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  1. Bump last price drop$ 118 shipped
  2. $125 shipped
  3. Sorry have to try and get my money back for it.
  4. All yours
  5. Brand new medium slim. Selling for $128 shipped! Has a little dent on tail from the flag!
  6. Brand new Jaget! $60 shipped!
  7. Yes it’s 2.5
  8. I just read the rules the seller has option at this point and since you said I’ll take it first I’m going to sell them to you. Unless you want the other person to have them
  9. Yes for both I think you get it because you said I’ll take it first
  10. used Ccw Danny’s $29 shipped!
  11. $25 shipped! Great deal
  12. $28 shipped brand new has a little scratch on top.
  13. I will do it but can I see the belly. Mine is mint is yours the same
  14. Sure
  15. Brand new white mak has a little scuff and used white/pink good shape. $43shipped!