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  1. I would be happy with a bailess kit for the VSB 150,
  2. One thing I like about ZeeBaas is that you can change spool and rotor sizes. Both VS & ZB are great reels.
  3. Very nice gesture, Thank you.
  4. I second the AS Elite series, the material stops any hooks from getting stuck. I use the Elite bag with round tubes, just for the same reason mentioned to hang thinner plugs/tins on the outside. Another reason for the AS Elite, at least for me was that you can see them in a store prior to buying them.
  5. If you are thinking about this combo for plugging the NJ beaches, it will be fine.
  6. Great photos, what kind of camera/lens?
  7. Nice to hear. Agree they should be banned and lose fishing license as well.
  8. I use 30 lb Suffix braid with a 40 lb. leader on NJ beaches and also on jetties, but be careful of the rocks with braid Great for casting.
  9. Just what I am looking for, thanks for posting this.
  10. I would recommend you look at the St. Croix Mojo 10"6" 3/4-4 ounce. I would try to stay away from 4 oz. They come with a 5 year warranty and St. Croix has an upgrade policy should you want to use in the future.
  11. is the black VSB still for sale?
  12. I also have the Legend 10"6" 3/4-4 oz. with ZB-22, my go to rod when plugging the NJ beaches.
  13. Castaway I echo what Blurple said. I use a ZX2-22 on a 9ft legend and a 10'6 legend, both are 3/4-4 oz. rated. You will be happy with this reel.
  14. I use 30 pound Sufix 832, with mono backing. Good luck with your new reel, I love mine.