get banned from Grumpys LoL . I have tried them both many times. I can see the DNA flexes further down the blank than the geneses does, just holding it. So I assume the geneses might be more sensitive , it feels faster. But I'm hoping to see some hands on. I like the DNA 60/40 and it seems more parabolic maybe, but maybe the hook set is less than the geneses. So you can see how I am driving myself crazy. Thanks to you both for your help
  14. No one has tried both of these popular rods?